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    I came across today what seemed to me like a bug, but please explain if there is something I haven't read or understood about the game.

    I was to cross a track og construction work, limited to 40 km/h speed with my trains today. (Awful decision, but wanted the prestige.)

    My trains went from Manchester to Brussels. I had 11 Dionysos and 1 Morpheus. As we all know Dionysos have higher acceleration, but Morpheus higher top speed. Morpheus was therefore well ahead of Dionysos when it entered the track of slow speed. Then it virtually stood still. I thought this was because it had to start from 0 acceleration again, but obviously it quickly reached 40 km/h. Still the Dionysos caught up with the Morpheus and outran it by a few minutes.

    Was there a bug to my Morpheus running through that track?

    You shouldn't see the other qualifying servers of Masters. I think I read somewhere its against the rules to register on more than one server. But all servers are in era 2 and its probably too late to register anyway.

    I guess so too. On my iPhone I see them though.

    Never dared to click on one as I said.

    Another question about Clash. Is it only possible to play on PC?

    Sorry but can't think of any actual names, but at least for workers:

    One that makes acceleration better on all trains in the association. (Could even exceed 20 in acceleration.)

    One that symbols Orient Express, giving heavy income for pax trains.

    It didn't get to do it, but it was tested by my brother

    You can still wait with the starter pack as long as you stay under 600 prestige. That was the original question.

    Thanks for the link Samisu, but I knew the link already

    That's a very long track between Naples and Palermo, takes longer to cross that track

    That is true. The question however was the number of tracks. To calculate what number of tracks needed to connect all, or certain amount of cities on the map.

    Yes but they still are different from city to city, so was if someone calculated them all.

    Manchester to Dublin is only 8, but to London is 12 I think.

    Shortest I found I guess is Naples to Palermo just 5 or 6 tracks.

    Just adding some thoughts on my prospect for a world map.

    There could be specific goods for certain parts of the world, like tobacco in America, rice in Asia etc. This would have to be traded at harbours to be able to deliver then in your region. Players would have to trade across regions.

    For the Project in each region. If all regions have 10 cities, the project would be in the middle with equal distance to all cities. Instead of hauling to the project from industries, it would have to be picked up in a city. This would then count as extra consumption to the city, so strategy becomes important. If a project needed 10 goods all at 100000 tons, total 1 million tons. Each city must then deliver minimum 75000 tons each, the last 250000 tons are optional. This means a region cant leave one or more cities behind or it become impossible to level the project.

    Also would like to see more trains in each era. Instead of focusing on being possible to research all trains, this shouldnt necessarily be possible. Today its like 8 trains in each era. Maybe have like 12-14 trains in each era. Each «step» should have 2 or 3 different choices and you must set your path early to choose which trains to research, each with unique features like sprinter, marathoner etc.

    First of all, answering survey is not possible on my iPhone, but will try to do it on PC in the weekend.

    Will answer here as well though.

    Most I would like to see a world map. 5 regions instead of 10 in Europe, but 10 cities in each region. If possible could be different world maps, so the cities is not the same everytime. There should be cities and landmark for every city, but also a special project. 1 for every region, placed in the middle of the region. Everyone would have to contribute to the project so it could grow. Should be very high prestige, but not nevessarily the highest profits.

    If not Afrika, Silk Road and Orient Express appeals to me. Would like it to offer more rewards for connecting snd hauling long distance and that you have to co-operate a lot more. Other than that agree a lot to what Sacroima says.

    Please also have both orindary speed and Express speed