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    Yes I know of this way, and its a good but like you say tiring way.

    Just wondered if people advertise here on the forum, or on other channels outside the game.

    Well if anyone is interested in forming a new association with me tomorrow for Tower Bridge Express, let me know.

    In the current world I play now, and asked. I started from scratch. My team was just me and 2 real life friends. Now we are 24 players in the team (even kicked out 1 inactive player.)

    We grow our association from low down on the ranks, to number 4.

    So in generell I could not disagree more with you Fysh.

    Start "slow" and build up your team in general. Think for the future...

    Thanks for help.

    I am really looking forward to M1.201 Scandinavia.

    I was in that game world the last time, but forgot to pre-register. Is that still possible, or do I have to wait for the restart on 27th to register a starting city?

    Also my initial post, was if there is a list of starts in other languages. After I wrote this, I found a new/restart in russian language, but I couldn't find any info to read about it before it actually started. (Hence I can't read forum in other languages than english, norwegian and german. Those are the languages known to me :P hehe)

    Thanks for all help and quick response Samisu.

    <p>It was not purchased gold but aquited gold. Would not be dissapointed if it was lost, just curious if its there when I restart the same gameworld.</p><p><br></p><p>Its not important to me, as I read about transfering gold only accounts to gold purchased. Just the end screen for a customer point of view, could repeat this terms as I am sure more players than me would ask about this</p>

    Thanks for letting me know. It was the end screen.

    So just to get it clear, I understand the can't get brought forward to another game world.

    Will it be there when/if the same game world restarts?


    I finished a game recently, and a message said I had 160 something gold to be transferred to a new game world.

    Is there any restriction to where I can bring that gold? Must it be a restart of the same game world, or can I join any?

    Also is this gold cumulative if you finish multiple game worlds?

    thanks for answer