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    Mecha-Heads are the cheapest but let down by both punctuality and quality so would be rejected, due to quality being the highest priority.

    Swiss Metal have the highest quality but are also the most expensive.

    General Machines are as punctual as Swiss Metal but are 2/3 of the price with lower durability.

    We are unaware of what difference the durability makes, ie how long a component from Swiss Metal will last in comparison to General machines. Does the 50% increase in price equate to 50% longer durability, or twice as long? Further tests would be needed to determine the actual surability. I would therefore recommend purchasing components from both Swiss Metal and General Machines for evaluation purposes.

    If further testing was not feasible then I would purchase from Swiss Metal due to their greater durability for only a 50% increase in price.

    Q1: Which wire is carrying the most weight?


    No difference

    Q2: Which object will not float on water?


    Q3: Which way will the boat go through the water?



    Q4: At which position will the moving pendulum travel the fastest?



    Q5: Where is the temperature change highest throughout the day?



    Q6: If cog A turns clockwise by 20 rotations, how will cog B turn?


    10 rotations anticlockwise

    Q7: To balance the bar, how much weight should be positioned on the left side?


    2.5 kg

    Q8: If block B is moved to the right by 20 cm, by how many centimetres will block A move upwards?


    20 cm

    Q9: A block slides down an inclined plane with an acceleration of A. If the mass of the block is doubled, how will this affect its acceleration?


    Acceleration will still be A

    Q10: If the right plunger is moved down by 5 cm, how much will the left plunger move up?


    Less than 5 cm

    The two trains have a combined closure speed of 280kmh (160+120) so it will take them 30 minutes to cover 140km.

    In 30 minutes the supervisor can run 7km, so he will cover 6,300m in less than 30 minutes (actual time = 27 minutes), which means he will be in time to throw the switch.