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    2. Forums do not offer much useful information, and should help the community more. For this we have Guides & Tutorials section where players share guides for beginners and experts, and you can also compare engines there. You can find more useful links here: List with fan sites and channels 2019 - The question still remains, how can we help the community more here on forum? (without spoiling the fun of finding and learning how the game works for yourself, or together with other players)

    Rather than relying on players to share guides it would be useful if there was also a certain amount of help pages from the game designers explaining aspects of the game not covered in Lucy's walk-through. Especially on the SoE aspect of the game where it differs from the east/west and classic.

    For example:-

    1. The landmark and the relationship with the city.

    2. How the warehouse works.

    3. How the harbour works differently from the warehouse, such as importing goods, twinning cities etc..

    4. Explaining how industries, warehouses & harbours grow.
    5. The role of the Mayor, Council, President & Cabinet.

    At least one of the ads does that and needs to be reloaded every time. Plus there are a couple that appear to be blank but show a small arrow at the bottom. Click on the arrow and an advert appears, which you need to close by using the normal X to get the reward.

    I am shocked by

    - unpaid work.

    - same as naike above, i agree that staff should not be a player like us, but again, if the company doesnt pay them for their work, of course they cant prohibit them from doing what they want and i have seen clear favoritism by these `awesome` (that is laughable) support staff who are in the server, always ignoring who they do not favorite, and immediately attending whatever wish by certain players, no matter how absurd it is.

    sniffa, you are aware that in most companies this is a paid job like any other, yes?

    I am a volunteer in many areas and have been throughout my life. As a teenager I did voluntary work at an old people's home and helped run school clubs. As an adult I have coached football & cricket for schools, cubs/scouts & local clubs etc.. As a paid match official i regularly refused to take my wages, preferring to see the money go towards the upkeep of the clubs. Unfortunately I cannot afford to be a full time volunteer but money is not the be-all that some make it out to be. When it comes to online gaming if it was a choice of playing or moderating I would always choose playing but if I can do both without compromising either then why not?

    Why would anybody moderate a game that they are not part of?

    I have moderated chats & forums on various games over the years, but only whilst logged in to the game myself. I wouldn't log in to a server just to moderate chat, I value my time higher than that.

    1. And if they opt for that, they will also have to spend the time that it requires. This is like weightloss irl, You can decide to only eat vegan, but if you make an active choice to make it harder for yourself, you'll also have to expect things to take a bit, or a lot longer.

    Exaggerated loyalty to failing associations/clans/guilds is something I see in FPS games, MMOs, etc and this is rarely anything that pays dividends, it's usually a waste of time. When you write "not all" you're trying to refute my argument with the rare exception. Yes maybe 5% of associations that end a round with less than 15 members at EG have something nice going on towards building up in the next round, but the other 95% are still useless crap that will waste the time of everyone involved, and where their gameplay towards better region efficiency or asso ranking etc would benefit from split+merging a lot more.

    I did say that they wanted to do it gradually - over a few rounds. Any sensible person knows it isn't going to happen overnight. Many players who you call 'useless crap' are no such thing, they just haven't had anybody take the time to talk to them, explaining how the game works etc. I will agree that there are also many who have no wish to learn the game but are quite happy pottering about in their own way and I say good luck to them. It is up to the rest of us to deal with them to the best of our ability.

    3. That would force a big association to cut people out that have been playing whole gameround with them, how would you feel if you have done a good, productive round but is just the 21st player and have to be cut? In the quest for fairer associations I think forcing associations to punish individuals is a bad route to go, then it's much better to have them open from the start. See the origin server with already made teams forced apart because they have to wait for the earning power to make stupid HQ donations, in an overcrowded economy with low earnings...

    Valid point about cutting members who don't deserve it, so I withdraw my restriction suggestion :).

    None of my associations even managed to get more than a couple of people into the same cities on Origin so have formed completely new groups of players, which has actually added more interest in some ways.

    1. Because if they did care about it they would just use the messaging function and be in a crowded place next round. I and many many others have done this time and time again. Begin somewhere at era 6~the previous round, connect with someone you deem worthy, and pre-reg with them for the round you actually intend to play. Simple.

    Not necessarily. I know many people who care about it but they wish to actually earn it by building up a decent association over several rounds, rather than just jumping aboard the gravy train. I have been asked several times by more powerful associations to jump ship and go with them the following round but I am staying loyal.

    2. No of course bigger isn't automatically better, but most bigger associations get better by kicking the crap and keeping the good. However one thing that all the horribly ranked associations that never get much hauling done and play SOE without ever noticing there is a landmark is that they are all small and they are all filled with players who either refuse to communicate at all or do so extremely immaturely.

    No all smaller associations are like that. I am in two associations at the moment, which are gradually growing, but by educating players, rather than kicking them out. It is much more rewarding turning a poor player into a good one than it is just replacing them.

    3. Well in most other games there is an offensive function, which is used to kill off these kinds of annoyances. In railnation we don't have that option, and all we can do right now is to attempt to move away from them. There is no "human right" for players to be parasites and expect the players they are piggy riding on to reward them for it.

    I agree but that is part of the challenge. Either making it so hard for them that they quit, or by educating them with some patience and perseverance. I do wish it was harder for one or two rogues to level the city though.

    I have also quit Big Ben now due to time restraints and am concentrating on 2 SoE servers & 1 Origin but no that wasn't the one I was thinking off, it was actually Tower Bridge, where it looks like the power may be on the move again, but that is because some of the larger associations are looking for a new challenge.

    starting with 25 slots is not a bad idea, but how about a max of 20 pre-reg so you can invite newcomers in straight away, rather than waiting 3 days?

    So what if several SoE servers only really have the playermaterial to properly fill 2-3 regions, let them fill those, and let the players who want more space and care less of ranking play in the other regions.

    Who says that the other play4ers care less about ranking? It may just be that they never get the chance to compete properly due to only have 50 people in the region compared to 100 in one city elsewhere.

    There is also a lot of associations and players that better associations just don't want to have next to them, because they are negatively effecting just about every aspect of the game, and pre-regging in 5 assos in 1 region helps getting rid of some windowlickers.

    Bigger does not mean better, I have seen some extremely good players in small associations, constantly beating many larger groups.

    Why should you foist the 'windowlickers' as you call them on to other players, blocking all newcomers who are potentially going to be problems from interfering with your game but happy for them to spoilt it for others?

    The diplomacy and building of relations for the next gameround is also a strategic element in the macro-level of the game.

    On both the SoE servers where I have played for many rounds I have seen the power shift because new alliances were made, it's not so "given" or obvious that someone will "rule forever" as people think.

    Current limits work fine.

    I am on one of the same servers as you are and I agree that power does shift when players tire of the game or look to move as a group, however it is very difficult to build up sufficient power to challenge them if all of the top associations stay together.

    I also use chains - normally far more profitable running a full supply route. Low $$ earners are regularly better for prestige but not by that much from what I have seen.

    What if this additional slot gave two options that affect other stats - for example:
    +1 waggon, -1 acceleration
    +1 acceleration, -5% reliability

    I think that is sensible - up to each person to decide which is most important to them, but is it changeable? Maybe you would normally go for the extra accceleration but, if you know you will be offline for a while, maybe reliability is best so you may wish to switch between them.

    My point is, that if in city is player that goes without integration on purpose, there is now way to deal with him. But personal embargo could be solution for this, if let's say 10 people vote for embargo for individual then individual would get for example +100% on waiting time. There should also be counter embargo points for case that people from one association will give points to individual from second association without proper reason.

    Everything you have mentioned here can be countered, up to a point, without any need for embargoes.

    Eg can this one person earn enough $$$ to break the majority when 7 or 8 in an association are investing against him? The only thing that cannot be countered properly is on Europe if one or two individuals decide to level a city when everybody else is on the landmark. It is far easier for 2 people to haul 4 RGs and grow a level 8-12 city than it is for many players to haul a larger tonnage of multiple RGs for the same level LM.

    Hmm that is possible, maybe. What discount does new starter give you? Surely not from almost 2 minutes to less than 30 seconds (compared to #3 from their same association)