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    No, not that animal, the one in the painting on the wall.

    Plus HMR's image has two differences marked where the spoons are.


    the original image had to be changed/got updated on 12.10.2019 to a fresh version. Better double check the number of differences ;)

    Apologies for the mix-up.

    So the version I (and many others) have issues with is the new one? Glad I didn't see the original.

    Just finished eg on a server where I watched thousands of videos and opened several hundred of lottery tickets and only picked up 1 BE throughout the 7 eras.

    The average is 1 every 100 tickets but you may get a lot more, or a lot less.

    The players around the cities where I am are not really 'active', Yes they are classed as active, because they only need to log in once every 3 days for that, but where they would normally log in 2 or 3 times to their main server, to service & adjust their trains they are logging in far less on RS

    Hi :)

    The campaign was running from 25.04.2019 forward for 3 months when you purchased any gold package. After this, Primus can only be won from a lottery. Unless you are playing on Masters server as [user = '86218'] Sniffa [/ user] mentioned above, then you might have a better luck?

    What about my question about the glitches?

    Has something changed in the game because over the last 2 days i have found myself unable to sit for other accounts. When I try all I get is a black screen.

    I have seen several people talking about integrated or not for offline and personally I call direct. Yes the WT may be higher but with integrated you also have the WT on the supply industries to consider.

    One thing I do try to do is have several locations to haul from so the offline may have 1 majority for the largest assn, a 2nd for the next largest and maybe even a 3rd for the 3rd association. That way 3 associations can benefit from the majority and can give friends to 3 others.

    The other thing that annoys me are the people not even trying to play the game.

    We have them at the moment on both servers I am playing - quite likely to be #1 region and we have players coming to join the region and don't even buy an engine, just run their CE by itself, yet they will still get the rewards for being in the top region.

    There should be some minimum requirements to earning the rewards.