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    I have just jumped on an account I am sitting for on Steam Boiler and noticed that a comp was for one of the city's RGs, which is handy but different from the comp material I am seeing on my own account. My account is showing flour the other player's is showing paper.

    Is that a glitch or normal?

    Currently when you look at an industry you can see who has invested the most and then switch tabs to see who has hauled the most in the current period.

    There is also the option to choose association but in my opinion that is totally wasted. Rather than show who has hauled the most in your association (which you can easily see in the individual list) it should show how much each association has hauled, thereby justifying who should hold the majority (ignoring the prestige whores).

    I don't want to be able to complete my station by Era 2 either, but I would like some ideas how to make it harder for 1 person being in a position to stop 30 people from playing in the manner that they choose. If 1 person can level a city in one day even with 5 minute+ wait times then it is too easy.

    Green, red & black are the same colour for many people. 1 in 12 males are colourblind.

    Currently it is easy to see who has hauled the most materials to the city and/or landmark but that list is of everybody who has hauled since the last level up for the landmark and daily rest for the city. That isn't a problem for the Landmark but it would be handy on a city to see who is hauling to the city now because most people on the list may have hauled one of the RGs because of a recent comp.

    Rather than trawling through the trains of everybody on the list it would be handy if there was another drop down option to show who has hauled within the last hour, or an alternate short time span.

    With associations nearly fully-staffed at game start in the USA scenario, the winning association (of which I have been a member for several games on Grand Central) and the winning city are virtually predetermined at game start.

    The top associations and their chosen cities will still likely prevail but they will have to work harder to do so.

    By not allowing the top teams to pre-register their cities it makes it even harder for them to win because they will be spread out on the map and have to play against each other. As you say, on Grand Central and several other servers (Tower Bridge for one) you can pretty much guarantee who will win on day 1 of Era 1. By moving them to different parts of the map you can say that it is 'likely' to be one of several who will win. It also means that smaller associations stand a chance of working with a larger one, rather than being bullied by them as I see happen regularly.

    East v West is a waste of time as well because many associations are filled with both red and blue players.

    I know its dynamic, but estimated for a given moment would be much of help.

    Experience does not help at all Sniffa. We are during End Game and You never know what the waiting time will be for next hour, so You can Call and be surprised or need to wait for recalculation and then Call, what we haul, but then You lose some time of hauling.

    I know what I will be calling for the next hour before recalc, as I am discussing it in PM. However I prefer to get trains parked up just in case somebody is slow in recalling them which can screw the WT for the following hour. The few minutes that you lose is more than made up by the fewer errors.