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    That's also part of the reason why friendly and respectful conversation with other people can prevent so many misunderstandings that might otherwise lead to conflict.

    That only works if the other person involved takes the time to communicate. Many of those who play their own game, ignoring the team, don't bother replying to messages or forum threads either.

    I don't agree with the BE going to 2nd place. As now the winner should receive the engine, or the cash equivalent. After all they have won the prize so unfair to take it away from them, whether you agree with them entering the comp or not.

    Personally I think that if you wish to play for the team you should stand aside and let someone else win the engine, play for 2nd and cash if you wish. Winning them in nearby regions/cities to hamper the opposition is a different matter though ;)

    but I think these malicious players enter on purpose, do everything to win so nobody else will have the train.

    This is definitely the main issue, far too many people play selfishly, never thinking about the 'team', whether that is the city on classic/USA or the region in Europe.

    The message means that most players playing Europe for the first time, especially those moving from classic/usa concentrate on the city instead of the LM, which can cause the team problems.

    The wording of the message is fine but ideally it wouldn't be there at all, untill the LM reaches at least 90% of the level where it requires the city to level. So if the city is at level 4 and the LM level 2 the message does not appear until the LM reaches level 4 +90%. Maybe another message could be there at other times, suggesting that people haul to the LM (especially if the levels aren't in tandem), or it is left as just a blank space.

    only relevant for paxs though.

    The most income will always be the shortest for goods.

    Not at all. The most income is the shortest for that particular RG, there could be 10-15 industries that supply more income than the shortest route. In EG you may not select the quickest, but it is one of the most important factors

    Sometimes, especially in EG you may not want the journey that provides the greatest income, you may want to at least look at the shortest journey time to help decide which call to make. Would it therefore be possible to have a way of changing the search results order?

    Would it be possible to make the message about levelling the city before the Landmark only appear once the LM has reached a certain percentage, say 90 or 95%?

    When trying to tandem level that message is the main reason people give for levelling the city before they even start on the LM.

    If you lose a blind auction, you don't feel cheated. If you lose an auction because someone puts in a bid 1 microsecond before the time limit, you probably will feel cheated -- at least a little bit. If you don't, you have become jaded by the environment. So, blind auctions are not inconvenient to anyone, but the current system may very well chase new players away. I don't see how the current system benefits anyone other than the trolls and bots.

    If you can only have one auction running at a time you can't set a start time for subsequent auctions if the time limit is open ended, so you then get a backlog. Over the last 20+ years people have been moaning about snipe bids on ebay and the suggestion is always the same - extend the auction by a specific time limit, but you can't do that there either.

    Decide how much you are prepared to bid as an association, stick it on and then forget it. If someone bids higher then good luck to them.

    Licence auctions have been blind for as long as i can remember and that is how they should stay in my opinion. It means sometimes you get a bargain and on others someone is prepared to pay way over the top.