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    I can't currently tell them apart easily, I have to hover my mouse to find out what the status is

    I have been in the same associations for several resets on multiple servers, classic, east/west and europe where we have played with other teams, so I understand where you are coming from.

    I have deliberately walked away from the teams on a couple of the servers though and wish I had done so on another one because it is actually more interesting building up a new team from scratch.

    Exactly as I suggested

    In the way that teams of associations which are friends which eachother and playing together for a long time can't use the preregistration anymore.

    It is because of those teams of associations that mean other people don't stand a chance of winning, which means many walk away from the game. Surely it makes for a better competition if the strongest associations have to actually play against each other? They can still be friends :)

    Yes this is an incredible idea that is being discussed at the German forum.


    Can create a lot of grievance on the map of Europe.

    But it can also solve some problems.

    In what way does it create grievance? That a strong association cannot keep playing the same city(ies) with a group of strong associations? Tough, it levels things out, I can tell you already who will win on Tower Bridge, in fact I could have told you in Era 1, as I can on Grand Central. Many other servers are the same the way that the strongest players stick together.

    Can somebody please give some advice on how to stop a City levelling when trying to tandem level in Steam Over Europe.

    City is following best practise of random levelling and takes City to level 8 with LM following approx 1hr later at the beginning of Era 4. Whilst 20+ players are hauling to level the LM from 8 to 9 (currently at 84%) we have had one person grow the city from 8 to 10 and it now has 3 greens with pax done for level 11. They obviously know what they are doing as they are using the best train to negate the 5 minute wait times some of us are creating. He does have some help from a very weak level 1 player, who is hauling somewhat randomly but all of the damage is being done by this one player in reality.

    Surely it shouldn't be this easy to level a city but we really need to find a way to keep the city at 10 until the LM has caught up.

    Any recommendations?

    That's hardly true.

    Yes, one single player can level up the city, once the passengers are finished and you are in later eras. But once you realise you have just that guy, you can stop delivering passengers to the city while you don't want it to level up. It requires a bit more cooperation, but it's perfectly doable.

    City levels to 8 and LM follows approx 1hr later at beginning of Era 4. Whilst 20+ players are tryng to level the LM from 8 to 9 (currently at 70%) we have had one person level the city from 8 to 10 (with some help from a very weak level 1 player), including pax (maybe 50% hauled by others). That is with their Wait Times at ridiculous amounts due to some of us killing our bank balances by hauling trains direct. This really shouldn't be able to happen, however it is a different subject than this topic.

    That isn't so, sometimes none in days in a city. I understand it is counted as the 49th good. All cargo goods competitions can hauled by cargo haulers. e.g. you are connected with 2 cities you have 8 competitions. As cargo hauler you can enter all 8. When you want to enter those as pax hauler you have to reactivate twice your trains for 10 minutes per competition. That is a time loss of 8*20 minutes. I'm now connected to 5 cities and don't have every day a chance of hauling at least one pax competiton.

    When you are a cargo hauler you may well change trains to enter a comp - I do regularly - so you also have to cope with the 10 minute cool down. You just have to decide if the loss of 10 minutes is worth the potential prize for entering the comp.

    On many days some cities have 3 or 4 pax comps so having none at times is fine. It is all part of the strategy. Some do pax, some cargo and many switch between the two.

    For cargo hauling people there is almost every 6 hours a competition they can be part of, for pax haulers with luck 1 in 24 hours. this is in my opinion not a very equal division of opportunities to win some gold and prestige. .

    Pax is one of 49 goods so in reality there should be 1 comp in 49 for pax to have an equal division.

    If you only included RGs (which are not the only comp requirement) then each city would have 1 pax comp in 5.

    Currently Steam has the same City Comps as the other versions of the game but, especially in the early eras, they cause more problems than they create. It is highly unlikely that the President or Mayors want players hauling to the Cities due to a) the potential of levelling them out of synch with the LM during the comp and b) taking trains away from the LM after the comp because of the extra cash bonus.

    Therefore instead of having a City Comp why not make it a Landmark Comp? The winner can be decided on an average/total of all goods delivered or a select few, such as the 5 goods with the highest tonnage. The subsequent cash bonus can then be applied to the Landmark.

    maybe an easier solution, when you are not active but still logged in.

    Change the color of your light e.g. to a different colour than green or black or yellow as inactive after 10 or 14 minutes. Or make the round light a square one or something like that

    what light?

    I understand what you are saying about the supply line, however imo Cars is still a legitimate option for offline, but it does depend on what other goods are available. Many EGs players have very few Car wagons, so they can have a few car trains running offline with the rest running pax, they feel they are contributing more, which is another option I understand.

    Personally I prefer to have cars as an online good, as I do all of the era 6 industries however sometimes that isn't practical. One recent EG we had 7 goods from era 5 & 6 in the first 12 so straight away there are huge logistical issues, especially with low numbers which is common on some servers.

    Endgames that are only 9hrs (or less) will discount many players from being able to participate because they are asleep and/or at work.

    How would you like an EG to start at midnight CET? That would be great for those on the West Coast of America, Nz, Australia etc, but all of the Europeans would wake up to find they had missed it.