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    Would it be possible to make the message about levelling the city before the Landmark only appear once the LM has reached a certain percentage, say 90 or 95%?

    When trying to tandem level that message is the main reason people give for levelling the city before they even start on the LM.

    If you lose a blind auction, you don't feel cheated. If you lose an auction because someone puts in a bid 1 microsecond before the time limit, you probably will feel cheated -- at least a little bit. If you don't, you have become jaded by the environment. So, blind auctions are not inconvenient to anyone, but the current system may very well chase new players away. I don't see how the current system benefits anyone other than the trolls and bots.

    If you can only have one auction running at a time you can't set a start time for subsequent auctions if the time limit is open ended, so you then get a backlog. Over the last 20+ years people have been moaning about snipe bids on ebay and the suggestion is always the same - extend the auction by a specific time limit, but you can't do that there either.

    Decide how much you are prepared to bid as an association, stick it on and then forget it. If someone bids higher then good luck to them.

    Licence auctions have been blind for as long as i can remember and that is how they should stay in my opinion. It means sometimes you get a bargain and on others someone is prepared to pay way over the top.

    The gifts seem to be somewhat random; they normally work but not always.

    I used the link from Facebook to restart on Tower Bridge because the email was late, but I still didn't get the free starter pack. A quick email to Support sorted it out though.

    The issue is :

    the server restarts at 2pm.

    the mail is received between 2.10 and 2.40pm. If you signed in to the gameworld at 2pm, not knowing you might receive that email, then you cannot redeem it.

    This is the main issue for me too. The last few server resets have seen the emails sent out AFTER the server has restarted, whereas they should be sent out at least 30 minutes before the restart, in my opinion.

    Where you can't see how much has already been bid on the worker.

    Currently you can see how much an association has bid so, like a live auction, you know the current bid.

    The licences are blind so you can only see the other bidder's prestige total.

    When the server resets the only train you keep is your career engine. Plus the station is reset to level 1 buildings (unless a gold package is purchased)

    This may only be because it is a new server but on Tower Bridge there are 7 players hauling to Vilnius, yet there are supposedly only 2 active players actually connected to the city. How does that work?

    Has everybody used their code yet, or are there others like me waiting for a certain server to reach era 6?

    Just need to decide whether to use it early or late in the era

    When searching for prospective association members it is a pain in the proverbial to have to scroll down past all of the inactive players.

    Is it possible to add en extra filter to exclude those who have been inactive for 3/7 days/?

    Turn on switch #1 and wait a few minutes. Then immediately turn on switch #2 and open the door. There are 3 possible outcomes:-

    1. Light is on so switch #2 controls the light.

    2. Light is off and when you put your hand towards the bulb it is warm, switch #1 controls the light.

    3. Light is off and the bulb is cold, therefore switch #3 controls the light