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    Green, red & black are the same colour for many people. 1 in 12 males are colourblind.

    Currently it is easy to see who has hauled the most materials to the city and/or landmark but that list is of everybody who has hauled since the last level up for the landmark and daily rest for the city. That isn't a problem for the Landmark but it would be handy on a city to see who is hauling to the city now because most people on the list may have hauled one of the RGs because of a recent comp.

    Rather than trawling through the trains of everybody on the list it would be handy if there was another drop down option to show who has hauled within the last hour, or an alternate short time span.

    With associations nearly fully-staffed at game start in the USA scenario, the winning association (of which I have been a member for several games on Grand Central) and the winning city are virtually predetermined at game start.

    The top associations and their chosen cities will still likely prevail but they will have to work harder to do so.

    By not allowing the top teams to pre-register their cities it makes it even harder for them to win because they will be spread out on the map and have to play against each other. As you say, on Grand Central and several other servers (Tower Bridge for one) you can pretty much guarantee who will win on day 1 of Era 1. By moving them to different parts of the map you can say that it is 'likely' to be one of several who will win. It also means that smaller associations stand a chance of working with a larger one, rather than being bullied by them as I see happen regularly.

    East v West is a waste of time as well because many associations are filled with both red and blue players.

    I know its dynamic, but estimated for a given moment would be much of help.

    Experience does not help at all Sniffa. We are during End Game and You never know what the waiting time will be for next hour, so You can Call and be surprised or need to wait for recalculation and then Call, what we haul, but then You lose some time of hauling.

    I know what I will be calling for the next hour before recalc, as I am discussing it in PM. However I prefer to get trains parked up just in case somebody is slow in recalling them which can screw the WT for the following hour. The few minutes that you lose is more than made up by the fewer errors.


    I'm the chair of a big corporation, I decide to slow down the city next door that has less players than me, all I have to do is connect, be made mayor by my members and in one swift move I've prevent the neighbours to level up their city.

    Why don't you take a good step back?

    Firstly to do that you all have to set the other city as home, which means you lose the benefit of your larger city where someone else can jump in and be made mayor to do the same. You could do it if you all connected to another region, but is that really worth the hassle and cost, plus it could easily be blocked by only allowing you to become mayor in your own region.

    Secondly would slowing down someone else's growth really benefit you that much as the idea is it would help promote the landmark? Especially when doing it also affects your own regional points.

    Unfortunately if he wants to haul to the city you can't really stop him. However frustrating it is, he has as much right to pursue his (stupid) strategy as you do yours.

    The good news is that he is probably going to struggle to push the city much further completely on his own. Each level will get progressively harder. Just give him zero help, and persuade the whole region to do the same. This means no pax hauling to the city, hold every player who does equally to blame as your saboteur.

    I'd focus on your own game and push the landmark rather then try to stop him The quicker you level the landmark the less far behind you'll be, and the less damage done. I know it's not what you want to hear, but trying to stop him isn't working so you need to try something else.

    Trying to push the landmark works even less. Slowing him down by increasing wait times has been the most effective action so far but he has now got the city to 11 and someway to level 12, so almost 4 levels before the landmark raises once :(.

    As far as him struggling as the city grows it seems to be the reverse in that he is finding it even easier as level 11 took far less time than level 10 with that taking less than level 9 somehow.

    Every member of our association that has helped him has been booted, we only want members who work with the region, not against it.

    It is fine when looking in the association list etc. however it is not clear when looking at other lists, such as Transport ranking because of their size. 1 and 3 on the attached image look the same to me, as does the other offline (3 or 7 days). #2 is clear because it is an unrelated colour.

    I am really glad that you are considering those of us with a CVD but better icons would make it even easier to distinguish between them, such as a green tick when online rather than a circle.

    Sorry, I don't like that idea at all. With this option you totally kill the gameplay how it's designed and will cause more and more people leaving this game.

    To minimize "trolls" you have to negotiate. Good diplomatic play does wonders.

    That only works if both parties are prepared to communicate. If friendly messages get no response you are stuffed.

    I can't currently tell them apart easily, I have to hover my mouse to find out what the status is