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    Also, I do like having the option of sabotaging another EG city in favour of mine. Punishing their mistakes (let's say, they call an offline good cars, and I take the majority to punish them for example).

    Please explain why you feel calling Cars as an offline good is a mistake. I have seen it done in most of the EGs I have played.

    This is a very good point. When using google translate I always translate the translated text back which shows up many glaring issues, so yeah maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea because people would believe it was 100% accurate

    Thanks for having another competition that discriminates against many players who can't play without help from others. 8% of the population are colourblind to a greater or lesser extent, so won't be physically able to see all of the hearts.

    There are several videos that don't run properly, so you have to cancel them and restart. Unfortunately it is then quite common for the same videos to be selected, so you have to cancel several times before you get one that actually plays.

    Sorry but it creates little reward and simulation. An immediate benefit just for the current round is far better, such as my suggestion of loyalty reward lottery tickets. 1 ticket for 2nd round on that server, 2 for 3rd round etc., only awarded in era 1, so it discounts people only playing for EG. I like your idea that the reward should only be for rounds with 50k+ prestige earned though.

    I watch hundreds of videos every day so I also get many free or cheap tickets. I have just clicked through 20 tickets after era change - 1* gold, 2* RP, 1* instant upgrade & 1* 20% building reduction. The rest were all $$ :(.

    So as Sniffa said: -1 ticket by round played... ends up being +1 ticket since the second accumulated round.

    And it's double pize for Express players. Maybe in express 1 ticket each 2 rounds played.

    Why is it double for express? Just keep it as 1 per round as it is nice and simple. 0.5 per round is just asking for problems

    Do away with Career Engine as it gives big players an unfair advantage over smaller player as bigger players career engine are larger & enables them to earn more prestige points per round than smaller players with smaller career engines. In round, one player had 11,000 pts in 4 days at Era 1, not possible, however he has a 22 cars career engine, almost max out

    They have earned the right to have a career engine advantage by playing many rounds.

    As for the points - I wouldn't worry how many other people have, just worry about improving your own because that is within your own hands. What other people do is outside of your control.

    Hardly had any bonus loco's this year, on any server. Prior to the Winter event I picked up at least one per era on all servers. Since the event I may have picked up 3 total on 9 servers (inc resets)

    Price of the sausage? €25
    Price of the hamburger?
    Price of the flour? €10
    Price of the cooking pot? €15
    Price of the bread? €5
    Package offer of the last row? €55
    Package offer of the last column? €55