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    How do trains manage to speed up, so they arrive before a competition starts?

    I have noticed that trains may arrive 1 or 2 seconds ahead of the estimated arrival time regularly in the past so always time my trains to arrive 5-10 seconds after the comp starts.

    Just done that for a comp and most of the trains arrived at least 15 seconds early, so they have gained over 20 seconds on the journey :(. Now have to wait 5 minutes for them to make another run. Good job I am not trying to win, just complete it.

    Wait times didn't change during the run, in case anybody thinks that is the answer.

    Primus is also available for first gold purchase on Rising Stars.

    My question related to this engine is whether all of the medal glitches that relate to it have been fixed yet?

    Sorry, I was talking about Europe, which is where I spend all of my time. You are correct saying that it is the region not the city, but the message still applies, just that it is even easier to select the winning region..

    At the moment though, as far as I am aware, you can actually earn more PP by not playing the game until near the end of EG than you can during the game.

    Wait until near the end of era 6 and join the server in a city you think will win the eg. If it does win you gain 100k prestige plus what you earn during the EG, whereas some people who have played during the whole game may have earned less than 100k due to how they play.

    Only on the europe map where the good placing is similar for the cities. For Classic and USA the same good can be 2 to 8 tracks away from a city depending on the city.

    That is true, but the sets could still be similar. One Europe it is based on industry, on classic/USA it is based on location, so 1*1 track, 3*2tracks etc.

    You can't have an extended auction with the next one set to start at a certain time.

    People have been moaning about this on ebay for years, but there is nothing wrong with sniping an auction in the final few seconds. You may still lose because somebody else sniped with a higher bid. If you want to keep nibbling at the bid, as they do in a RL auction House you are in the wrong place. Just bid once and walk away - win or lose.

    This is really not ok, if I were you I would make a complaint about it. Travain don't have the right to change your nickmame without any notice. And your original nickname is in no way offensive.

    Especially when he has been told that it is ok. Who changed it? Samisu any suggestions?

    I don't know accurate figures but it seems to me that for every ton of raw product the industry produces 2 tons of finished good. So if there are 2 required goods, half a ton of each = 2 tons of finished product

    The worst is when the controller, calls what industry to play from. Hello waiting time is 10 minutes . I,m going haul out of the called play.

    End games are very abusive especially for chairs. Its not even their game play at fault.

    Behind every player there is a real person.

    Each association should call their own game play in an EG.

    So you want to extend EG by complicating it? I guarantee that any city following your method will fail in EG.

    It is not unusual to see players openly state that their aim in the game is just to disrupt others, they have no intention of trying to win anything, or achieve in game targets. Solo players who wish to achievce things playing their own way is a completely different matter and I have no real issue with them even though they are frustrating.

    We have had it this round with one person on Loch Ness who, it seems, may have been annoyed by another player's actions in a previous round so decided to try to disrupt, initially, that person's association and then upped it to include the whole region in their retaliation.

    Everything they do, such as the breaking of majorities & city hauling is a minor inconvenience that can be overcome but it still reduces the enjoyment when what you are thinking when you go to log in is 'What have they done this time?' so you spend half your time and/or $$ correcting issues rather than progressing.

    What happens if you get your 2nd star before the newbie masters starts?

    Unable to enter Masters due to only have 1 star and also unable to enter rising stars because you have too many stars lol

    Think positive. Counts for the career achievement. ;)

    True, but having just finished another EG without a single bonus cargo engine having watched thousands of videos and opened hundreds of lottery tickets I am thinking of just giving up trying for them.

    Previously I was getting three or 4 per round so for it to change to only 1 bonus engine received in at least 18 Eras is a bit ridiculous.