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    Juggling finaces is a major element in this game. Do I buy wagons, upgrade my station, open a new route, invest in industry etc? That is part of the game management.

    If you can't handle it then you are not asking the right questions to the more experienced players around you, or are not heeding their advice.

    I play pretty much totally on SoE and have found the elephant to be better only opccasionally. I don't play de or RU servers though so numbers are low. EG Manchester on Loch Ness in #1/2 region only has about 10 players.

    That is what I thought, just that someone said it had to be the chair.

    The first one to register in a city will put a foot in the door for all members of association. Therefore, it is very important that the first one chooses the correct city. The option "keep association" must of course be set.

    To ensure that all association members can stay together after reset does it need the Chairman to pre-register in a city first, or will a deputy or any member registering allocate the 25 slots needed for the association?

    I was under the impression that all gold and plus days could be transferrred at the end of an OJ server.

    I have completed EG on one and yet the message I received was only that my plus acount was available to collect elsewhere. Does that mean any gold earned, not purchased is lost if not used to purchase extra plus?

    Now, detrimental is a big word. I really don't see a problem with how it is now, actually, a well run region would find ways to benefit from it, you can time a level up during the comp and get a little extra money in the GH.

    You need to have a region of very disciplined players for that. Many would just use the bonus as an excuse to push the city for 24hrs levelling it once or twice in the process. That is why I say it is detrimental, if you are supposed to be LM focussed.

    The original thread was mine from 6 months ago, but that was after I had already voiced having LM comps as posts on a couple of earlier threads, with one of the potential solutions being that the comp could still be run on the city but the reward being a 24hr bonus on the landmark.

    The way it is currently set is extremely detrimental to a well run region, especially in the first 3 eras.

    Hi Sniffa - not to my knowledge no, time shouldn't stop.

    Could this be about cache? That's easy to check if you have other browsers available or if you try the game in incognito mode on the browser you usually use. If the time values still differ, please contact game support and let them know when this happened, how often it happens etc. whatever comes to mind. Thank you ^^

    You could also try to reload the game (go to lobby and then join back in) if that helps.

    By the time you have reloaded the game the chance of completing the comp may well have gone, It has only happened this once so far.

    2 buy it with gold and then the slot is open till it is used, and even when you have it only 5 min in use, it is still used and gone again, so very important if you want to dismiss a worker dismiss it before the auction ends where you bought the thirs slot for, so it stays open.

    This is correct, but it doesn't say when purchasing that the slot is only opened temporarily. This should be made clearer.

    According to Support this isn't actually it is a bug, the game is designed to waste your gold.

    If you decide to open a worker slot using gold and then at some point you, or someone else in the association, dismiss a worker, for any reason at all, the slot will close and you will have to use more gold reopening the slot. Surely this isn't how it should be?