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    Hi, you will find one response from us already in this thread: click here
    Short version - not against the rules. So please, do not report players to support for actions that are not against the rules.

    We'd be interested in hearing what gameplay mechanics could make it feel more fair or "natural" though? One suggestion was already brought up:

    Well, I've never reported a player with the reason of asso hoping. I already know there will be no action taken for the reason you've pointed. Nevertheless, I think this should be considered unfair advantage.

    If you really going to consider my suggestions, I've got some ideas that could be worked on to prevent such effects.

    • Loyalty bonus: Rewarding the player with the days thy spent in the asso by multiplying players prestige gain percentage. Like the plus account interest bonus which you get each day. for ex; %0.5 or so percent prestige per day. Numbers needs working on of course. You might also add a cap to it. Like maximum of 30% or even 50%. This bonus will going to increase team work and coordination drastically. Bc every player will begin to follow team decisions the solidify their position in the asso.
    • Preventing highest impact workers (like 50% delivery prestige bonus) being spawned on auctions for recently created assos for a limited time by starting era 3 or higher.
    • Calculating average prestige or position of the players and disregarding asso prestige. Using that information to spawn workers for the same avarage assos. *mark
    • As some players already mentioned, preventing new recruit getting the advantage of the current worker or workers that already spawned in the auction schedule. *mark

    I can go on and on with the solutions but I'm not sure if you even going to consider implementing those features.

    *mark : These implementations might work better if the worker auction schedule drops down to 4 hours. ( Current auction and next auction only )

    TL;DR -> some of the messages.

    Regarding the topic; abusing Association switching and workers.

    2) Seen it a few times but not sure it benefit the guy who do it never seen them be in top 10 - more people to try be runner up.

    I've seen it almost every single server. I even did it myself once and could have won that round if I weren't fell sick. Check Tower Bridge Express 2X to see it in action. The 1st place player does it every single time he tosses a wall. Thats how he can hold on that lead.

    Another way to abuse workers is to create a new association whenever workers begins being expensive. You know that usually top 10 associations fight over workers with high amounts of bids. When you and 10 of your fellas create a new association, you will have almost no competitor. When you don't care about being 1st association but you want to have a round winner among you, this is the abuse you will exploit. I think it is not fair. While I work my whole body off for the good of the region & my association and fighting for the 1st place, someone who doesn't care about the team play or usual steam over europe goals comes along and abuses an exploit like this is just unfair.

    Maybe there are no practical triggers for the system to detect such things and may be it is ruthless to block someone to association change frequency/intervals. Maybe you could just moderate the game! at least the top 10 players and associations? Or you might even act when this situation is reported to you by the players? It is not so hard to prevent such unfairness.

    C'mon Earl, I were making some of the calls, and created all of the topics and Every single EG-RG is called in English. Only one incident happened when adil55 called for "Un" and I've corrected that in no-time. We have called some items with additional languages like German, Russian, Turkish etc but there were always calls in English first. There were no dominations. I saw French topics, Russian topics, Italian topics, Spanish topics and some other languages that I didn't understand @tt.

    Since there are no SoE 2x or normal pace SoE servers running on neither Turkey nor some other country specified game worlds, we need to embrace and support with kindness those who lacks in English and wants to play a fun to play scenario like (SoE).

    You «advertise» these servers as English only, yet Tower Bridge Express last round was dominated by Turkish language. Even in the winning end-game city, calls where made in Turkish. I had to look up that Word «un» to find out it meant Flour.


    It might be a good idea to add keyboard hotkeys/shortcuts for some items in game. For Ex:

    E for engine list,

    A for Association,

    C for Cities

    H for Center on home city

    M for messages

    L for lab



    Navigation with Arrow keys also would be nice to have. so that Macbook users like me

    so on.

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