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    Price of the sausage?

    Price of the hamburger?


    Price of the flour?

    Price of the cooking pot?

    Price of the bread?

    Package offer of the last row?

    Package offer of the last column?

    I am on US01 Crankshaft. Association - Camptown Racers.

    You should not look at it like that. When you find yourself online and others off.. you can watch to your hearts content. The fact that someone collects your bonus for you is a plus as you get the bonus which includes the Prestige. Sometimes they watch a vid and you again get the bonus on the first vid. The second video is paid to the watcher. So people are helping you not stealing from you.

    I would Go with Option A. That way its one click to open and then you decide to do whatever in the options that are offered. Would make the Game little better and give you the option to think before you just click and move.

    Differences are:-

    1. Face on a pumpkin at rear of engine Missing.
    2.. Driver has three fingers.
    3. H in Halloween missing
    4. Legs in the mouth missing.
    5. Color of eyball lights are white
    6. 3 skeletons are missing eyeballs
    7. Face amongst the trees is missing.
    8. There is a difference in color of the Main light that is attached to the Funnel.

    Game world I am in is US01 Crankshaft

    HI there. I have a problem trying to get my upgrades attached to my career engine. I go to the engine but it takes me back to the Career engine Thread. From there I am lost as it does not show how to do anythingh. Am I missing something? :?: