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    Several have already dropped out of rising stars.

    I am sure it has been mentioned but how many qualify from each of the 4 servers?

    Actually, Rising Stars (RS) isn't a qualification server,. For the players with 0 or 1 Stars it is already the final stage.

    So there are only three servers, you van qualify for the Allstars-Final-Server, Allstars Qualification 1,2,3 (or M21-23), to be qualified for the Allstars-final, you have to finish at least minimum on place 833 in the player-ranking on M21-23, probably there is one quali-Server, where place 834 will also be qualified.

    Elsewise, you will be qualified, if you fail to reach place 833, but you are a member of an association that reaches the Top10 of the association ranking on one of the qualification-servers