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    No, it is not "*0,5", it's "^0,5".

    46000*3*((26/100)^0,5)= 138000*(0,26^0,5)=138000*0,51=70380t, rounded 70.000t.

    The 2010s (maybe ask again in five years...)

    Sorry for that, but maybe the most impressive moments for germans in the last decade...

    Some kind of life circle, in the 80s there has been rebellion, in the the 90s, you discover, that rebellion don't succeed. In the 2000s you find you're own happiness...don't know, what I have learned in the 2010s...

    Several have already dropped out of rising stars.

    I am sure it has been mentioned but how many qualify from each of the 4 servers?

    Actually, Rising Stars (RS) isn't a qualification server,. For the players with 0 or 1 Stars it is already the final stage.

    So there are only three servers, you van qualify for the Allstars-Final-Server, Allstars Qualification 1,2,3 (or M21-23), to be qualified for the Allstars-final, you have to finish at least minimum on place 833 in the player-ranking on M21-23, probably there is one quali-Server, where place 834 will also be qualified.

    Elsewise, you will be qualified, if you fail to reach place 833, but you are a member of an association that reaches the Top10 of the association ranking on one of the qualification-servers