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    But why ambassadors?

    Why can't the devs answer questions on the forum or discord?

    Are you so afraid of the questions they get?

    And please don't answer that they don't have time, I just can't believe no one has time for an hour a week to answer some questions; I do believe there is no one who want's to answer the questions.

    So the reliability % is actually not reliable at all.

    Which is rather strange, as a Red Kite wit the (Gold) upgrade to get it to 100% reliability is not affected by this.

    Why not? It will one of the oldest engines one is running (if not the very oldest).

    You are right, if the engine has 100%, it will not lose any % at all.

    The reliability also depends on the age of the train, if you have an engine since day 1 it will lose reliabilty in the later game.

    In the last Game I had the Primus since the start, and in Era 6 I had to service it every 5 hours :).

    They do apply. We make absolutely no difference between someone who pays, no matter how much, and someone who doesn't.
    Supporters don't even have access to the overall spendings of a player, they couldn't even consider this factor if they wanted to.

    In case you don't believe this and think "No, Travian/BF is greedy, you only care about money", let me tell you this: Toxic players are one of the most important factors that cause "churn" (i.e. players leaving the game for good). The damage one toxic player can do by driving away multiple other (potentially paying) customers easily exceeds what he pays himself. So even if we would only care about money, it would not be wise to let payer wreck havoc without consequences.

    Toxic players often like to boast how they can't get banned for some nonsensical reason like "I payed money" or "I know the CEO". Don't believe their nonsense. The same rules apply to everyone.

    What i don't understand is:

    Why is there no possibility for a town to ban a player that plays against everybody. Like when 50-60 Player agree that he plays the game wrong to ban him.