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    Christmas; always fun.

    But what personally pleases me in particular? That you've gotten possibly the finest "Maid of All Work" that Britain ever had for steam transportation; the Stanier "Black Five" mixed traffic loco, the unsung hero of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS).

    And this is from a die-hard fan of the London North-Eastern Railway (LNER), the deadly rivals to the LMS.

    On the subject of the Bat, perhaps a more... acceptable model of A3 to use might be 2751 Humorist, as 2751 had been used on multiple occasions for testing smoke deflector designs, as seen in this official photograph from about 1937:

    As a side note, in 1947, Humorist, now with the number 97 (as part of the renumbering scheme the LNER undertook in 1946 to rationalise their rolling stock numbers), was fitted out with larger smoke deflectors of a more standard design, that she carried for the rest of her life, as seen here in this photograph at Carlisle in 1963, when she was British Railways number 60097:

    I personally feel that this design of smoke deflector is much more attractive than the "Bat Wings" that the rest of the A3's were fitted out with in BR days.

    I recently started playing this game; in the last couple of weeks in fact, and so far, I've been enjoying it greatly. That being said, however, I am also something of an anorak in railfan terms, particularly in my specialty subject of British steam traction, which does mean that two particular machines in Era 2 rub me the wrong way.

    These specific units are the "Bat", whose default skin is based on the LNER Class A1/A3 Pacifics, specifically the Flying Scotsman in LNER livery as 4472, widely considered to be the most famous steam locomotive in the world; and one of the unlockable skins for the "Boar", which turns the engine into a representation of No. 4468 Mallard, one of the LNER's Class A4 Pacifics, and holder of the world's speed record for steam rail traction.

    My gripes with these engines can be easily summarised by this; firstly, the two Flying Scotsman skins for the Bat are both inaccurate- the default skin shows her as she commonly runs in preservation; in LNER Doncaster Green, as she would have looked between 1923 and 1939, but her mechanical condition is that of her appearance between 1959 and 1963, when under British Railways ownership as no. 60103, she ran with double chimney and German-style "Bat wing" smoke deflectors, and in a livery of "BR Lined Passenger Green" (similar to Brunswick Green) with the post-1957 "British Railways" heraldic device on the tender- this would also be a good choice for the unlockable version of the Flying Scotsman skin for the Bat.

    The A4 skin for the "Boar" on the other hand, is very close to looking correct, but with the 'wedge' nose is stretched too far forwards, the number is incorrect (4175 was not assigned to any LNER locomotive of the pre-WWII era, that I can find), and similarly, the tender should also spell out LNER on the side.

    It's something that I've noticed since completing the tutorial yesterday; the cargo train models look fine, but the passenger train models are stretched out, with huge gaps between each element in the train (engine, tender, coaches).

    Can something be done about this?

    This here is a machine that vexates me ever time I see it:

    Perhaps the most famous steam engine in all the world, Flying Scotsman.

    The reason it grinds my gears is that so many railway based games that I've played that feature 4472 do so in the non-historical manner seen here; painted in 1930's LNER Doncaster Green, but in late 1950's and early 1960's mechanical condition, with double chimney and German 'bat wing' smoke deflectors.

    I know it's such a petty thing to be annoyed at, but is there any chance it could be corrected to be more historically accurate; either by removing the smoke deflectors and fitting a single chimney for her LNER bonafides, or painting it in the post-1957 British Railways livery of lined 'Brunswick Green' as BR no. 60103?