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    One year after registering, you receive an anniversary mail with some bonuses (unless you chose not to receive emails, of course). I assume that's what he's talking about.

    Iron Panther Glad that you like it and I hope you'll stay with our community for many more years :)

    Fun fact: The Masters 2 servers are way more "sticky" than all the other servers. The ratio between active players and registered players is higher than on all other normal servers.

    So I wouldn't say people don't bother.

    You can only try the support. Or wait until Rail Nation weeds out the cheaters like last time when clash was active. Back then RN set a huge amount of accs to zero points.

    We will do the same again this time. As it's specified in the rules: Any attempt to win with anything but skill can lead to disqualification from the tournament at the end.
    I really recommend not to try to cheat the's not a good idea and it might turn out to be a lot of wasted time and effort at the end.

    But still i would like very much to ask a few question to RN about the way to treat accidents like this - all modern company got a SoP (standard operationel procedure) for things like this

    That's a fair point and we do in fact have specific guidelines for compensation. However, what we don't have (yet) is a guideline how to act on problems on such a scale that are not caused by us. This was the case here and made the entire process incredibly complicated and frustrating for everyone involved.

    Can we complain about the decision and to who ?

    To me. Preferably via PM. I usually don't have the time to post much on the forum, so PMs are the best way to reach me reliably and guarantee that I will see it, which is not the case in every forum discussion. Might take me some time to answer though, sorry about that.

    Players were eligable if they...

    • ...are "mobile only" players
    • ...played on a server that had it's endgame during the time of the major problems
    • ...were not able to log in at all during the time of the problems

    Player who are eligable for compensation already received it last week and also received the mail, unless they unsubscribed from emails, in which case they might have gotten the compensation without noticing it. The gold (if you received it) can be downloaded on any server of the same domain in by using the function in the option menu.

    Hi Grim Reaper!

    I actually have very good news for you, because none of your worries are necessary. The reason why we recommend Chrome, is that Chrome is the best Browser for HTML5. Why does that matter? Because DE05 is already running on HTML5.

    We are right in the middle of switching all servers to HTML5 and will get rid of Flash entirely way before December 2020. We are getting rid of it right now :)
    It's worth mentioning that not just Chrome will get rid of Flash, but everyone. Flash will officially not be supported anymore in 2020 anywhere. That's why we switch to HTML5, like many other games do, did or will do.

    So, to answer your questions:

    1) Because it's, on average, the best browser for HTML5 right now.
    2) Already done. Absolutely nothing about the game itself changes, it's merely a translation of the game from Flash to HTML5. Since you apparently already played on HTML5 without even noticing, that should answer your question if anything changes ;)

    This is fully automatic. It actually already happened on a few servers. Usually you won't even notice the difference (except that you don't have to click to allow Flash anymore).
    There is absolutely nothing you have to do or install...with one small exception: In case you are using Edge or Internet Explorer, we recommend you switch to another browser to avoid performance problems. Pretty much every other browser will do the job. Our recommendation is Chrome, but everything else is fine too.

    Hello there!

    What follows is my personal opinon:

    This is a super interesting topic and I would like to share my thoughts on it. At the beginning you mention that violating the netiquette is bannable behavior because it disrupts a friendly environment while disruptive gameplay that has the same effect is not punished in any way. So why is that?

    The key difference is intention here. If you insult someone, the clear intention is to...well....insult that person. You try to hurt, attack, ridicule or annoy that person and there is no other real purpose. Stuff like stealing majorities however...that actually has a purpose in the context of gameplay. It's a strategy that can help to fulfill the game goals.

    You can compare it to professionel boxing, for example. Boxing, like most other sports, is all about sportsmanship and respect for your opponent. Hitting someone in the face is usually not considered a sign of respect. In boxing however it's completely okay, despite the fact that it's not a "nice" thing to do...because it's a valid method to win in this sport.

    It's the same in Rail Nation. Yes, stealing majorities is not nice and if you want to make friends, that's probably the wrong way to go. But it's a strategy for success, similar to hitting someone in the face in boxing. It's is not necessarily done out of evil intent.

    And that's the key difference between insults and aggressive gameplay. Insults always have an evil intent (except of course jokingly insulting among friends), but not aggressive least not necessarily.

    Of course it's also possible that a player is using aggressive gameplay with the clear intention to be a jerk. That is basically trolling. The difficulty about punishing that is that you have to be sure. Did this player use aggressive gameplay because of strategic goals or maybe lack of knowledge/skill? Or did he do it just to be a jerk?
    Unless you are 100% sure it's the latter and you have proof for it (for example if the player explicitly explained why he is doing it), you can't really punish it, because it's not okay to punish players for simply playing the game as it's intended to be played.

    And it almost all cases, it's impossible for our supporters to be sure. That's why you usually get the "It's a feature of the game" answer. Because it is a feature of the game and it is intended to be used. It's a normal part of the game to do this for strategic purposes and it's also part of the game to adapt your strategy to other players using aggressive gameplay.

    Good Morning Lacidd23  

    The Masters 2 Community Event will start on the 2nd of September.

    The Masters 2 Allstars servers will be accesible (preregistration, not playing) today.

    The Masters 2 Allstars server will start tomorrow, the 30th of August.

    Does this answer your question or is there anything else you would like to know?

    Kind regards,


    I am not lawyer, so I can't really explain it in detail. Usually this problem is related to gambling laws that somehow apply to this kinds of contests too. For example it can require to actually send the prices to the government in order to prove they do exist. And depending on the country, it can happen that those prices that are sent to the government are never given back (if no citizen wins) or given to the actual winner.

    It is possible that some companies do this kind of contest anyway, which is most likely related to lack of knowledge about the legal situation.

    If someone has more insight in this, I apologize for my (most likely) very simplistic explanation.

    Hello there,

    about maps & scenarios: This survey was actually about both. Some of the suggested themes basically HAVE to be entirely new scenarios, some others might work very well as a map. It's totally an option to do both. In addition to that, there is also the option for a hybrid, i.e. a map that does not have entirely new features on the same scale as SoE or USA, but instead offers alternative gameplay by manipulating or removing current features. For example there could be less or more cities, there could be different balancing concerning prestige gains, the train stats could be different, industries could be removed etc.

    Caténaire Interesting idea! We actually also discussed the theme "Silk road" internally

    naike We discussed the idea of tutorial servers internally and there are a lot of advantages to it, but also some problems. One of the biggest problems is that, on a tutorial server, players don't really connect with the player base. They play in their own little bubble and have no contact to experienced players, which will make it difficult for them to be integrated socially. This is already hard for newbies and with tutorial servers it would be even harder.

    Another problem would be the "culture" of Rail Nation. There are big differences in play style and mentality across the different regions of RN. For example in some regions, taking majories is a total no-go and if you do it you will be hit by the wrath of the community, while in other domains it's widely accepted as competitive play and considered perfectly normal. Both mentalities are okay, but which one would we teach the newbies?

    It's basically the "do's and don'ts" you mentioned, they are not universal, they strongly depend on the region or even the server and there is no "right" version.

    That's also why the Origin Journey servers experience a bit more...let's say "discussion" than other servers, because on these servers multiple mentalities collide with each other.
    That being said, I totally agree that the basic tutorial is not really enough to integrate new players in the full depth of RN gameplay. While that is perfectly normal for a basic tutorial, it would be cool to find a way to provide additional guidance for players who finished the tutorial.

    At the moment you give a first reply, telling nothing but you go the message. Then ... nothing. The customer who reported is left alone, without further information

    After already being told that the report was received and that, if justified, action will be taken...what kind of further response would you expect, when keeping in mind that informing you if and what action was taken is not allowed? What kind of "further information" is left that we are allowed to share?
    I'll gladly try to improve this aspect of our CS, but in this particular situation I'm not quite sure which kind of improvement you would expect.

    (ok, its getting too long again, sorry guys

    That's not really the issue. But while writing you kind of went offtopic and most of what you wrote has nothing to do with with making multis less attractive. Maybe I also didn't express myself clear enough. What I'm am looking for is methods to basically take away the reasons to use multis. Let me explain it with an example
    Problem Player A creates a lot of accounts to invest his starting money in industries of where the association of his hated rival Player B owns the majority.

    Gameplay solution: New players can't invest in industries.

    Now this example is just to show what I am looking for, I know that various problems are associated to this "solution". It's just an example what I mean with "making it less attractive. In this case, a troll would have to level up his account first, which would be effort ---> less attractive to do it.

    Your ideas are certainly interesting, but not related to the quote you replied to, which of course might be caused by me being unclear.

    I dont know about my teammates, but I will try to give one more chance then, if you promise to intervene.

    We found the reason why this wasn't taken care of properly so far and are on it as we speak.