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    sniffa, you are aware that in most companies this is a paid job like any other, yes?

    As someone who was a volunteer in another gaming company for 7 years, worked with volunteers in yet another gaming company, worked as a volunteer in a refugee camp and (indirectly) works with volunteers here, I can assure you that this is not accurate.

    Using volunteers to do this kind of work is perfectly normal and is an industry standard. There are gaming companies with up to 10.000 volunteers and pretty much every gaming company has them. And not just gaming companies. Even Google has a small army of volunteers, Discord has them, Twitch has them, Reddit is basically run completely by volunteers etc etc.

    Moderators are basically never paid and there are very few companies that could afford to pay them (at least in the gaming industry).

    And there is really no need to be shocked about this. I was a volunteer myself, I invested easily more than 10.000 hours in my volunteer activities and I wasn't paid a single €. And I regret nothing, every minute of it was worth it and it changed my life for the better. Volunteers are not forced to work, they are people who WANT to do this kind of work, because they enjoy helping others, because they care about others, because they have fun doing it, because they are passionate about the things they are doing.
    I learned so much as a volunteer, I found so many friends, I got contacts in the gaming industry, I developed profesionally and personally and it was incredibly fun and satisfying. No job or unversity or training could have done the same for me. And I loved it. And I still do. Despite working in a regular job now I'm also still volunteering and I probably won't ever stop.

    And there are thousands of stories like mine.
    My point here is: Volunteers don't work for "nothing", they work because they want to and they get rewarded for it with joy, the satisfaction of helping other people, friendship, meaning, experience, knowledge and more. And they can always stop. No one is forced to work.

    i have seen clear favoritism by these `awesome` (that is laughable) support staff who are in the server, always ignoring who they do not favorite, and immediately attending whatever wish by certain players, no matter how absurd it is.

    If you have any specific complaints and are able to back them up, please contact your regional Community Manager or Loeki (our Senior Community Manager). If they can't help you, they'll forward it to me. If there are volunteers who behave incorrectly, that is something that needs to be addressed. But it should be addressed properly (i.e. with the person that misbehaved) and not by badmouthing all those fantastic players who invest their free time just for the joy of helping others. They don't deserve that.

    Associations are actually another big topic we are brainstorming right now and there was a lucky coincidence with this topic coming up internally at the same time when a German player opened a whole series of threads about various ideas for associations that look quite promising.
    I can not say if and when we are going to work on associations, but it's definitely a very interesting area for at least a brainstorming.

    However I would suggest to discuss associations in a separate thread and keep this thread about the orginal idea: Randomly(?) changing train stats.

    First of all: None of this will be applied, for now. This is just a brainstorming, we are just discussing ideas. It is not at all set in stone that we are doing any of this.

    But yes, at least my personal idea would be to have specific servers for this kind of changes.

    If yes, then I shut up, as suggested by the person above.

    Who what are you referring to? I don't see anyone telling you to shut up, neither directly nor indirectly.
    You represent an important player group in this discussions: The players who do not want any changes (at least not these changes).

    Please do the migration to HTML5 first, then plan these new ideas to be on the schedule.

    Luckily those two things are entirely independent. But even with that being the case, random stat changes would be something we could to a bit further in the future, not right now. So either way, those two things will not impede each other.

    To add to the things Samisu already said:
    My personal idea about this suggestion right now is to let the stats fluctuate around the values we have right now. So the trains would still be similar to how they are right now, with random fluctuations (of maybe 0-20%) around their original values.
    And I would neither roll it out on all servers nor create an entirely new scenario for all regions, but instead just use individual international (temporary?) servers for this.
    And I also thought about making the "random" factor a bit fun. We could have polls about how strong the random fluctuations should be, we could let our office dogs deicde the values somehow, we could let the players select one era that is protected from changes etc.

    What do you think?

    he server JP01 was running, all players affected and I did not receive any presents....


    The compensation is awarded region by region by the persons responsible for that region. So it doesn't necessarily happen at the same time in every region. Especially in those regions that are very small (JP being one of them) it can take a bit longer. But we'll make sure it's done in all affected regions, don't worry about that.

    Argh wrong domains, my regular domains are the opposite: NL, M1 and ES, which means I can't transfer my leftover gold and +account to my favourite domains when OJ is finished

    Actually you can!

    Given that Rail Nation - Origin Journey is a temporary event, we wanted to make sure to make gold transfer to other servers as convenient as possible.

    If you should decide to quit OJ while it's running and delete your avatar, you can transfer your gold/plus account like this:
    RU --> RU

    DE --> DE
    COM/EE (Eastern Europe) --> COM

    If you play until the end, your leftovers will be automatically uploaded and can be accessed like this:

    DE --> DE
    RU --> RU
    COM/EE --> Everywhere

    The new map will launch in May on different servers at different times. The exact details will be shared in time.
    Most of the news will be posted on our facebook page, but of course they will eventually end up in the forums and there will also be a blog about the new map.

    While I commend you for your sense of fair play, it's not altogether accurate to call these players "malicious". Some may be of course, theres always some but I have found the majority of players who do this, arent even paying attention, they are in it more for the competition itself than the prize as there are round and career achievements for number of comps won as well as just completed.

    I just want to add to this:
    This is something people often underestimate. We (humans) have a strong tendency to overestimate hostile intentions in the behavior of others. Just because some behavior is harmful or might be interpreted that way, this doesn't mean it was intended that way. We just tend to think that way. This effect is so common in human behavior, that this is even a well researched effect in psychology, the so-called "hostile attribution bias", which describes our general tendency to interpret behavior as hostile, even it's just neutral or even positive.

    In other words: Don't trust your instinct when judging other peoples potentially hostile behavior. It's usually not actually hostile, we just tend to think that way.

    That's also part of the reason why friendly and respectful conversation with other people can prevent so many misunderstandings that might otherwise lead to conflict.

    Communication strategy means that I decide what we communicate, how we communicate it and when we communicate it. For example I write the blog and I am involved in the Social Media posts. I also help out if there are some major problems that require communication.

    And yes, I do work behind the scences and I am in fac the guy who receives your complaints. The community managers in each region collect your feedback, like currently debated important topics or wishes. I receive them all and forward them to the right people and I try to track down some info I can send back to the CMs so they can reply to your wishes.

    I also help prioritizing things we do. For example we receive A LOT of good ideas how to improve the game. And many of those ideas are actually good. But there are limits how much we can do, so we have to select what is most important. I help doing that by doing my best to represent you, the community, and make it clear to the devs what is important to you.

    And I try to prevent things that would be bad for you or, if all the options are bad, help to pick the smallest evil and do my best to be transparent about why we have to do it.

    So, in summary: It's my job to make sure you are heard and listened to and, the other way round, that you are informed in the best possible way.

    Usually I do all this in the background, my role is technically not a very visible one. But well...I love forums and grew up with them, so sometimes I can't resist ;)

    Hey there, I am a Dev in the broadest sense of the word. Although I am not a technical developer, my task (among others) is to develop Community Management and our communication strategy.

    So ask away whatever you wanna know and I'll do my best to answer.

    Hi there.

    This pop-up was informing you about the special Login-Bonus of the Festival Server. You will find 36 vouchers and the Red Kite on your account.

    We are sorry for the message being sent in the wrong language. This happened due to a bug in the language settings of the IGMs. We deactivated any further IGMs to prevent this from happening.

    I was asked to take part in this, so here we go:

    How long have you played Rail Nation?

    A few months.

    Favorite goods to transport?

    Hm...not sure.

    Favorite Rail Nation scenario?


    Strangest / Coolest place I’ve ever played Rail Nation?

    On an airplane (still on the ground of course)

    Favorite Rail Nation era?

    Era one. So much to do and it's kind of like the basis of everything that follows.

    Favorite endgame snack or treat?

    Coffee. Definitely coffee. Black, strong and without sugar, please.

    Any other railway themed hobbies?

    Not really, I think.

    Pick local goods from your home country, that you would like to see in Rail Nation?

    Beer. Not the Cologne stuff they call beer, the real thing, Bavarian (or rather Franconian) beer.

    Favorite railway-related movie?

    Technically not a movie, but I really like that Doctor Who episode with the Space Orient Express

    Favorite railway-related song?

    "Railroad Track" by Willy Moon

    What a coincidence, this is not just my favorite railway-related song, it's also one of my favorite songs in general :)

    Bonus: Caption this image

    Does this thumb look weird to you? Look at it! Why are you walking away? Hey, it's a perfectly normal question....hey!

    So I opened a new topic for discussing this cardinal new idea.

    The biggest problem. Majority!

    I will certainly have a look at that discussion later.

    The main objective of the owner of the game to send out observers

    I think the observer idea was, in this case, meant as a system where players watch players. That's what my reply was referring to.

    About employees playing: We already do and several people in our team can definitely be consideres "pros" in this game. I'm not one of them though :P

    I would be interested to read about the scientific article that proves that.

    Just to be clear here: I am talking about a very specific kind of troll. The word "troll" is nowadays often used very broadly for just everyone who misbehaves, which is not really correct. Trolls are a very specific kind of disruptive users. They do not misbehave because they are angry or because they don't know better or something like that. They do it out of sadistic joy. I just want to be clear about that, because what I (and the study) say about trolls only applies to this very special kind of disruptive user.
    The study I mostly think about is "Trolls just want to have fun" from BUCKELS, PAULHUS & TRAPNELL.
    It is not direct empirical evidence that ignoring works against trolls, but it explains typical personality traits of trolls, the "dark triad": Narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism.
    Especially the narcissism part of it is what supports the "Don't feed the troll" method.

    In addition to that, this is also based on the experience of moderators around the world. As a moderator, you sometimes encounter users who do not adapt their behavior, regardless of how you punish them. Quite the opposite, they often seem to enjoy it and are even proud of their moderation history and all the accounts that got banned and they proudly present that to the public. Those users cannot be dealt with with conventional methods. You can not punish them, you need to bore them. Deny them an audience and attention, that's the only thing that works.

    I also have to add that I don't think we have many of those players in our community. I think most of the misbehavior in RN comes from misguided anger or revenge.