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    Cache cleared, reboot tried everything.

    Just to make sure we don't talk past each other: have you installed the new version? You have to go to the Playstore and install the update manually.
    Restarting the app alone does not help, and neither does clearing the cache. In the old version there was the work-around, which required clearing the cache AND the app data. In tonight's version that is no longer necessary.
    Therefore, to rule out that as a cause, since you did not write that you also installed the new update: Did you install the new update manually?

    Is the game free to play / enter . I had read somewhere that you had to buy in with 2000 gold

    Yes, the game is free to play. There is a variety of things you can buy for gold, but it's perfectly possible to play Rail Nation for free.
    We once had a special server with a "entry fee", but that one doesn't exist anymore and we don't plan to do this again.

    Dear players,

    We are already quite excited about the launch of Platform X next week and we hope you are too!

    Of course, new features and balancing changes always lead to a lot of questions and we would like to answer them!

    To do so, we will have short Q&A stream on the Rail Nation YouTube Channel and our Game Designer Bruno will be ready to answer all of your questions.

    We already collected a few questions you have been asking on the forum, but you can also watch the stream live and ask questions in the chat.

    Here are all the details you’ll need:

    What: Livestream - Questions & Answers about Platform X

    Who: Bruno & Salix & of course you!

    Where: YouTube Stream

    When: Thursday, the 22nd of October at 6 PM (UTC+2).

    How: Just watch and if you have any questions, ask them in the YouTube live chat. Yes, the Stream will also be recorded.

    See you there,
    Bruno & Salix

    I moved this post, since it's not related to the XXL update but definitely worth discussing.

    A few questions/comments:

    1. I assume you ruled out a bad internet connection as a cause for this? In order to rule this out, I recommend a using a WiFi connection, preferably close to the router to make sure packet loss is not a relevant factor.
    2. Chat: From my "tech noob" perspective, I think it's likely the transition to HTML5 might solve the problem. The old (or for mobile: the current) chat system is quite ineffecient and requires to reload the entire chat every time a new message is added. That does seem to fit your description.

    after you invest the ranking screen jumps back to the top automatically

    Are you sure about that? I just tested this and after investing the screen remains on my own rank and does not jump to the top. Or am I misunderstanding the problem?
    Second question: Why is it necessary for you to jump to the bottom of the ranking?


    something else is directly causing the app to freeze and crash a lot more recently

    Android or iOS? At least on Android, I can not see an increase of crashes recently. There is a problem that causes crashes on mobile that we are working on right now, but that has been existing for much longer than the XXL update, so it shouldn't be related.

    You can easily try it.

    If I learned anything in the Gaming Industry, it's that nothing is easy. Everything is always more complicated than it seems initially, everything needs to be tested, everything requires time...time that can not be used on something else in consequence.

    Thats why it's important that we prioritize. There is a backlog of ~500 ideas, many of them quite good. Even in the next 20 years we couldn't do all of them and in those 20 years we would probably collect a thousand additional good ideas. This is why we can't just try everything that sounds good. We need to select the most promising ideas.

    That doesn't necessarily mean that "Longer servers" is completely out. Personally, I'm also a bit of a fan of this and would really like to find a concept that would work. But it means that this idea definitely needs refining, because "Longer servers" alone is not enough to justify to do it.

    And what is the opinion about a long-term scenario?

    For example: The game ends when all cities reach at least level 50!

    According to our surveys, the vast majority of players would not enjoy this. Maybe there would still be a method to make it exciting, but it seems that just "Make the game longer" is a rather unpopular idea.

    Well, you should care how they are called, because they are different things. If you randomly interpret things in a way that they are clearly not, you'll end up disappointing yourself.
    I am not critisizing your general idea of talking with each other to evaluate design ideas. That's all good and something we already do in various formats, from very indirect interactions like surveys to very direct ones like interviews or user test (the latter is obviously limited right now, due to Corona).

    Anyway ... my suggestion is to act earlier

    May I remind you that there already is a thread about suggestions for the second episode of Platform X, which is waaaaay in the future. What do you think that is for?

    and all their questions could have been answered 3-4 weeks ago.

    That is incorrect. The information we could have provided at that point would have been incomplete. We are doing these things at the given times because they makes sense at these times.

    I think you misunderstand what a Q&A session is. It is, as the name already quite literally indicates, about answering questions.
    Q&As are simply not the appropriate format for what you are describing. That would, for example, be workshops, player interviews, User insights, surveys, collecting feedback from the forum etc.
    We already do all of that. These things are important and are a major part of all gameplay development.
    Could we have something SIMILAR to Q&As to talk about future features/development? Sure. And we already did, in fact. But we definitely wouldn't call it a Q&A because that simply the wrong term for that kind of format.

    How do you explain then that the mobile application or tablet is getting worse by the day?

    In general it can be said that all game versions require a certain amount of work, even if you don't change anything. This is mostly caused by technology around the game changing. For mobile this can be new phones, new versions of the operating systems, new rules by the appstores, new SDKs etc.
    We are still doing the stuff that needs to be done to maintain the Mobile version, but in the last months we had a few tough decisions to make. We received a lot of negative feedback about the browser version of the game and of course we were not happy with the overall quality either. This made it necessary to focus on this particular topic. Focusing on something always means that you can focus less on something else (unless maybe you are one of the very few companies with essentially unlimited resources). But, given that dissatisfaction with the browser version was by far the biggest complaint from all sides, we focused on this topic. That came with a price for everything else, including mobile.

    The second reason why mobile got less attention than the browser version is because we essentially have to do it in this order from a technological point of view. As you might know, we will also switch the Mobile version to HTML5. Put simply (from a non-dev like me), the browser version is kind of the basis for the mobile version. So the browser switch to HTML5 needed to be done first, before we can start with mobile. Any work on mobile would have been wasted because a new version is coming anyway and of course it would also have slowed down development on the browser version....which, in consequence, would have delayed the mobile version too.
    So, in manner of speaking, working on the mobile version would actually have delayed a proper, new mobile version (and everything elese).

    I hope this provides a bit of context why the Mobile version was suffering a bit recently and why it can change, even if we don't change anything.
    But, just to emphasize this again: This will change. The mobile version is next up on the agenda of big technical topics. We prepared for this and a part of the work is already done.
    I would also very much like to have conversation with all of you about what the most pressing issues are on mobile.

    Hi Salix . You are competent to answer the questions:

    1. How is the active player counted? Is there a limit for delivery to the city? For example, 1,000 tons per day and then you register as active for next 24 hours?
    2. is 5 tons enough for all the time city level and is registered active?
      (Then it loses its meaning, each player brings 5 tons to make the game more difficult.)
    3. If it brings goods that are not needed for the development of the city? Is the player active?
    4. It is counted as active even if it imports passengers? And if it brings passengers that are not needed (delivery is ready- green) ?
    5. Will prestige be paid from cities that are not TOP10 when the finals start? Or after the finals?
      (this is an important thing so that players don´t do unnecessary work)
    6. Will the prestige of the reduced waiting time be paid to non-TOP10 cities when the finals begin? Or after the finals?
      (This is an important thing for players don´t make unnecessary investments)
    7. Can I convert gold to PlatformX from regular servers?
    8. Can I transfer gold from PlatformX to regular servers?
    9. Will it be possible to get a starter pack that is normally only available in the Engame? (399 Golds)
    10. Will there be a limited number tickets of lotteries?

    Thank you Salix (or anyone competent) for answer

    Theories, ideas and hypotheses, please thread Platform X – Share your ideas!

    1. A player is active if he delivered at least one ton in the last 24 hours AND was online in the last 72 hours. In the endgame this changes to delivery in the last 60 minutes and being online in the last 24 hours.
    2. See above. And, in addition, see my explanation in my previous posts why this still changes a few things.
    3. I will ask our Game Designer about that one and come back to this thread.
    4. Yes, passengers count as "goods" in this case.
    5.+6.: Will ask about those too.
    7. No. As with all event servers, it's not possible to transfer gold towards them.
    8. Yes. As with all event servers, it is possible to transfer Gold FROM the event server to a regular server, as long as it belongs to the same region (and to all regions if it's the international event servers).
    9. Not for the first round. But since we are running two rounds this time, we can activate the purchase of the SSP in the first round for the second round. But let me confirm that again please, just to be 100% sure.
    10. Yes. The daily limit that we introduced for this years Masters will be active on Platform X and generally is active on all gameworlds that started or restarted after the XXL update.

    And a general question to all of you: Would you be interested in short livestream Q&A (questions and answers) session about Platform X next week Thursday together with our Game Designer?

    Despite both words containing an X, please don't confuse Platform X with a "fix" for Classic. The point of Platform X is to be different, to rethink & reevaluate strategies, to provide an alternative experience.
    A "fix" would have the main point to be an improvement for everyone, because something was wrong. That is not necessarily what a new scenario is doing. It's changing things around. For some players this might feel like an improvement, because they prefer this new scenario. Some prefer the old way and for them it's not an improvement. That's why I wouldn't call any of the features a fix. They are changes.

    A good example to explain this is probably Fast Forward. Fast Forward provides a different experience by speeding the game up. That might be a "fix" for those players who had a problem with the long duration of 1x or 2x speed servers. But there are definitely others who simply prefer longer game rounds and for them it's definitely not a fix. That's what I mean with "Not every change is a fix".

    XXL broke the app for good now

    The app wasn't part of the XXL update and runs on a quite different version (flash based). So whatever change you might have perceived on mobile around the time of the XXL update can not be related to that update, since the app didn't get that update.
    That being said, the mobile version of RN is still on our agenda and, among the big technical topics, most definitely has the highest priority. Right now our devs are still focusing on some performance improvements for the browser version, but the Mobile App is right next on the agenda. This is another big project, so it will take some time, but now that the browser version is completely transitioned to HTML5 we want to take that time and focus on the mobile version a bit more.

    So just add 1 ton and I'm active! So then I do not understand the significance of the measure. Nothing has changed.

    Not quite nothing. It's certainly not the biggest change in Platform X, but it does have some impact. Most importantly it changes that fact that cities are being connected by players because these cities are "on the way" and this puts them at a disadvantage. This mostly applies to cities towards the center of the map.
    That is changed now.
    We built in the option to increase the tonnage that is required for being counted as "active" if it turns out that the change as it is does absolutely nothing though.

    City prestige for level-ups

    • City prestige is no longer awarded daily, but only when the city reaches a new level.
    • The prestige is distributed for all goods, no matter if the good is replaced or not.

    Does that mean, e.g. when the city levels from level 10 to 11, that you get PP for all 12 goods which were delivered so far?

    No, only the 4 required goods.