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    Usual skip buttons on the normal video's are all after 5 seconds for me. No skip buttons on the Travian videos at all. I watch the video's while logged in to Google, so there should always be normal videos to be shown, and yet sometimes it still refuses to show anything but the travian ones, even after reloading. You would think that they would know better not to show anyone the same video 10,000 times and expect them to not start hating the company that is forcing their silly videos down their throat.

    And there is such a simple solution....... add the darn skip button already. It won't harm anyone, nor Travian and they would make a lot of their customers much happier and maybe even not drive them all away.

    What is the problem with that?

    Thanks Oakhart. I appreciate your help and your opinion. But really for me, the Travian videos are the absolute worst. They are the longest of all videos, the 'reload' button doesn't appear until the video is almost over, no skip button and I have seen them each over 1000 x. I have played some of those games already or already know about them. I am already playing a Travian game (RailNation) and have 0 interest in leaving it, just to play something else. If they keep trying to get me to log out of RN, I will. But I will not go play a different Travian Game.

    This is called 'Cannibalism' in business, one department of a company trying to compete for the same customers with another department of the same company. This idiotic marketing idea has brought down plenty companies in the past and is a pretty well known 'Do this and you Die' business strategy. It is just purely ridiculous to try to win customers you already have, or to think you are winning new customers by getting them to log out of Rail Nation to play another Travian game.

    They are not winning anything and annoying the crap out of the customers they already have. Marketing people usually just tell themselves they are fantastic and incredibly smart because their videos have been watched a 'gazillion' times. And completely ignorant to the fact that they are only hurting their own customers and therefore themselves and their own company.

    I will keep making fun of these idiots until someone at Travian wakes up and smells the roses and finally starts listening to their customers.

    This came up in a discussion on our server too. Turns out, the prestige is not added to your total right away.

    It is added to the bonus square below the video. The next time the bonus becomes available and it is clicked, only then is your prestige from the earlier video added. You can also then watch a new video... same process.

    I believe this is correct. You can look at your bonus prestige amount and add the video amount. Watch the video, then look again at your bonus amount and see if it changed by the correct (video) amount.











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    RN: Please tell Google ads to delete these videos or add a 5 second skip button to them.

    No one wants to ever see these again. It only takes 1 phone call to make your players happy or avoid having them leave your game entirely.

    I appreciate that my feedback is appreciated Samisu. Unfortunately, it seems RN has done the exact opposite.

    Now, I am getting nothing but Travian game videos, all 'skip button' videos have been removed so I am forced to watch only full length Travian video's a couple thousand times a day. I am very close to logging out of RN to start playing Russian Roulette instead. I just can't take it anymore.

    Please dear God, add a 5 second skip button to the Travian videos!

    I am sure this will also solve 99% of the video complaints here.

    And please forward this to management. If they have any education or business background at all, they will know exactly what the business term 'Cannibalism' means.

    You are wasting a lot of your players' time and a lot of you own money trying to win new players which you already have and you are seriously pissing them off in the process. I am already playing a Travian game (sort of, if the video's don't take up all my playing time). And I do not want to log out just to go play another travian game, which I already know of or have played before. Stop torturing me and yourself... pretty pleeeze with sugar on top!

    Omg, hehe sorry. You have a great memory! That was before I took a break from the game, before the career train update, what... 5 years ago? The third still counted but they didn't count the rounds played before the update, so for a while my profile was showing total game rounds played: 1, Top3: 1.

    I was rockin that noob power too! :P

    And the ID call, indeed he called that several times, and closed the good every time.

    He is quitting unfortunately, so the game will be missing a great caller even if most are happy to see him go.

    Can we get a 'skip' button for all of the Travian games videos please? Have had to watch each one thousands of times. Apart from already knowing about these games, I'm already playing a Travian game, and now you want me to watch hundreds of videos about other Travian games and log out of RN and go play a different game?

    They are also way too long. PLEASE add a skip button (preferably on all video's but especially the Travian ones).

    Tried that, didn't work for me. It's the investment amount order that needs to be changed, not the 'time' order.

    And still, why have a 'jump to top' button and not a 'jump to end' button, especially if the page always loads and resets at the top after any click anyway?

    Industry Investments Page:

    This lists all your investments in connected industries from highest investment to smallest investment ($0).

    The issue is with the scroll or 'jump to top' button at the bottom of this page. The page already starts at the top. Scrolling down a page shows 5 additional industries. As an investment prestige player, If I want to see my 'least invested' industries (to make sure I have invested at least once in all my connected industries) and if I'm connected to 500 industries, I have to scroll down 100x !!! Additionally, after I select one of them and invest, the page jumps back to the top and I have to start scrolling all over again (+100x)! And again, and again and again etc. The 'Jump to Top' button is completely useless as the page jumps to the top automatically every time something is clicked, or when the page is opened. PLEASE change the 'jump to top' button to a 'jump to bottom' button.

    Thank you hilti2 !!! That is a great answer, exactly what I needed to know. I will try using that timer instead. Funny though, the answer I got from support was that the timer to use for that achievement was based on the server start / run time from 14:00 to 14:00 (ugh, yet another wrong answer and even more days wasted hauling cotton! :( Seems even the games support staff has no clue.

    I will still park my passenger trains just to be sure. And I also remember more questions about this achievement. Some say it would also not trigger if you hauled the good to another industry (showing a different good in the train schedule, even if you didnt pick up the 2nd good). Supposedly, it needs to be hauled to a City only?

    I seriously would still like to see someone from game development to take a look at the questions regarding this achievement (#95 Monopolist) and make the necessary changes and / or provide more information. It is otherwise impossible to fulfill and many players probably waste days of account progress trying to get it done. Thank you.

    I have a somewhat related question. There is an achievement 'Transport only 1 good for 1 day' (Monopolist achievement). The question is, when does this timer or day start? I have been hauling only 1 good (and parked my passenger train) for well over 24 hours but the medal achievement won't pop up. This is enormously frustrating as I am sick of hauling cotton all day long and I am missing revenue and screwing up the city deliveries not to mention missing countless gold competitions.

    I started just before the daily reset (Title goods count & free daily ticket) at 8pm. Apparently this timer is being ignored.
    There is also a daily log in bonus timer at 8am (instead of 8pm). I have also run over 24h on this timer.

    Then there is another timer, revenue per goods under the money menu. God only knows when this timer starts and ends, I believe from 0:00 midnight to midnight?

    Is there possibly also another secret clock running specifically for this medal achievement?

    In any case, can someone please explain which timer should be used to achieve this medal and maybe also explain why there are 3 or 4 different daily timers in this game and why it is not explained anywhere in the medal description when the day starts? I am going to have to switch my trains soon for the city competition and if I don't get this medal after running &%^$@#! cotton for more than 40 hours, I am going to have to wash my mouth with it.