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    Lol, yes, what a great idea. Let's kill the game entirely :P

    Oh wait, the game is already dead ....


    - If you want to win by doing nothing (by buying gold), just buy an endless amount of wait time reduction vouchers.

    - Connect at least 25 cities on Day 2 of the server (like several did in the Masters qualifier and final), again with free money from endless ticket buying.

    - If you want to win unfairly, and annoy everyone else on the server at the same time, just buy an insane amount of instant dispatch vouchers and a 2nd set of trains.

    Do all prestige comps all over the map by instantly appearing on the other side of the map, with 0:00 travel and 0:00 wait time.

    Also, grab all level up happy hours all over the map with 0:00 travel and 0:00 wait time.

    - If you want to gamble your money away, buy 1000 tickets at a time like the 'best' (ed. read 'richest') players in the game do, to get fully upgraded Olympus trains on day 1 of Era 6 and don't forget to exchange the mountain of coins for prestige after you got your trains.

    - Do not wait for scratching the 1000 tickets to give you both bonus trains every Era, you can get them even faster. Just buy them immediately with gold including all upgrades.

    - Instantly upgrade your hotel (and / or all other buildings) to max level on Day 1 (with money from the 1k tickets).

    Did I forget any unfair, easy, nonsensical ways of winning this game? I'm sure I did. There are plenty.

    I just got mine. It came after finally playing a round of Origin Journey and the Masters. I don't know which one triggered it or if both were needed. But I would start there. I played both for the first time and have not played SoE map scenario yet. So I think it's something like 3 or 4 different map scenarios. Not sure about the length of time, as there are many newer and low career level players with the 'first class' star. 0 to almost no gold purchasing, this also has nothing to do with it I'm sure.

    Maybe do something better with the diamonds? The extra bonus of the level up of the winter market is almost nothing, it's laughable. So there is very little incentive to participate in the event year after year.

    I think they mentioned next week. They will be added to your achievements automatically, on your start / career page. You can collect the points there.

    Many on our server think this years' event was boring, mostly because of the limited trading opportunities.

    As for myself, I think I agree.

    Because of the fee, sometimes you even make a loss now and acquiring more coins is much more difficult.

    The best source of income has become the videos and that is simply just not fun at all of course.

    I'm not complaining though, I won the event on my server. And nobody wants to play an event where abuse, bugs or other short cuts are widespread or where a normal player has no chance.

    A high level of activity is still rewarded more (even if it's through watching more videos rather than by trading every hour) and the current system seems pretty fair for everyone.

    I think this is all you can ask for really.

    Maybe do something better with the diamonds? The extra bonus of the level up of the winter market is almost nothing, it's laughable. So there is very little incentive to participate in the event year after year.

    Lastly, a big Thank You to the Devs (I almost never do this!), for creating a way for a corporation to have its team members all work together during the event, instead of competing with each other!

    The use of the widget to allow everybody to watch all winter videos simultaneously (25 players x 25 videos = 625 videos for the corp every 8 hours) really made a huge difference, not only in our individual results, but also greatly and positively affected the general atmosphere and interest in participating in the event. Furthermore, it was also good End Game practice, having all players perform the same set of actions every 8 hours and reaping the rewards together. So, thank you again Devs, great job!!!

    Do you mean you can still watch videos that were already watched or you can't?
    If you can watch all of them still that is working as intended and not a bug.

    Kind Regards,


    Our corp has been using this method extensively during the winter event, so here is our take on it:

    Confirmed, you can (under certain circumstances) let all 25 players view all 25 winter videos (25 x 25 = 625 videos for the corp every 8 hours). But it requires a lot of communication, coordination and team work. If only 1 player does not follow the exact procedure, it does NOT work and videos disappear from the widget. This.... is definitely NOT working as intended then!

    - All players have to wait until all the winter bonuses have been clicked (these need to be synced first to all drop at the same time)

    - The call is made to open the widget (all players who are on-line have to do this in sync before any videos are watched)

    - Then everyone has to watch all the winter videos in one go, without stopping, without refreshing, without closing and reopening the widget, without pressing any other bonuses from the widget and definitely without anyone clicking on the video from any of the stations!

    - All players can in theory now view all 25 videos simultaneously. It takes about 30 minutes and in that time frame nobody may do anything wrong or the winter video will disappear for everyone.

    This... works to some extent, we have tried it and were able to get about half of the available videos every 8 hours. sometimes all, but usually there is always 1 of the 25 players who clicks on a station bonus or station video, or refreshes the widget, or clicks on the wrong bonus button in the widget refreshing it automatically or does something else to mess it up. It is impossible to get everyone to follow the exact procedure, if you can then you should be so good that your corp is able to win an End Game on any RN server! :P

    Even if you get all players to do it exactly right, something always goes wrong. It literally takes enormous communication, focus, team work and effort. I highly doubt that more than 1% of corps are able to pull this off, which leads me to still question the real intention of how this is supposed to work!

    So concluding, yes it is somewhat working as intended, but still contains several bugs that make it NOT work as intended. Once the bonuses are all clicked and all the videos are loaded, and everybody has opened the widget, NONE of the videos should ever disappear until the player watched it from the widget. Right now, they always disappear before watching all videos if anyone performs any of the above mentioned actions.

    This is definitely not intended to work this way (I have to assume).

    Yes yes, I understand all that of course. I know why they show them.

    My question was why make them long and boring, while knowing that your customers are going to be forced to see them more than 10,000 times each.

    My other question is, why do they not add a skip button?

    Especially because they make no money with those videos.

    My last question is why take the opportunity to enormously annoy your customers if you don't 'have' to do it?

    shush ... this is genius but only known to a select few. Let's keep it that way! :)

    By the way, I do agree on this, it should not be a race with team members against each other trying to watch the videos as quickly as possible to get the most rewards.

    Even though the the use of the widget can get everybody the videos, it is still not easy to get everyone to follow the same procedure at the same time. Although we are doing it in our corp, I highly doubt more than 1% of the corps have the coordination and communication to be able to pull this off.

    Oh, I know. But why the long, boring and old Travian game ads then?

    They are not getting paid a dime for those.

    And I have already played most of those other Travian games, for years. I am playing RN now and watching a video in RN. I am not going to log out here, and go play some other silly game!

    All they are doing is cannibalizing themselves, which is a horrible marketing strategy.

    Trying to move existing customers from one game to another to support growth in another product.

    They will not add more or new players by doing this.

    They will not increase the players' on-line time either, nor will they increase their revenue.

    This strategy always had an adverse effect, it only annoys your current customers which will only help to decrease the number of customers and income.

    It is a recipe for quick bankruptcy. Many a company have gone down the tubes with the same strategy.

    This... is mind boggling.

    If they must have a 'default' video because there are no other ads to show, then for the love of the train gods,

    please just add that 5 second 'skip' button already!!!

    There is no reason whatsoever to not listen to this. If you think there is, then please listen to 'Adam',

    he is an experienced CEO and he will tell you the same thing! :P

    I was talking about the cap limit on saving more than 1 daily tickets. Not the videos. Although, yeah, they are horribly long and mostly unwatchable. Especially the Travian ones, which I have seen > 20,000 each. But that's another story in another thread. :)

    "Oh, and don't you think Mamma will pull me away from the PC either, she's in my association too and will not be cooking dinner tonight, you guys are getting Kentucky Fried Chicken".

    "Sorry kids, stop your whining! Instead of opening presents, Daddy has to log in to use up his saved research points on the new era, and scratch his saved tickets to win the shiny new bonus trains. He also has to level up his engine house 4x and get some more shiny new trains on the rails, or else his imaginary internet friends are going to shout at him, like I am now shouting at you kids! %^&"

    Merry XMas & Happy Holidays to all by the way :P

    All videos should have a 5 second 'skip' button. Especially the Travian game videos which everyone has now seen more than 20,000 times.

    It's getting to the point now where players just stop watching any videos, to avoid the blooming preference of playing Russian Roulette instead of RN.

    Yes, the videos are that annoying. Instead of winning new customers, you are trying to move current customers from one game to another. And you are pissing them off in the process. Net result: (minus) -10k customers instead of +1k.

    Add the darn skip button already, to all videos!!! (or at least the default Travian videos).

    Yaya, they think that because you can't save the daily ticket, that that will make everyone log in every day lolol.

    Silly marketing idiots with their scammy marketing strategies. They have no clue what their customers want and how they behave.

    A player will log in every day if they like the game a lot or if they want to do as well as possible (or if the game actually works correctly every day). This has nothing to do with players not wanting to miss a silly ticket.

    The current cap is not going to even get them 1 extra log in, not a single one.

    As for the cap on bonus clicking tickets, I have no clue either what they think to accomplish with that.