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    Update, answer from support: the remaining 'prestige' gold will be transferred as well, sometime later this week.

    As access to the server will be cut off soon, it might still be a good idea to screenshot your gold amount to be able to verify the final amount.

    The script for transferring the remaining gold from the Masters server has gone wrong.

    I could only pick up the actual remaining gold amount (612) , and not the gold from the ending prestige amount (206) as the pop-up screenshot says.

    If you played Masters, please check / verify before collecting the gold somewhere, and save a screenshot from your Masters gold payout.

    Happened again last night, hanging on loading bars. Lasted several hours. Whole strings of competitions not entered by anyone, even on Masters lol. This... should tell you something.

    Of course you only get a few reports, when it happens you can't log in to the support page to send a ticket and most do not come here to report anything. They just log off and wait. You should be seeing a heavy drop in on-line activity all of a sudden and that should or could be your queue to check if something is wrong.

    I understand the standard answer from support, but personally clearing cache, history, temp files, flash cache, dns, changing browser, restarting etc etc has never solved many of my issues. I believe it is a myth designed to first let the player jump through hoops to see if it may work, and only then to spend any time at RN to see if something is wrong. Furthermore, you can imagine, if I keep getting the standard baloney answer, and I know this same answer is coming again... I'm not going to report an issue anymore or keep sending a ticket. This is pretty reasonable right?

    Glitch solved itself again by the way. Looking forward to tomorrow night...

    Confirmed, it is solved now thank you. And playwithfire is 100% correct, no browser worked, only mobile.

    Still can not log in to support page though, created ticket without logging in but of course, the standard answer again was flush dns and change browser :(

    This is very annoying, even when I said in the original ticket I already flushed dns and that all websites on the internet work fine except RN. The issue was clearly on the RN side but this is of course impossible according to tech staff!

    Can we please change the standard answer that tech support give from "delete cookies, cache, temp files & history, flush DNS, switch browsers, restart pc & browser etc etc bla bla bla" to:

    "Thank you for notifying us that our website has a problem. We will look into our server settings immediately and we will notify you as soon as we have fixed the issue. Only after verifying the problem is 100% not on our end, will we possibly ask you to change browsers or buy a new pc or any other silly or meaningless remedies".

    It's been 6 hours and still nothing. Gold comps, bank overflow, trains running on nothing.

    This includes the Masters server!!! Come om, silly devs, fix it please. At least respond.

    And yes, of course I tried creating a ticket but can't log in to the support page either :(

    There should be alarm bells going off at your offices, not Christmas bells.

    You should be able to see that no one is logging in anymore.

    This is the 3rd time it has happened this month as well,

    What is going on over there???

    All servers, can't log in. Hangs on loading bar at 0%. Even the start page is difficult to get into.

    Yes, deleted history, cookies, cache, temp files and flushed DNS. Restarted browser & pc.

    NO, I will not try anything other than Safari. It is in perfect condition (all other websites are fine, yes I tried all of the sites on the entire internet, travian / RN is the only one that doesn't work :P ).

    I am based in the USA so maybe someone can call Telia and ask if they have a broken backbone route?

    Or check your own server settings first, might be a good idea, thank you.

    Q15: Read the question, take it literally. "Between" means "Between", so only the pages of the middle book count.

    The pages of the other books are on top of each other.

    Q10: No, you keep 3 squares plus a loose match. Answer D gives you just 3 squares.

    Take away the bottom right 2 corner matches and the top middle match.

    I do have a question about # 13. I gat to 65 minutes minimum. The 5 minute walker takes the torch back 2x:

    25 + 5, 20 + 5, & 10 = 65 minutes. I don't see how it is possible to get them all across the bridge in 60 minutes?

    Yes, of course. We do it that way as well. My point and my question is, why then still allow any player to change / choose the starting city for the whole corp? If you already had the discussion and made the decision, do not allow someone to change it for everyone! This causes unnecessary confusion and trouble. Now it's a race to see if the chair can beat their own players to the pre-registration first in order to make sure a wrong entry is avoided. It is pointless and silly and unnecessary.


    No, you can't change it back. The player that registered first would have to change it, and all following players who followed the first pre-registered player and therefore chose the wrong city automatically would have to change their pre-registration as well.

    Samisu , I'm sorry, but all these complications just because "the chair might be unavailable"?

    This still makes no sense. The pre-registration period is during the end game!!! If the chair is unavailable during that time, the entire corp will probably be unavailable for the next round. I can understand if you don't want to leave it all up to 1 person, but at least allow only the chair and / or deputies to choose the starting city of the corp.

    Normal players are usually just not involved in those discussions and decisions. Yes, they can still choose their own city but they should never be allowed to choose the city for everyone else. It's a mistake waiting to happen, and I'm sure it already has.

    Furthermore, this is all a distraction if you need to have 'corp-wide' meetings and discussions about the next round while the End Game is going on. These decisions have already been taken long ago probably so all that needs to happen is for a leader to pre-register first and all is done. Why complicate things and leave this open for a saboteur or for a player who just doesn't understand what is going on? You create only a big mess, confusion and probably some dirty tactics this way.

    Why does any random player who just happens to pre-register first get to choose the home city?

    This should not be allowed, it should be the chairman (and or deputies) only!

    In short, the home city should be set as default to the current home city and only be allowed to be changed by the leadership of a corp, not just any random player. Why? Because it is the leadership that decides in which city the next round is going to be played.

    This is not decided by the players and a player not aware of changing plans or who doesn't have the best interest of the corp in mind can just pre-register first and change the selected home city for everyone? Why was this done this way? It makes no sense at all!

    Answer: Option 4 Move the passengers onto the Napping Neptune


    Jumbo Jupiter: 620 km distance / 300 kph speed = 2 hours & 4 minutes travel time. 6:30pm departure = normally 8:34pm arrival, well in time for passengers to make their connection in Hicksburg at midnight.


    1) Mechanic fix and 50% reimbursement to all passengers will cost $8k but will also delay the passengers 4 hours arriving 40 minutes past midnight (6:30pm + 2:04h travel time + 4 hour delay for fix= 00:34am), causing them to miss their connection and resulting in an additional cost of $30k to pay for their overnight stay!

    $8k + $30k = $38k (plus unhappy passengers!)

    2) Half of the ticket price was $8k above, so cancelling the entire trip will result in a $16k compensation at full price (plus probably also unhappy passengers!).

    3) Motor exchange will cost $12k & a 90 minute delay. This will still get the passengers to their destination on time: 6:30pm + 1:30h delay + 2:04h travel time = 10:04pm, arriving almost 2 hours before midnight, well in time for the passengers to make their connection.

    4) Napping Neptune speed is 40% of 300kph = 120kph. Travel time = 620km / 120kph = 5 hours & 10 minutes.

    6:30pm departure + 5:10h travel = 11:40pm arrival, which leaves 20 minutes for the passengers to still make their connection and with no further cost to the company! $0

    Options 1 & 2 do not get the passengers to their destination on time and also result in the highest extra cost to the company. These options should therefore not be considered. Always keep your customers happy!

    Option 3 gets the passengers to their destination the quickest (smallest delay) but will still cost the company $12k.

    Option 4 Moving them to the Napping Neptune still gets the passengers to their destination on time and at the lowest ($0) cost to the company. This is therefore the best option to take.


    NL01 Stoomketel

    Answer: Swiss Metal


    Priority Analysis Scoring - Point ranking system weighted by priority:

    x1 Punct (1,2,3 Pts) x2 Cost (2,4,6 Pts) x4 Qual (4,8,12 Pts) Total Points
    Mecha-Heads 1 Point 6 Points 4 points 11 Points
    Swiss Metal 2,5 Points 2 Points 12 Points 16,5 Points
    General Machines 2,5 Points 4 Points 8 points 14,5 Points

    List A of course. But I want to be a Coal Shoveler !

    (insert before Porter)

    And replace "Train Driver" with "Rail Inspector"

    Train Driver is too similar with Locomotive Engineer (also a driver?) and not in the correct spot.

    And what about all the service people needed to keep the trains on the (safe) rails???

    And why do we need to level up everything??? Just think up other roles, there could be hundreds.

    No need to add 'levels' or stars to each role, this is ridiculous. Use your creativity :)

    Oh .... so that is news. No, I don't receive e-mails. Only from support but not the newsletter or other junk.

    I will go for a search then in the junk folder ....

    I don't think I got the tickets yet no, but then again I am on 3 servers. And whether or not tickets come from Lucy or other sources, who knows??? You can't exactly look it up anywhere and see "oh yep, those are the tickets from the survey" lol.

    Thank you Mollymauk . I really appreciate it!

    The answer from ticket support was horrible. The first answer was the standard "delete cookies, cache, temp files, history, DNS, try a different browser, try a different device etc etc etc bla bla bla".

    After telling them I had already done all that as it is the very first thing I always do and what everyone does, and that there was really a problem on their end, the 2nd reply was even worse:

    "The problem must be with your device or browser. If there was a problem at RN we would be flooded with complaints on the forum. Therefore, try yet another browser or device until it works".

    Hahaha, but this was really not funny. I was quite pissed off. It is the same answer all the time. It is always either the player, their device or their browser but never ever is there a problem with hard- or software or back bone connections or server settings or whatever. No... of course not!

    Anyway, I am taking the time to publicly thank you for your refreshing and honest approach and communication regarding the problem and the fix. Your response was 1000x better than anything I have ever seen from any support ticket staff!!! Honesty really goes a long way, I wouldn't mind being locked out of all servers for days as long as I had the feeling I wasn't being ignored and that I knew someone was actually working to fix the problem.

    So ... thank you again... I have a new tech support hero! :)

    Yesterday it was hanging at the next screen, the server loading bar, but today it hangs there at the 1st loading bar yes. Ok thanks, will try that.

    All was working again about 8 hours ago, but now again, all servers hang on the first (RN) loading bar, immediately after clicking to enter a server in the lobby (right after redirect). The server loading bar never even appears.