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    Dionysos is not a monster, he is a Greek God, and one of the best Gods ever!

    Much better than any of the modern day false Gods.

    And I highly doubt any trains were ever named with religious reasoning, nor named after demons or monsters to make any kind of religious point. Does your God take a demon train to work every day? Does he (or she!) even care? I would highly doubt that as well.

    KB = Kill Bug

    Page Down = actually Page Down the ranking/facilities/investment list

    End = Jump to the bottom of any list without having to click 100x

    G = Gold & Plus Account overview of remaining server balances

    FS = Force all your trains to accept the Schedule you directed them to do 3x already

    RLA = Reload automatically when the RN game is about to reach max memory usage and quit on you just before a comp start.

    We are getting the same lag and connectivity issues and game freezes (on mobile & web) in the USA.

    Perhaps the Atlantic Ocean may have flooded as well? :)

    This 'more information' is nonsense. It does not explain why all users on the app are kicked off the server every 3 minutes. No error messages, just kicked off. You are certainly not pressing the 'add cpu power' every 3 minutes, are you? The game is COMPLETELY unplayable and 1 week extra Plus will not fix that. Thank you for the 'Sorry' but if the massive server kick problems are not being addressed, and only the error messages and log in problems are mentioned then there is still no hope.

    By the way, this has been happening for a month now and had NOTHING to do with end game or too many users logging in. The app simply decides to kick you off 100x a day while log in is totally fine.

    As long as the Devs read this forum, we are good.

    Someone has to let them know what is going on.

    CSR is not doing it.

    nEwW, sending in a ticket (if the button even works) does nothing. The ticket is closed immediately whether the problem is solved or not (usually not). Something about 'the system does not allow a ticket to stay open'.

    So, when the problems are not solved and keep occuring, like being bumped off the server 50x a day, are you really saying that we should send in a useless ticket every darn time until it is fixed?

    The players are getting really annoyed and need to voice their frustrations. Tickets do nothing obviously, so discord and this forum is the PERFECT medium to communicate our dissatisfaction about the massive log in / kick out problems that are still occurring.

    I for one, will keep posting here until it is finally fixed. You give me no alternatives.

    The issues were NOT connected to the payment shop outages. I am still being kicked off the server every 3 minutes (even more frequent than every 5 minutes before your so called 'fix').

    Your imagination and creativity for thinking up fixes is amazing. Fact is, you test nothing, you do not check anything nor do you play your own game. If you did, you would quickly see the problem is still there.


    If the current version included a patch that has destroyed the ability to log in for so many players......

    why not revert back IMMEDIATELY to an older version???

    We can send hundreds of tickets but the problem of being kicked off the server every 5 minutes is only getting worse. What do you think we (all players) are going to do if we can no longer log in long enough to even do a comp normally? That's right, we are not going to log in anymore.

    Your choice RN, make it a smart one please. Our patience is gone.

    Mobile, keep getting thrown off the server, needing constant re-sign in which also requires a complete phone restart. What in the world is going on???

    These pop ups are indeed annoying, but they are not old. They pop up again (after you have already received your finishing pop up) when someone else completes their comp, to let you know who was 2nd, 3rd etc etc.

    Agreed, completely unnecessary, annoying and negatively impacting your other gaming functions.

    In fact, ALL in game notifications need to be looked at and reworked.

    - I get system messages of comps when I finish 2nd place, even though I have these turned OFF.

    - System messages for industry level ups frequently are jumbled or appear hours and hours later.

    - Other notification settings do not work at all (they either do not appear when you switch them to on, or they always appear whether you have switched them off or not). Furthermore your notification settings may work differently when you switch to mobile app or vice versa.

    - Notification settings get changed without your input, switching back on at random.

    - Some notification settings are permanently on, even if switched off it does nothing to prevent them.

    - When certain notifications appear, the game just freezes, especially if it happens when a comp is started.

    - Biggest complaint: Chat notifications can not be turned off on web version, often turning into a 'game freeze' event.

    They are both insults, likely to get you a ban. Or even a corp deletion 5 days before the end game.

    You will get no clearly defined rules, it is all up to the CM, whatever he or she 'feels' is insulting.

    If a player complains, it will probably be regarded as breaking the rules.

    The only answer from RN team member has been in the forum who posted a very general 'guideline':

    "Don't be a jerk". That's all. The new rules now allow anyone and everyone to snitch on other players for any and all reasons, if you break their majority they can report you, if you steal their bonus train, they can report you, if you screw up happy hour, they can (and likely will) report you. And the CM if receiving several tickets will likely punish you, no jury, no judge, no appeal, no 'impartiality' that you are looking for. It has already happened several times.

    The system of reporting and punishing is now a complete joke, misused and abused and completely at the whim of the CM with no oversight, control or clearly defined rules. Just an open mandate to dish out punishments whenever they like. And this is how they want it, it will not change.

    Best thing you can do, is to just not communicate anymore with anyone outside of your own corp.

    I had to do this unfortunately.

    I dunno Saphirus, we may be looking at 2 completely different games. I can recall specifically getting kicked 'on purpose' many times during the last few years, in order to join another corp immediately. There may have been a 'timer' somewhere but it had 0 effect. More recently this happened last round, not on purpose and I was also able to join another corp immediately.

    This is intentional, not a bug. If you get kicked you should be able to join another corp right away.

    This is to protect players from unfair treatment by corp chairs and duputies.

    According to what I know, this has always been the case.

    Does it also open up a loophole to get kicked 'on purpose'?


    But you can't have your cake and eat it too.

    The 24 hour rule was to prevent frequent corp 'jumping' to take advantage of better workers elsewhere, that's all.

    There is no other reason to want to keep jumping / changing corp.

    And to be honest, this jumping was a bit overrated anyway, it hardly happens anymore once the third slot is opened.

    So, we are now discussing and creating new rules, to avoid loopholes to long existing rules that should not really be in place to begin with.

    This is getting a bit ridiculous :/.

    It appears to be the returning of an old bug at era switch 1>2.

    Once you have fully researched the Bat, you will be able to buy any trains again.

    The workaround is:

    You can send a ticket, they will add the necessary RP to complete the Bat research and you will be good to go.

    Of course, that does not compensate for the loss of valuable time at era switch delaying the addition of extra trains, nor does it solve the bug but it's something.

    The first (of every 2 videos) is the bonus train upgrade video. In order to watch 14 of those, in reality you need to watch 28 (especially if you have Plus on with the guaranteed 2nd video). Therefore, the limit should really read 28 videos instead of 14. It is not broken however.

    You can also choose to cancel the 2nd video and only watch 14 of the first ones :)

    What is broken, is the entire video watching element of the game, because the daily limit is set way too low.

    Active players are finding themselves twiddling their thumbs and staring at the ceiling again in between competitions, as there is nothing to do in the game anymore. You can't just use up all the videos by watching your teammate videos to help them and help yourself, as you will be stuck soon without any bonuses added to your station buildings. Nobody watches other players videos anymore. This daily limit thing is total crap, the game is now beyond boring and I'm logging off to play other games every hour.