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    This whole 3rd slot system needs to be fixed. It is broken and unfair!!!

    - Make it valid for at least 24 hours, or better yet 48. Not just 1 minute which happens all too often. All corp members constantly need to bid on any workers, for achievements & for medals. The 50 gold is therefore almost ALWAYS wasted on a worthless worker, or only used for 1 minute!

    - Allow officers to block bids on specific workers, to avoid the problem described above.

    - Allow earlier permanent open 3rd slot, at Corp level 11, or 9 even. For most 13 is impossible to ever achieve.

    AND because of the current Pre-registered 25 person corps, they have a huge advantage right away in era's 1, 2 & 3 compared to the somewhat smaller corps, who will never be able to use the 3rd slot, or not until era's 5 or 6.

    Why why why give the largest pre-registered corps a huge advantage over the smaller corps, especially in early era's?

    It is simply not needed, and makes the game completely unfair right from the beginning!

    - Make it cheaper to unlock (25 gold instead of 50). Right now, the 50 is almost never used, because it is usually just wasted or too expensive to keep opening, and the largest corps don't need to spend at all (permanently open).

    So this current system is only sucking gold out of the smaller corps and smaller players.. which is just a shi**y way to treat the bottom 90% of your players.

    The name of the thread is "Some small suggestions".

    Not "Some small suggestions about train schedules".

    If players want to read about any kind of small suggestions they will come here.

    If they have some small suggestions they would like to suggest, they will also come here.

    If they want to read about train schedules, they will probably not come here.

    May I (smalishly) suggest that the thread be renamed, if you intend to only discuss train schedules here?

    Clear cache = all cache, you can't clear cache of just one site.

    Then again, I pronounce cash as [kash] and cache as [katchee], so what do I know?

    Ai really? That's pretty bad luck. I think the chance of a bonus train is +/- 1/100 or 1% from scratching a ticket. A Primus is much less than that however, more difficult.

    If playing all era's, you should at least have a 50% of getting at least 1 bonus train, just from the daily tickets alone. That chance was mentioned a long time ago though, I don't know if the odds have changed since then.

    No, not the app. Web version, using iMac & Safari latest version 12.1.2.
    Right-click copy/paste does not work in forums or private messages, or the chat box.

    Safari menu doesn't show copy / paste functions with selected text either.

    And neither does the in-game 'copy' and 'paste' buttons. You click on them and they do nothing.

    It is possible to select parts of text but very difficult, and when selected there is no option to 'copy' in the browser menu. It's almost like it just doesn't recognize the text as actual text, more like a picture.

    The only thing that works for me is the command C & command V functions, which is extremely annoying and cumbersome.

    Exactly. I always wait as long as possible. Engine house of course to 6 first. And Lab / Bank I can push it to 8 and get the level 9's for free with the package. Waiting does slow your growth, so in the end it is a wash / mute point (HMR is right, it really doesn't matter much).

    What does matter is that you can't win a bonus train until Lottery = level 2 (1000 prestige). That means it might be better to wait and save up Lucy's (and daily/won) lottery tickets until after you use the starter package and redeem your medals. Again, not scratching open the tickets right away slows you down even more but if you watch enough videos you will have no shortage of cash anyway and a much better chance to get an early bonus train which in era 1 makes a huge difference. My priority at the start is getting the bonus train(s) asap, not prestige ranks or useless building levels.

    Nothing but Travian video's again this round. Pleeeze make the phone call to Google Ads and have them add a 5-second skip button to those, they are driving me nuts!

    And no, I still don't want to log out of RN to play a different Travian game, no matter how much you try to steal your own customers and kill RN!

    Well, if they are talking about different kinds of majorities (personal vs corporation), then why not say that?

    They just mention 'majority', which is the confusing part. Blaming the player for not reading it correctly is too easy and just an excuse. It is the message that is unclear, not the brains of the players. I always get confused by these messages, and I read them all and click on all of them to see what is going on with that industry and to figure out what the message is supposedly trying to tell me.

    If it is a personal majority that was broken, then say that.

    If it was a corporate majority that was broken, then say that.

    Easy peasy.

    Ranking > Industries > Investment list

    This list shows the investments in each connected industry by size of investment, starting at the top (highest investments first).

    There is a 'skip to top' button, but no 'skip to bottom' button.

    If I am connected to 500 industries, I can scroll down to the next page 5 at a time so after 100 clicks I will finally reach the bottom of this list.

    This is insane!!!

    Why oh why have only a 'skip to top' button if the list already starts/opens at the top, and not have a 'skip to bottom button???

    I want to quickly be able to see the industries that I have not invested in yet ( $0 industries).

    Usually, before I ever reach the bottom of this list after 100+ page scrolls, the game freezes and requires a refresh.

    PLEEZE change the 'skip to top' button to a 'skip to bottom' button!!!

    Same. Installed new flash. That isn't the issue. The problem of letters appearing 10 seconds after you type them, or not at all (letter drops) happens with every single message I try to type in game. The messaging system is horrible, and it has been horrible for years. Every message takes 10 minutes to type, then still has to be corrected which takes another 5 minutes, and usually even then, when you press enter to send, it still drops letters. Any forum, any private message, from any computer or phone or tablet, using any browser. The problem is not with the players, obviously.