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    Ok, so still, players thinking there is still 2 hours left to play their last 5 games were not allowed to.

    And yes, avg score could normally be seen but that disappeared from the final ranking unfortunately.

    Also, something isn't quite right, it looks like I barely made the Top500 at 485th but the entire contest I was at the 150-200 mark. So what happened exactly on the last day, did I indeed miss my last 5 games or not?

    Why is the avg score and the # of games played shown the entire contest but not included in the final ranking overview ???

    I want to see those numbers, because I don't believe this final ranking is correct at all.

    Yes, I can guess about the distribution.

    Some players got 5 extra games to play because they happened to log in during the small window after the daily reset but just before the game ended, because nobody knew when the game would end!

    Well, in fact you are doing exactly that, you are increasing the chance of getting a better or different reward to 100% because you are blocking the outcome completely of the rewards you do not want anymore ;)

    Same, I was expecting to still be able to play my last 5 games earlier today. This makes no sense, there was nothing reported about it ending sooner or different from the clock shown!

    How can this challenge be ended all of a sudden without telling anyone when it will be ended?

    Ridiculousness again, meh....

    No, I don't think I misrepresented anything. I never said you are "guaranteed a bonus engine if you scratched off 100 tickets"

    All I said was that the 1% chance shown (of indeed a single ticket) in the Masters server seems to correspond with an earlier blog stating more or less the same.

    I also do not know if blocking certain reward outcomes increases the chance of the remaining rewards or if they are replaced by a default cash prize. All I know is that many players assume the first and tactically hold on to rewards at max level which they do not want to win anymore, in order to increase their chances of for example a bonus engine or the other bigger prizes. It remains to be seen whether this is a valid strategy or not.

    And while we are on the subject of Video rewards... I have a suggestion.


    I have seen them all 10,000 times and they are driving me crazy, some days there is nothing but Travian video's. They are also too long. I know all the games already, I am playing RN and I do NOT want to log out to play some other Travian game! I understand you want to find new customers, but we are already a Travian customer, and you do not want to piss off your already existing customers in a fruitless attempt to find new customers, now do you?

    Thank you for considering this idea.

    Here are the chances from the Masters server. Of course it all depends on your lottery building level, the era you are in and which prizes you already have maxed out. There are things you can do to improve your chances of getting a bonus engine as well, like not using your clothing vouchers etc! Keep them, so the chance of getting those is 0%, which increases your chance of better rewards.

    There is some old info somewhere in a dev blog stating that if you scratched 1 ticket every day, the chance of you winning a bonus engine by the end of the round was about 50% (classic, normal speed server). This roughly translates as about 1% per ticket, which seems to be confirmed by the Master server chance information.

    I don't know for sure, but if you add the chance of getting a passenger bonus engine as well, it doubles (2% total or 1% each). The Primus is much more rare at 0,1%.

    Anyway, take a look at this data, hope it helps (I have several possible rewards maxed out here, at 0% so the data is not entirely complete.

    Also, interesting to note, the chance of winning the Gold Rush: 0,003% or 1 in 33,333

    I have won it once so I guess that means I have scratched off more than 30k tickets! :P

    The calculation for the average points scored is still incorrect. It is counting the practice days in which you could not score any points. Therefore, the entire ranking or comparision of average scores is useless. Please fix it.

    This whole 3rd slot system needs to be fixed. It is broken and unfair!!!

    - Make it valid for at least 24 hours, or better yet 48. Not just 1 minute which happens all too often. All corp members constantly need to bid on any workers, for achievements & for medals. The 50 gold is therefore almost ALWAYS wasted on a worthless worker, or only used for 1 minute!

    - Allow officers to block bids on specific workers, to avoid the problem described above.

    - Allow earlier permanent open 3rd slot, at Corp level 11, or 9 even. For most 13 is impossible to ever achieve.

    AND because of the current Pre-registered 25 person corps, they have a huge advantage right away in era's 1, 2 & 3 compared to the somewhat smaller corps, who will never be able to use the 3rd slot, or not until era's 5 or 6.

    Why why why give the largest pre-registered corps a huge advantage over the smaller corps, especially in early era's?

    It is simply not needed, and makes the game completely unfair right from the beginning!

    - Make it cheaper to unlock (25 gold instead of 50). Right now, the 50 is almost never used, because it is usually just wasted or too expensive to keep opening, and the largest corps don't need to spend at all (permanently open).

    So this current system is only sucking gold out of the smaller corps and smaller players.. which is just a shi**y way to treat the bottom 90% of your players.

    The name of the thread is "Some small suggestions".

    Not "Some small suggestions about train schedules".

    If players want to read about any kind of small suggestions they will come here.

    If they have some small suggestions they would like to suggest, they will also come here.

    If they want to read about train schedules, they will probably not come here.

    May I (smalishly) suggest that the thread be renamed, if you intend to only discuss train schedules here?

    Clear cache = all cache, you can't clear cache of just one site.

    Then again, I pronounce cash as [kash] and cache as [katchee], so what do I know?