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    It's worse than that. All of the Travian Game videos (including Miramangia) are merely back up videos, when they don't have anything else to show.

    They gain 0 revenue for them.

    They are extra long and often do not load properly.

    They are only there to annoy the players

    And everyone has seen them not 10x but probably 10,000x !

    They are horribly boring, they waste my time and they pull players away to a different game??? Why?

    Why why why keep showing them and why why why not add a 5 second skip button to the Travian videos as suggested above, and as suggested everywhere else in this forum and in every player survey and in countless tickets to tech support?

    It's about time RN starts listening to feedback, especially on something like this. You can't keep ignoring 1mln player suggestions who all say the same thing.

    Today entire day:

    Ping / Speed USA > Munich Telekom 141 ms, 22.41 download, 12.01 upload

    No issues anywhere else or with any other sites, no change in any settings or browsers, they normally work fine except for this recurring issue every week or every couple of days.

    Yes again, for clarity I deleted all history, temp files, cache, flash cache, flushed DNS etc etc etc.

    Lobby loading bar hangs at 50%, finally loads partially, can reach the forum after 20 tries and 10 minutes (to post this).

    Server loading bars all hang at 0%, will not load.

    Can't log in to support page to send ticket.

    Pretty please, with sugar on top. Tell me one more time that the problem is on my end!

    Rype, the difference is because the problem has nothing to do with connection speed. Like I said, EVERY other internet site in the entire world works just fine for me.

    Yet I always have loading bar issues with RN only.

    There is something wrong with RN, with their backbone provider Telia, or with their loading mechanisms.

    Great for you that your connection works fine, but think about it. For anyone experiencing problems and who can therefore not play the game properly and is told every time that it is their own problem and they should just change browsers or whatever, this is incredibly frustrating!!!

    The problem is not on the player side, therefore the problem is on RN's side, or with RN's backbone provider. Either way, there is nothing I can do to fix it. And even though RN support keeps saying there is nothing they can do either.... there is. They can for once trust the players who report a problem and investigate it properly.

    And again, I am locked out of both servers, they will not load (yet I can reach the forum and start page here just fine).

    Nuff said.

    You can't earn any prestige from a mega city if you are not a member of an association.

    This is a problem if you did not know this, or if you were kicked just before the End Game started.

    It's not fair at all, but it is what it is ;)

    Support just gives the standard answers, delete cookies bla bla, try a different browser bla bla. They say there are no problems on their end because they don't have any reports of anyone else having loading bar issues? This .... is disturbing.

    Moreover because EVERY other website or European based game I go to, works perfectly fine. It's only at Rail Nation that the loading bars hang and that the Travian Videos do not load (while the normal videos start right away). This should tell you it's not a problem on my end, and definitely not a problem with my browser or settings or whatever. It just happens, without changing anything, and then it works again after a few hours. (The travian videos do not by the way, they all still hang, requires pressing reload 10x after which I have to just click it away and not watch any videos).

    Surely I am not the only player experiencing this?

    Oh no, I can probably already tell you where the problem is looking at your tracer info. It's Travians backbone provider Telia

    After gaming with Travian for more than 10 years, I have set many of my passwords to "Telia Sucks Balls" (no joke) :P

    I'll run it the next time I have issues though, and I will run a speed test to Munich, thank you.

    Moreover, sometimes it works fine. It used to be maybe once a week that the RN servers would not load, or that I couldn't reach the lobby for several hours.

    But nowadays it is every day that it happens, and for 6 hours or longer at a time. Something is seriously wrong and it isn't on my end.

    iMac / Safari by the way, and yes of course all 'standard' actions taken like deleting cache, history and cookies etc, even flushed DND, flash cache etc etc etc.

    The RN site is the only site that just does not want to load sometimes.

    My connection is fine, highspeed broadband, can't be quicker. I am located in the USA however, that is probably part of the issue.

    But the connection speed to Travian should still allow fast loading. All other European based games and / or websites work perfectly fine.
    The ping to Travian I have no clue, this is the ping to the speed test.

    It doesn't load. Same crap again. Can't log in, takes at least 30 minutes for the loading bars to finish.

    By that time the era is already over, let alone starting competitions on time or being able to watch any videos.

    The Travian videos take more than a minute to load as well, this game is almost dead, it is unplayable this way.

    Travian Game videos are taking way to long to load (30 seconds plus) or they do not load at all.

    Reloading or clicking X and re watching does not work either.

    This is in addition to the already long Travian videos!

    I know you can not delete them as they are a back up videos, but can you please fix the loading issue, or add a 5 second skip button to them?

    The app already has this but on the web version, we are stuck now too. I am getting nothing but Travian videos and they do not load properly anymore.

    iMac, Safari latest versions

    Yes, all deleted (cookies, cache, flash cache, temp files, history, yada yada yada, including DNS flush)

    Chance to win Primus: 0,1%

    Chance to win Gold Rush: 0,003%

    Or about 33 times more difficult than winning the Primus, hardly close :)

    I would still support a Primus comp, sounds fun!

    Safiren is the legend! 8)

    But yes, probably, The Tournament is the annual championship server of Travian 'Legends', very similar to our Mastercard final. 8o

    She is very well know for her objective, informative and thorough reporting, blogs & interviews which form a great source of tournament information for the players. Something every game should have!

    We're getting a bit off-topic though...

    They might. Unfortunately there is no Gold income/expense account to look it up yourself. You just have to 'trust' the system, which is asking a lot.

    I would like to verify / check gold expenditure and ticket prizes as well, to make sure they were added as the ticket system can be 'glitchy' if you don't refresh the browser every 10 minutes.

    And wishing you a warm welcome to the USA, you really moved your iglo to the heat?

    Thankfully I'm north of you this time hehe.

    Of course, and it's not a problem. They just don't need to make it worse by letting players buy prestige' directly.

    That would be ridiculous. Why play the game at all then if you can just buy the prestige you need to win on the last day of the server?