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    I play in top associations that usually gets the workers we are after and I also play in top associations where the people are too cheap to bid on a worker. In short, I play and win, with both types of corporations. Part of the fun of the game is beating other people. It doesn't matter if it is a competition, if it is the daily RG hauling, if it is daily prestige points, or if it is the worker. One of the reasons people play is the satisfaction of winning, which means the depriving others of the win. It is also the thrill of the competition that when you don't win, you calculate how to win in the future. So no, I am not in favor of your "leveling" the playing field. Were your wants turned into practice I suspect there would be a mass exodus of the game.

    Just being curious here, does anyone know the age demographic of the players of RN?

    I suspect that it is high. The majority of the people that I seem to play with are all older than me, like 50+

    than the entire game element of the worker auctions is destroyed. Just deal with the fact that you need active to buy workers. This is a economic/strategic/tycoon game. You wil make a lottery of it. The ones with the most vouchers get the most workers. So people start buying them with gold or if the vouchers can be won at the lottery, the biggest money spenders buy tickets and scratch. The stronger asso's have more chance to get the worker vouchers so you give them even more chance to get the best workers. This is really unbalancing the workers.

    Uhm they were going to most likely get them anyways, but this give those not in that 1 association at least a viable chance to secure a worker now and then.

    If they spend real cash to get them, shouldn't that be a + for Travian?

    But if they want to do this they have to give up using workers 8o

    (Cos you will not be able to buy Worker if you already have one)

    Let's change tactics,

    How about Worker Vouchers?

    you can save them and use them for the worker you want (as long as it's up for bidding) and it won't affect the current bidding on a worker?

    So in reality, multiple associations can have the same worker at once.

    For example, assoc 1-5 all want the same worker, but 3 of those assoc have vouchers, so they use them to guarantee the worker. that leaves the other 2 in a bidding war.

    there are 4 or 5 worker tiers depending on the asso prestige. So there is a balance for the workers.

    Workers don't bring you the victory. I play also in asso's who try to get workers but not at all costs like others. Do I like the game less about that, no. If I want that worker so bad I need to waken up my asso and bid with all. What I understand from your posts Baron Mikel 50 that you asso you play isn't active with bidding on workers. But that's not an imbalance of the game, that's an imbalance of your asso.

    Why is everyone's go to is that you or your association is lazy? Seems like just a catch all phrase, and at the same time, not one person has commented about all of the trouble people go thru just to get workers, such as the association hopping to get into a lower bidding tier.

    I also participate in that, I find that having to do that just for a worker or two is silly and damaging to your original association and should not be a necessary part of the game and RN apparently agrees with the institution of the 24 hour waiting period after you join a new association. Isn't there an RN Career Reward for joining 1 association and playing the entire round in that one association? Seems counter productive to what RN wants vs what people do.

    Tiers are not balanced.

    I can be top player in the game, create a new association several of us can jump into it and bid against players that do not have anywhere near the capabilities of making as much $$ as we do and simply out bid them over and over again until my association grows to the next tier, then rinse and repeat. I feel that this more of a loophole/hack/cheat and not the way the game was intended.

    I have nothing against big organized associations, that is what they have worked for, and is an advantage all to it's own via Pull Power, Majority taking/holding etc. Plenty of things they already have an advantage for over others.

    What could make it better? Pre-identify your willing mentors. Upon registering ask if the player wants a mentor. Then when a new account comes to the server, if they request a mentor have them spawn in the same city as the mentor. Allow the mentor to have a "mentor slot" in the corporation that would not be able to cary forward like the newbie slot but that would not count against the corporation either. This provides the new player with a
    rail nation "home" and provides the mentor with with a tangible reward, the potential for a stronger corporation.

    I certainly like that part. Hopefully it will get better responses from those that want a mentor.

    Adding them to the association is a big help as well, they can learn the ins and outs better.

    You do have fair competition. You have the same ability to purchase a worker that a top corporation has. You just don't want to pony up the money and want things given to you instead. You also have a reading problem as I stated that I am in top corporations that get all the workers, and I am in corporations that do not get all the workers. Heck, I even play in corporations that game the system by reforming every few days to lower the corporate prestige so we can purchase workers in a lower tier for less money. You know what the amazing thing is? With the exception of Masters, I somehow manage to find myself in the top twenty in every game that I play. Oh, and on the throw away games, I still more often than not find myself in the top 100 even though all I am doing is building gold or helping friends have a stronger corporation.

    If you can't be competitive under the current rules for workers then you really are not that good at this game. Oh, and for the record, in masters my corporation gets no workers, I am still in the top

    I think you need to tone down your personal attacks. We have a difference of opinion, that's all, You don't need to make it personal.

    First, I easily pay the most in my association for all of the workers we do get, even ones we don't get I will still drop 15-20 mil and gone higher than my bank account will allow to try to win. Ask Doc, he's in that association and he knows they rarely get the workers cheaply if I'm online.

    Now, let's talk about the imbalance part.

    You can bust tail all round long and be in the top 2, but if you don't get the City PPS Bonus worker in Era 6 as much as the other association does (or at all if they constantly out bid you for it), then Era's 1-5 don't mean anything. you will get passed quickly and your praying you don't fall to far. Seems fair that 1 worker can totally alter the rankings of the game so much.

    Wait.. Now you are making my point for me, all that corporation jumping using system loop holes to get the workers they want, man up and bid, isn't that what you just told me to do? Why all the trouble if they are not as imbalanced as you say they are? Besides, I thought the whole reason for the 24 hour wait to change associations after entering one was to prevent that type of playing, if not, then RN should remove that 24 hour waiting period completely from the game and allow everyone to jump like rabbits all over the place.

    Seems like a lot or work just to get a worker that doesn't "imbalance" the game. Let's hop over there, make money til the bank if almost full, then hop over there and use the cheap building worker, then back there for money then over there to lay track and so on and so on.

    If people will go thru so much trouble to get those workers, then that should be telling you what you need to know. It's not balanced the way it is.

    As I said before, I have played many online games, and typically they are designed for balanced play where it's strategy that matters most, and second MONEY not who can get which worker for the win. The reason I say money second, is cause there is always great players out there that can come up with a great strategy that some of the money guys just can't seem to grasp.

    I totally understand that you were at one time a small association.

    We can agree to disagree. I think the workers cause a competitive imbalance.

    You don't it's as simple as that.

    I have played many other games, and imbalances like that are usually addressed right away in those other games. The idea is to let newer players have a chance to play strong and competitively.

    The way it works now, your group consistently targets smaller associations and drives people from the game because they can't fight back against you with in the rules.

    There in lies the dilemma. Change the game to satisfy those who don't like competition and people will leave. Don't change the game to satisfy those who don't like competition and people will leave. So what we have learned here is that people ARE going to leave the game. Now it is up to Rail Nation to decide which group of people is more valuable to their franchise.

    Where did I say I don't like competition?

    I said make it FAIR competition.

    You already said you are in those top associations that get all of the workers, do you think you can compete with people when there is no workers? Don't you want to see new people coming into the game and feeling like they can compete or just keep it to the Old Guard that force everyone to play the way they want them to?

    Scared of competition without your advantages??

    Why would you do something like that? The game is a representation of capitalism. If you take the advantages of capitalism away then you lose players who are not interested in a version of socialism. As you lose players you eventually lose the game as there is no money to keep the game afloat. "Balancing" is not a good idea.

    Capitalism is already here in the form of USING REAL MONEY to get an advantage.

    I see you aren't interested in balance, maybe you are one of those in that top association that relies on workers to win??

    If people are quitting the game because they cannot compete it is because they are non-competitive. If you have just the slightest ambition in the game you will end the round in the top 100 and that is without trying too hard. You also have the ability to jump to another corporation as you mentioned if you are looking for a competitive edge. If you only want to set your schedules and walk away then you don't need to be in a top corporation. I can jump onto any server, even one I have never played on and don't even speak the same language, and end up in a top ten corporation and a top 100 personal ranking. There is nothing wrong with having to bid for workers, in fact it is a good thing. Also, there is no need to lower building production or increase how much the licenses pay to make up for your idea of removing workers. Why? Because if you play in a lazy corporation that will not bid for workers and you pay full price for all building upgrades, tracks, full waiting time and so forth, you can still complete your buildings, lay over 200 tracks, and buy the cars you need for endgame.

    Any player that would leave the game for the reasons you talked about is a non-competitive player who would likely leave the game anyway. Furthermore, such a player would not purchase gold packages from Travian meaning that player leaving frees up more "space" for the rest of the players and doesn't take away from the profitability of the company. However, you take away that competitive edge and it is your competitive players, and the ones more likely to spend money who end up leaving. That leaves everyone without a game to play.

    That's not it, there is plenty of "competitive" people, but people aren't dumb. If they see an imbalance they will leave as there is no viable way to overcome it.

    Cool then if I can still compete with out any bonuses for workers, then make it same across the board. Let's see how everyone can compete on equal footing no, let's see those top associations that get every worker to toe to toe on a more even playing field?

    This is a game, you are already rewarded for activity, and if you use cash (bonus trains), workers just widen the gap.

    Life isn't about an equal footing, why should a game be about an equal footing. You complain that you have to join a top corporation in order to compete for workers. Then why not make a top corporation to compete for workers. Too me it simply sounds like a lot of complaining because some people don't want others to be better at something despite them putting more effort into it.

    Funny Funny Funny,

    Even though I rarely get the workers I want, I still end up in the top 5. *tsk tsk I would classify that as "putting in the effort", why should I be forced to join with people I don't like?

    And this is a game, lol not real life. Games require balance, else people will leave.

    Not sure what servers you plan on, but, I have been in an Association of 10 that competes for bids against the top association (max players). So how does that work for that group?

    I don't think workers can be balanced.

    Just remove them from the game and spread out a small % of their bonuses to be a passive feature for those that get the + account. This would be a huge incentive for people to spend enough to at least get a + account.

    Bump the licenses a bit (to replace the loss for Goods workers) and see how it goes.

    And cash will always be the biggest imbalance, but now you have narrowed it down to the ONLY real advantage a person can get over another. The other is activity levels, those highly active will have an advantage over those that are not.

    Yes, the question is about money. And not just money....

    Because if you spend a lot of money on workers you don't use!

    You lose money without gaining any competitive advantage :P

    If you do that ...You are a fool. You are loser ;)

    and there is plenty of fools out there.

    Do you think most care about the money side?

    It's keeping the competitive advantage away from everyone else.