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    well as of earlier, I think many of us could not get into the game on any server, I tried via phone and PC, nada, Server was timing out

    I sure hope you are not a lawyer for the defense of someone being stalked.

    A bit more to the point: yes there are reasons to harass players or associations, but not rarely this is just out of spite, and/or because the reason is indeed as you described: "the other side should have invested more".

    For some people, and indeed some associations (I have come to know them) that really is enough. Which not seldomly evolves into: "if we can outspend you, you are not investing enough"

    Sorry but no, there is no reason to harass anyone for any reason.

    If things go wrong with a player or an association, just ignore it or go somewhere else. No need to harass.

    As for breaking majorities, it is indeed not against the rules of the game, but then again, if it is as revenge, it is pretty pathetic.

    One party might feel harassed but there is NO RULES against owning a majority anywhere on the map provided you are connected to said facility per RN Rules. I have people that chase my majorities, and if you want to keep them, one of the best ways IS to invest heavily and make it not worthwhile, the behavior will eventually subside, you can also just move on to another area, but if they are determined then they will watch your mapping and follow (once they get bored they will move on, but how long will that take)? I really don't like people being able to see my map or my trains, but it's all part of "strategic playing" i guess.

    For example, if a person is pulling for Titles, and they are in an assoc that is ranked higher, is it harassment or strategic to break the majorities of the goods they are trying to win the titles for by driving up the Wait times causing them to not get the titles and less pps awarded to them and their assoc??

    Harassment in online games has more to do with someone is making negative posts and continues to do so repeatedly, then you can have a case for harassment.

    Stalking is pretty hard to do, and would involve the Police not RN CS.

    This is just how I view it, everyone else is completely free to have their own opinions.

    Last Origin server I reported few players from the same association exactly with this situation, I updated that report several times with more information and proves. As far as I saw all those players from that association played all round till the end and kept harassing my association and players and even named some players from my association not only in the city where we were playing but different cities also, breaking majorities saying "it was for the competition" (for me it's clear that this players doesn't care about the game play of others, usually we call it selfish).

    So Kelot you're not alone

    Interesting take, there is always 2 sides to every story and usually the truth lies somewhere in between.

    Most likely if someone is harassing another, there was a reason for it.

    I have rarely ever seen someone just randomly picked and harassed all game long for no logical reason.

    Then about the majo's, I've played with those that do just that, break them for comps, break them for PPS etc, bottom line is usually those things won't have if you well invested, unless you've ticked someone off then there logic flies out the window. There is no rule against breaking them or flipping them, that's the way the game is designed.

    Actually this is the main way that Travian makes money from ads.

    The silly thing about the Pollux update is Travian will likely lose money because Ad Warriors like me have less random discount lottos to purchase. If someone new is watching vids for an upgrade, it’s not likely that they will suddenly start purchasing the discounted lottos that have always been there in droves for them before.

    Shhh Don't try to make sense of it.

    They will figure it out on their own

    Lost PPS can't be given.

    Costing People/Cities top finishes is Lost CE points.

    So, I'd rather get CE Points as those take a while to regain

    So after a couple weeks, I have noticed, it's not entirely random, as most of us in my Assoc usually get the same upgrade Daily (with one or two getting something different, if they have missed a day).

    2) how many total upgrades is there? I'm just curious as if you start an era late, you won't be able to get more than 1 upgrade per day, so your pollux will be weak for your game. I was under the impression that you COULD get more than one upgrade per day, but once you get your "one", it appears to turn off the purple part so relatively impossible to get a 2nd upgrade.

    3) Videos still all over, and po'ed about not being able to keep everyone's bonuses maxed.

    No one was awarded their PPS from titles last night.

    Kinda getting infuriated with having to double check everything in this game. Trains not always going where you want, investments locking up the screen, tables don't update $$ for pax, overall lag and now this, I've noticed this before when I didn't get a message for being rewarded for title pps... but I didn't think the game was this bad

    Hi, I was just wondering how can I delete my entire account as it is beginning to interfere with other applications.

    I don't think you need to delete your account.

    If on phone, just delete the app and then flush your cache.

    On PC/Laptop, just flush your cache.

    In both instances, if you don't log in again, then shouldn't be a problem with other apps.

    and the sales incentive ( i.e. trap ) is that without a plus account you have a 50% chance at the bonus video.

    So provided no video failure, which is still an issue btw, a plus account should get the bonus within their 14 bonus videos, and those with a plus have 10.5 videos for their chance.

    so far, the gains/losses don't add up.

    I'm losing more for not being able to watch bonus vids than I am with gaining from the Pollux.

    There is a daily video limit. The Plus account feature is not wrong, you are just misinterpreting it.
    If you are eligible for a bonus video, the Plus account guarantees that you will get one. If you don't have Plus account you are not guaranteed to get a bonus video within your daily video limit.

    Ok, the mis-interpreting is a line RN moved. It was not like that initially, but not here to argue that.

    What about the other part?

    Someone watching them gives you the station bonus, but if everyone is maxxed or doesn't watch them, then no bonus. What exactly was the plan to get around that?

    So now people are limited on station bonuses?? That doesn't seem quite right. You should always be able to watch at least 1 to clear the bonus. I get limiting the second video even though I disagree with it.

    Later in the game that's alot of Money and free pps that's lost.

    Who cares if you in the top assoc that gets all of the workers you want, the rest of us (the silent majority) are scrambling for any and all advantages we can get.

    Once a building is maxxed that's

    6 pps lost every 2 1/2 hours

    60k lost every 4 hours

    41.6k lost every 1 1/2 hours

    that's 28 clicks for your own account. x2 for the bonus Vids, means you need a min of 56 vids to take care of your OWN account in a 24 hour period, we are capped at 56. Get the worker Morse (faster bonus generation) and it's how many more clicks are needed to monitor your own account?

    *edit on number now I see how you arrived at 56. but you made a worker obsolete in the process.

    I fail to see the point of being in a big association if you can't compete for workers vs the top association now. The divide from workers is too much to overcome with out some sort of way to counter balance that.

    I'm already jumping from assoc to assoc to try to neutralize the worker advantage, what more do people have to do to show you that there is an imbalance, whether it's in the Bidding Tier or the workers themselves.

    And now we lose this as well.. Not sure where you are planning to go with all of this.

    Seems like you want everyone in a small assoc watching their own videos and having a couple black dots to burn up any left overs before the 24 hour mark hits. I'm really unclear on the selling points here

    A - It appears to me, but, I have nothing to confirm this, that once a player has obtained his/her two upgrades their bonuses then become available to everyone. I think what is actually happening needs to be clarified.

    B - On the server I play (not Crankshaft) the second video is definitely offered. No change except in the purple presentation before you have your upgrades and the Green after. I have just checked. Is this a bug which is affecting one or more, but not all, servers?

    Once I collect someone's bonus, no vid pops back up, so I think it's working.

    as far as b goes? I haven't been able to watch a vid since I capped out. Same with a few others in my group.

    currently my Rest is level 2 and cap is 2,625 with out vid, but the vid is greyed out so can't max it out.

    all of them are like that, earlier they had the strike through on them and were maxxed out.

    Well with Crankshaft starting and getting my first real jab at this whole thing.

    A: I can watch anyone's videos, doesn't seem to work the part about you getting to watch your own lol.

    B: once you hit the cap limit in the 24 hours, you can no longer get the bonus video, thus a twist because the advert on the + account says you get a guaranteed bonus video.

    So which is it? if I'm not getting my bonus vids anymore then that needs to be removed as a feature from the + account and something added to compensate for that loss.

    this is all I've discovered so far

    Even if the cap limit is hit, they can watch your video so you get the bonus, but no point now since you can't watch a second video and get a bonus for yourself.

    I've actually been chat banned with out a warning for posting in my city forum that if you break one of my Majo's expect retaliation. Good enough for a 24 hour ban, so I don't bother telling people now why I broke their majo, they just report what I say as "unsportsman like" conduct for interfering with their game flow, even though they broke my majo first and "interrupted" my game flow, ironic eh?

    So it all depends on the loose translation of the mod on the server deems as "unsportsmanlike conduct".

    basically, you will never get a clear answer