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    Yes, the question is about money. And not just money....

    Because if you spend a lot of money on workers you don't use!

    You lose money without gaining any competitive advantage :P

    If you do that ...You are a fool. You are loser ;)

    and there is plenty of fools out there.

    Do you think most care about the money side?

    It's keeping the competitive advantage away from everyone else.

    If they have only one worker and use it!

    During this time, other teams can also hire a worker.

    That way there will be workers for everyone :)

    (Now there is a problem because you can have more than one worker at a time.

    If the team can only have one! That changes everything!)

    I think you missed my point, they can still buy and release a worker, just use them while they have them.

    IE building discount, put buildings on the queue and then cut before the next worker is up they want.

    Still better to have none and spread the worker bonuses around to all to make it more even.

    But if they want to do this they have to give up using workers 8o

    (Cos you will not be able to buy Worker if you already have one)

    They don't have to give up using them. They can use them while they have them then cut bait to get the next one. It's already happening so it wouldn't do much to balance the game, not as much as removing them altogether would do. People that spend $$ will still spend it to get that advantage, but everyone else would be on equal footing.

    After playing more, and seeing how others respond to losing out on bidding for workers, I think the best option is just to remove them and give their perks to all players in a reduced format.

    Boost the licenses a bit to make up for loss of goods workers and go from there.

    That would balance the game dramatically and allow players to play in the non-top associations on each server. As it stands now, if you aren't in the top association, then chances are you won't get any of the decent workers. So it's just rewarding the rich, and creates a much bigger gap between players.

    I think workers should be removed from the game, would make the game more balanced and you would see a major change in the game dynamics. Top associations would lose that competitive edge over the other players in the game. As it stands now, it's just a bonus for the top Associations to remain at the top.

    Make up for the loss of workers in other ways, such as lowering building costs/construction times by xx% and giving a small % in the way each worker gave a bigger one. In the case of workers that gave extra $ for goods, boost the licenses some to make up for that particular good.

    As I said, as it stands right now, it's very imbalanced. We have people jumping from Association to Association to get that edge cause they can't beat out the top associations bidding power. Which is just slowly driving people from the game, or FORCING people to join that top association in order to be competitive.

    Hi Comrade Sam!

    If all I had was your problems, I guess that would be an improvement

    Check mine

    takes me 5 times to sign up for a contest thats if I dont have to use select all multiple times just to get the trains to do what i want.

    When using the tables for train routes. My phone wants to kill the app cause it says it stopped responding. Also they don't update properly unless you log off and come back in AFTER the hourly recalc. Even then not so sure cause on the facilties growth tab.... all kind of numbers. Go to a facilty and look and its already leveled.


    Constant refresh issues. Can never type more than a few words. End up pasting and submitting. But then submit takes multiple attempts as well... sometimes goes thru multiple times.

    Usually have to close game every 3-4 minutes due to nothing working. Ie get blank place holders. Messages won't show who its from. Comps won't open, nothing works.


    I hit it once and it goes grey. No idea if my investment took. Maybe a minute or two later it will allow me to see it or have to log off.

    I play on my phone. Its an android and latest model. Its not on my side. Otherwise all servers I play on would do the same.

    Also, I am not the only person having this issue.

    Please escalate it to the next level the game is super hard for me to enjoy playing because it doesn't function correctly. We are in early era 5. This has been happening all round long. But kicked up a notch in era 3 and again in era 4.

    Its very encumbersome. Please stop adding new content til everything works as advertised. IF it has anything to do with me being connected to 50 cities then lower the amount of cities down to a level that the server can handle.


    just how random are workers generated and is there a way to manipulate them?

    I keep seeing the same 3 workers pop shortly after the bidding ends for 3 days now and 1 particular worker has not popped in that time frame.

    So im curious what drives their frequency? I would think that people that code for a living would know how to code it so that if a certain worker hasn't appeared for x amount of bids, then he would have a slightly higher chance to appear than other workers til he appears and is reset.

    I am on steam chamber and we are in era 1 with only 7 trains.

    This is a big issue. Happens at least 2-3 times a day when I switch my pax trains to new routes or try to park them to get ready for sending after a calc.

    This is an advertised premium member feature.

    This problem used to not show til later eras when we have 15+ trains. Now its much more frequent and is past time to be fixed as its already messing up my comps and my runs.

    There is errors when you get a bidder. The bonus discounts don't show. So if you upgrade. Building no bonus. You have to log out and log back in.

    I released a pax license 1 hour early. Insta purchased another and it showed an 12 hour timer til expiration. Closed came back and it showed the 48 hours.

    Many of these things are annoying and if I were to roll out a program and it messed up this much, I'd be written up and if I didn't fix them asap. Fired.

    You make money on the game so make sure it works as advertised or your gonna start losing players = money.