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    I've actually been chat banned with out a warning for posting in my city forum that if you break one of my Majo's expect retaliation. Good enough for a 24 hour ban, so I don't bother telling people now why I broke their majo, they just report what I say as "unsportsman like" conduct for interfering with their game flow, even though they broke my majo first and "interrupted" my game flow, ironic eh?

    So it all depends on the loose translation of the mod on the server deems as "unsportsmanlike conduct".

    basically, you will never get a clear answer

    Whoo Hoo 2nd place because of it.

    thanks alot

    Now again Let's talk about compensation. if you plan to run a game that accepts money, then you have standards to live up to, and you continiously seem to fail.

    For my new round, I'd like

    100 Track Vouchers, 200 IDS, 50 Mechanics and 30 building instas.

    And it's so much fun, spending 11 weeks 8 days to get myself and my assoc into a position to win the game, then can't login for several days and lose my no 1 ranking.

    Then your CS tells me they can't give me any compensation because they don't do it on an individual basis, only when the server issues, which since I am not the only one in my own association that is having this problem, then I think this should qualify as a server issue and be compensated.

    Unfortunately this is not the problem here. I already looked into the ticket and there is nothing wrong with the account or the avatar. Login works fine for us. So the account is not affected by the mentioned bug.

    In general, the more cities you connected, the longer it will take you to load into the game because more elements need to be loaded.
    Also, in general, our game doesn't cope well with any interruption to the loading process. It will just stop in its tracks, so to speak. Those can for example happen at home when connecting via wlan rather than cable or on route due to package loss.
    So, the longer the loading time due to having a lot of cities, the higher the chance to encounter such an interruption and being forced to start loading all over again.

    Changing this from our side would require a major rework of the system which is not only very time consuming but also quite risky. We are working on some other improvements (that us1 hasn't benefited of yet) that might help with the loading times in the future.

    For one, I do not play this game on WIFI, been there done that on the phone. Took me hours just to move a few trains when I would keep selecting ALL over and over again. Could barely if possible finish a comp in time because only a few trains actually followed the commands.

    It's why I brought a gaming Laptop and made sure i have a min of 60G speed internet and it's still happening.

    My kids can play any xbox/switch/PS game online and have no issues while I'm watching Netflix, no circles loading/buffering, just boom starts playing, in fact still works just fine when their friends come over and bring theirs and plug in as well. So I'm pretty sure my network is good.

    The errors in the attachment are clearly errors from your side, not mine. Your sever timed out.

    That's great, it only happened after the 50th was connected.

    Big time sucks as it happened during city bonus time, while I had the pax and track workers, lost out on over 200 mil game money that I had planned to use for track laying. Don't know how but still managed to finish as top grubber. Was clocking 18-25 Mil per hour before it died on me.

    And I know "it's my fault" and "we don't compensate individual players"

    Bunch of nonsense since EG was only 3 days away and I was planning to lay a monster load of track.

    2 days in a row now, right after reset, game won't load for me.

    I have reported it and CS gives me the run around about, clear cache, do a DNS flush etc etc.

    I did clear my cache last night, and nothing changed. Didn't bother with DNS flush but woke up today and game worked after the ticket had been worked.

    Today right after reset, dead again, stops loading and doesn't ever finish. CS said sometimes it take a while to load?? So how long is long enough? 20? 30? MINUTES?? Hours??

    I am connected to 50 cites, just finished that last night. None of the other servers I play on have any issues like this, So I'm thinking it's on your side not mine.

    Bad enough this happens 4 days before EG starts and I'm in a position to take first but can't when the game won't let me in. There is also another player on this server that is having all kinds of problems as well, guess what, he's also connected to all 50 cities.

    I'm a pay to play player and this is getting old. Always something.

    I bet she is a Princess and her father needs a bit of cash to unlock the vaults in Ivory Coast.

    Or perhaps this option is also available in Italy, where she hails from.

    Her dad is Italian, and died recently. Her mom is from Africa, and lives with her mom, since dad didn't want anything to do with her after they divorced. She's an Italian citizen, but needs money to get to Italy to claim her fathers estate, which her dad's lawyer has informed her she has xx amount of hours to claim it, or she losses it. She is a god fearing Christian raised woman and willing to share her inheritance with you if you marry her and help her get to Italy. In return, she will treat you like a King and you will live like Royalty from her inheritance and never have to worry about money again.

    At least make it a good *sob *sob story.

    Fun Fun Fun,

    Another Round lost to an Inferior player just because his Assoc can hog all of the workers (Wait time reduction/CIty PPS/Speed/Faster Station generation in the last 2 rounds.


    Since several of you like to tell me and everyone else that they are not imbalanced, why don't you join my server (Smoke Chamber) and show me how to beat the worker imbalance. Be great timing as EG is only 2 days away, and you will have a nice fresh start when it re-opens.

    Pretty unfair, but life goes on I guess.

    My city doesn't have a chance against those lesser connected ones, but that Top city got royally screwed.

    Oh well, 200+ players will have sour grapes now.

    I play in top associations that usually gets the workers we are after and I also play in top associations where the people are too cheap to bid on a worker. In short, I play and win, with both types of corporations. Part of the fun of the game is beating other people. It doesn't matter if it is a competition, if it is the daily RG hauling, if it is daily prestige points, or if it is the worker. One of the reasons people play is the satisfaction of winning, which means the depriving others of the win. It is also the thrill of the competition that when you don't win, you calculate how to win in the future. So no, I am not in favor of your "leveling" the playing field. Were your wants turned into practice I suspect there would be a mass exodus of the game.

    Just being curious here, does anyone know the age demographic of the players of RN?

    I suspect that it is high. The majority of the people that I seem to play with are all older than me, like 50+

    than the entire game element of the worker auctions is destroyed. Just deal with the fact that you need active to buy workers. This is a economic/strategic/tycoon game. You wil make a lottery of it. The ones with the most vouchers get the most workers. So people start buying them with gold or if the vouchers can be won at the lottery, the biggest money spenders buy tickets and scratch. The stronger asso's have more chance to get the worker vouchers so you give them even more chance to get the best workers. This is really unbalancing the workers.

    Uhm they were going to most likely get them anyways, but this give those not in that 1 association at least a viable chance to secure a worker now and then.

    If they spend real cash to get them, shouldn't that be a + for Travian?

    But if they want to do this they have to give up using workers 8o

    (Cos you will not be able to buy Worker if you already have one)

    Let's change tactics,

    How about Worker Vouchers?

    you can save them and use them for the worker you want (as long as it's up for bidding) and it won't affect the current bidding on a worker?

    So in reality, multiple associations can have the same worker at once.

    For example, assoc 1-5 all want the same worker, but 3 of those assoc have vouchers, so they use them to guarantee the worker. that leaves the other 2 in a bidding war.

    there are 4 or 5 worker tiers depending on the asso prestige. So there is a balance for the workers.

    Workers don't bring you the victory. I play also in asso's who try to get workers but not at all costs like others. Do I like the game less about that, no. If I want that worker so bad I need to waken up my asso and bid with all. What I understand from your posts Baron Mikel that you asso you play isn't active with bidding on workers. But that's not an imbalance of the game, that's an imbalance of your asso.

    Why is everyone's go to is that you or your association is lazy? Seems like just a catch all phrase, and at the same time, not one person has commented about all of the trouble people go thru just to get workers, such as the association hopping to get into a lower bidding tier.

    I also participate in that, I find that having to do that just for a worker or two is silly and damaging to your original association and should not be a necessary part of the game and RN apparently agrees with the institution of the 24 hour waiting period after you join a new association. Isn't there an RN Career Reward for joining 1 association and playing the entire round in that one association? Seems counter productive to what RN wants vs what people do.

    Tiers are not balanced.

    I can be top player in the game, create a new association several of us can jump into it and bid against players that do not have anywhere near the capabilities of making as much $$ as we do and simply out bid them over and over again until my association grows to the next tier, then rinse and repeat. I feel that this more of a loophole/hack/cheat and not the way the game was intended.

    I have nothing against big organized associations, that is what they have worked for, and is an advantage all to it's own via Pull Power, Majority taking/holding etc. Plenty of things they already have an advantage for over others.