The worst conflict that I have had, with another player was on Big Ben. He insisted, that I was not allowed to play in that region or city because in real life I was not from that country. He really lived in this city and he thought he really had a claim to over other game players

    When are you going to bring out the South Pacific game including Australia and New Zealand. So I can claim it as mine. LOL

    Ahahaha LooooL

    The same thing happened to me!

    They told me I couldn't play in Rome, I'm not Italian.

    Yeah... but I'm Italian and I was born in Rome!

    Even if in the game I'm called like a fountain pen...


    registered on a new server and choose the recommended city.

    Take the 100 gold as a gift and change your nickname.

    Delete the avatar of the new server.

    Done without spending gold!

    (I'm sorry for your problems, your name didn't seem offensive, just ironic and funny)

    On the Italian servers we have an association that has as its name the slogan used in the circles of the Italian political right and neo-fascist of the second post-war period.

    I am very annoyed by this phrase and I think that politics should stay out of the online games.

    It seems, however, that no one but me has noticed this.

    I have not written to the support, but maybe I should do it because that phrase is "really" offensive.

    And I can't understand why to use it...(idiots, probably)

    This is because I could be an English citizen living in Italy.

    So? Anyone living in Italy has to follow Italian rules.. what if it was legal for me to gamble at say 18 years old in my country and in Italy it would be 21.. do I get to enter the Italian casino b/c of my nationality? naah

    You don't understand that the problem is, "where is the server physically?"

    Have you read the privacy rules?

    That regulation concerns Italian citizens ONLY.

    In casinos all over the world you enter at the age of 18, regardless of nationality.

    In every country in the world you can drink alcohol and buy cigarettes if you are 18 years old. Regardless of your nationality.

    In the USA you can drive a car at the age of 16. In Italy you can't do that, because you need an international driver's license. An international driving licence is obtained at the age of 18.

    Regardless of your nationality (not if you are European Union citizen).

    Do you understand the difference?

    Laws that affect everyone, laws that affect only citizens.

    The situation is very complicated.

    Clearly, Travian Games cannot prevent an Italian or Spanish player from registering.

    This is because I could be an English citizen living in Italy.

    But also because in addition to the final prizes (which for example a Spanish player can not collect) there are prizes that can be collected in the game (such as successes for the career or clothing for the avatar) and these can also be earned by players excluded by law.

    I really don't know how the situation can be handled.

    Creating a competition in Italy is not as simple as you might think, because of the complex legislation that requires a series of requirements regulated by the Ministry of Economic Development.

    Whether it's social network contests, photocontests or other types of online contests, if there is a prize that has an economic value (not necessarily money, but also objects, travel, services, etc..) higher than that defined as "minimum value" such as pencils, flags, calendars and so on (update FAQ ministerial July 2018), you must fulfill a number of legal obligations under the rules on contests.

    The Ministry has pointed out, as regards online competitions, that, like "traditional" prize contests, these too, in order not to be considered illegal, must be held on Italian soil (Article 1, paragraph 6 of Presidential Decree 430/2001). From a technical point of view, this means that all participants' data must be stored on Italian servers or "mirrored" (i.e. copied in real time) on Italian servers.

    So, in essence: if we make an online contest we must ensure that the data of the participants are entered on a server in Italy or, if these data are collected through foreign servers (such as Facebook for example), make sure that they are copied immediately on Italian servers, in full compliance with the privacy of users.

    Of course there are exceptions:

    -Competitions for the production of literary, artistic or scientific works, as well as for the presentation of projects or studies in the commercial or industrial field, in which the awarding of the prize to the author of the chosen work has the character of a consideration for the performance of the work or represents the recognition of personal merit or a title of encouragement in the interest of the community; [...]

    -Events in which prizes are made up of items of minimal value, provided that the payment of such prizes is in no way dependent on the nature or extent of the sales to which such offers are linked.

    -Events in which the prizes are awarded to bodies or institutions of a public nature or which have an eminently social or charitable purpose.

    It is necessary that all members of the association register in the same city and activating the option "keep association".

    I'm not sure the city should be the same, but I'm pretty sure you won't be able to register in 25 in the same city.

    I think someone will find the words "city overpopulated".

    I was wondering: why can't I use the "20% discount on building construction" voucher whenever I want?

    It is possible to do this with instant updating, with the purchase of licenses and all the other coupons but not with this.

    Most often this voucher is used to expand the lab and you often don't have enough money.

    If I wanted (in the meantime) to expand the restaurant, I couldn't do it: I'd burn my precious voucher

    (Google translated by CM. Please always use English here on international COM/US forum, thank you)