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    I play the game on the iPad, but when I go to the shop I can’t see anywhere to redeem codes. Am I missing something somewhere?

    download "Puffin Browser".

    Search Rail Nation on this browser, make the login in your account, open the server.

    Redeem the voucher.

    Logout, delete the browser, continue to use the app and Safari for browse the web!!

    Enjoy the game :)

    ** Puffin browser is the unique flash browser for mobile devices

    Just for not-italian:

    in the Italian tradition the unfortunate number is 17.

    the reason is simple: if we write 17 in Roman numerals it is XVII.

    The anagram is VIXI which in Latin means "I was" or even "I lived".

    To the past, then now....

    The right Cabin is n° 17

    An excellent point, those without color blindness rarely or ever need to think that what is two colors for them, is just one and the same to someone else.

    I believe we've had this discussion before, and it is a bit unfortunate that this image works only for those who see it as the creator intended. I'll try to ask around if another image could be added with slight changes to colors used.

    you can't...

    This image was taken from a site, they made the mirror image, added some changes and then pasted the two images.

    The original and the modified-specular.

    The image is about obsessive-compulsive disorder, especially Compulsive hoarding.

    Could not be worse image choice.

    I'm in the same position as you.

    I have won medals that I have never actually won.

    But the prestige of these medals (which of course I can no longer win) has never been credited to me.

    I took part in 84 competitions and won 84 competitions (!!! My name is Flash!!!!!).

    I went from 20th to 88th position.

    I don't gain prestige, on the contrary: it seems that instead of adding pp they are subtracted:

    Last night I went from position 82 to position 88 but:

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    2nd (250 pp)

    title of glassmaker

    1st (500 pp)

    title of illuminated

    2772 pp

    for deliveries to the city

    ...and I lost 6 positions

    Ah......Of course, all actions in the game are not counted for career successes

    let's talk about those winning percentages.

    It seems to me that you have misrepresented the meaning of the percentages.

    This is not a normal lottery where 1 in 100 tickets is definitely winning (in Italy we call it "scratch card").

    So we can talk about 1% of winning percentage.

    In the case of the RN lottery you can not buy 100 tickets, but only "packs" of 25.

    The percentage reported refers to the single ticket.

    I mean: each ticket has the same chances of winning each prize, whether you buy 1 or 100 tickets the chances of winning a locomotive bonus remain the same.

    Hypothetically, if you buy 333,000 tickets you are not guaranteed to win the "treasure hunt", or rather, you have the same chance to win it if you buy 10 tickets or even just 1.

    This is because the percentage is referred to the single ticket.

    I know that you will not agree with me, but think about it and get explained by a mathematician :)

    And while we are on the subject of Video rewards... I have a suggestion.


    I have seen them all 10,000 times and they are driving me crazy, some days there is nothing but Travian video's. They are also too long. I know all the games already, I am playing RN and I do NOT want to log out to play some other Travian game! I understand you want to find new customers, but we are already a Travian customer, and you do not want to piss off your already existing customers in a fruitless attempt to find new customers, now do you?

    Thank you for considering this idea.

    it looks like they really want it!!!!

    I'm going crazy, today I've only had videos of Goal united, I can't do it.

    I'm nauseous

    you get 1000 pp if all buildings of your station are at maximum level.

    But ALL, don't forget the Lottery and trade licenses

    (you can't build the lottery, its update is obtained by gaining prestige with the actions of the game)

    For train searches and upgrades you can get technology points in the successes section of your career

    This is because I could be an English citizen living in Italy.

    So? Anyone living in Italy has to follow Italian rules.. what if it was legal for me to gamble at say 18 years old in my country and in Italy it would be 21.. do I get to enter the Italian casino b/c of my nationality? naah

    You don't understand that the problem is, "where is the server physically?"

    Have you read the privacy rules?

    That regulation concerns Italian citizens ONLY.

    In casinos all over the world you enter at the age of 18, regardless of nationality.

    In every country in the world you can drink alcohol and buy cigarettes if you are 18 years old. Regardless of your nationality.

    In the USA you can drive a car at the age of 16. In Italy you can't do that, because you need an international driver's license. An international driving licence is obtained at the age of 18.

    Regardless of your nationality (not if you are European Union citizen).

    Do you understand the difference?

    Laws that affect everyone, laws that affect only citizens.

    The situation is very complicated.

    Clearly, Travian Games cannot prevent an Italian or Spanish player from registering.

    This is because I could be an English citizen living in Italy.

    But also because in addition to the final prizes (which for example a Spanish player can not collect) there are prizes that can be collected in the game (such as successes for the career or clothing for the avatar) and these can also be earned by players excluded by law.

    I really don't know how the situation can be handled.

    Creating a competition in Italy is not as simple as you might think, because of the complex legislation that requires a series of requirements regulated by the Ministry of Economic Development.

    Whether it's social network contests, photocontests or other types of online contests, if there is a prize that has an economic value (not necessarily money, but also objects, travel, services, etc..) higher than that defined as "minimum value" such as pencils, flags, calendars and so on (update FAQ ministerial July 2018), you must fulfill a number of legal obligations under the rules on contests.

    The Ministry has pointed out, as regards online competitions, that, like "traditional" prize contests, these too, in order not to be considered illegal, must be held on Italian soil (Article 1, paragraph 6 of Presidential Decree 430/2001). From a technical point of view, this means that all participants' data must be stored on Italian servers or "mirrored" (i.e. copied in real time) on Italian servers.

    So, in essence: if we make an online contest we must ensure that the data of the participants are entered on a server in Italy or, if these data are collected through foreign servers (such as Facebook for example), make sure that they are copied immediately on Italian servers, in full compliance with the privacy of users.

    Of course there are exceptions:

    -Competitions for the production of literary, artistic or scientific works, as well as for the presentation of projects or studies in the commercial or industrial field, in which the awarding of the prize to the author of the chosen work has the character of a consideration for the performance of the work or represents the recognition of personal merit or a title of encouragement in the interest of the community; [...]

    -Events in which prizes are made up of items of minimal value, provided that the payment of such prizes is in no way dependent on the nature or extent of the sales to which such offers are linked.

    -Events in which the prizes are awarded to bodies or institutions of a public nature or which have an eminently social or charitable purpose.

    It is necessary that all members of the association register in the same city and activating the option "keep association".

    I'm not sure the city should be the same, but I'm pretty sure you won't be able to register in 25 in the same city.

    I think someone will find the words "city overpopulated".