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    I agree with you.

    When looking at some forums it is just bashing each other for no good reasons at all.

    At this point I feel that as a Chair and Mayor that I don`t have "power" over my followers so to speak. I can only demote and kick people but then my corp suffers as well. There is no way to truly reward or punish players and I believe that aspect will put the Chair and Mayor position in a different light.

    Give them power to create a sense of order and justice for those that have been wronged by others or those that are doing wrong to other.

    Good morning everyone.

    I was wondering if there is any way of rewarding members / deputies in my Corporation for their outstanding performance?

    Every now and then I want to let the members of my corp know that I appreciate their hard work but other then saying thank you a thousand times I don`t know of any other way of showing appreciation. Is there a way that you can transfer money or gold to another player?

    Or perhaps implement a reward system like an employee of the month thing where the Chair can select the best member every 24hours and that member gets reduced waiting times or a thing where they receive like 5% of the total income of the corp as a whole etc.

    That would make the game and Corporation more fun as teamwork will grow and the Chair would be seen as a better authoritative person.

    Kind Regards

    Good morning everyone.

    Is there any way of replacing a chairman in your corporation if that person has left the game?

    I don`t want to abandon the corporation after so many investments etc but I don`t see a way of replacing that person. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks. :thumbup: