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    I've never seen anyone playing destructively without reason. I mean, nobody plays RN because it is fun to wait an entire evening for a city to level up and then destroy Golden Hour. Usually, the ones I've seen do that held a grudge against a city. > you could probably avoid the problem altogether by talking to them earlier on.

    The real issue, I think, is that most people don't understand there are multiple ways of playing this game, and you should accept that some people don't have the same wants you have. Once you accept that some people will not abid to your rules, and let them play their game, you can actually have a dialogue with them, to find out what they are willing to do to help you, if you help them. You always can find ways to discuss. Sometimes, it takes a lot of energy, but you can always discuss. ;)

    nice the final slogan, but start from a wrong assumption; those who on purpose play against everyone, precisely because "the is not forbidden" has passed, they exist; as there are so many that at each end, even if they have never contributed to the growth of your city, come from far only to collect Prestige Points and they do not care about the appeals to bring useful goods, in fact, they have fun not to do it.

    It is not a question of different styles of play or of misunderstood people, it is that to many it does not seem true to be able to do bad guys, especially when hiding behind a monitor, and in this case they have been told that they can do it and no one will try to stop them ; that's the real problem

    the problem is not someone who does not collaborate, some are just distracted, others do not know you etc;

    the problem is those players who take advantage of "that's part of the game" to play on purpose destructively; that on purpose they go around to look for excuses to spoil the game of others. -

    I know that happens because the internet gives the impression of being anonymous and this to someone stimulates the worst instincts, but it is not written anywhere that we should not do anything to curb their impact and that the blame may be all others, who would be unable to communicate. The possible enmity towards the single player is just a timid signal and would not solve the problem, especially in the final when more dirty farms can jeopardize the collaboration of the previous three months

    yes but in the meantime we are celebrating the millionth BUg, because the system has cheated the expedited vouchers ... on the cake

    and as soon as the game is over I was kicked out of the game without being able to say hello to anyone and you can not go back ... but ... what a disgusting thing, really

    ps. .. error messages should be ignored, do not click on it


    but ....... the program is not good at math:

    i saved a program for all trains, I send them to do something else, then
    reload the program and the system asks me to buy wagons (????)
    it's the third time that happens

    one tick a day

    the new server is more efficient but there are still continuous error messages,to visualize the requests of a farm and a city it often takes more attempts and always a lot of time; to set or change the program of a single train almost always takes a long time and even the videos of the station are blocked continuously; ........ we are still far away ..

    have patience, is trying to defend the indefensible and should not be pleasant even for him


    but it is they who wanted to impose a game engine that they can not sustain, it is certainly not our fault

    and even worse, have disabled the ability to cancel the account, because if they had left active, there would have been a real escape (I primarily) and the survivors now would play better

    but if the next masters you will all be there to sign up, then do not complain anymore, because you knew what you were going to meet


    and this morning there are continuous system reboots; fantastic, but really unplayable

    so I have to wait for everyone to have the Olympus, before we can get back into the game? (I'm trying for 20 minutes)

    and after almost 40 minutes I managed to get into the game; how lucky I am

    DramaMagne seemed more interested in telling the world how good he is (legitimate, without offense), but the Gold and the personal skill have nothing to do with the right claim to have a game that works at least decently.
    .. Also I hope there is another Masters, but only after they have adjusted the many slowdowns and bugs that have made this Masters unplayable

    thanks for the reply, however, my penultimate message should show that the delays are very frequent, not only related to the changes of the era; I understand your difficulties but playing like that is really depressing

    this time the city had leveled and I could not even put a train on the new goods (for 1 hour), when it was still zero seconds; but this is only the last episode of a long, long series

    in any case, Good Work
    (i apologize for my bad english)

    NOn si riesce a far nulla, è da un quarto d'ora che cerco di accedere alla mia città che è livellata per capire qual'è la merce nuova ma non ci riesco; solo per scaricare i punti conoscenza ci sono voluti 10 minuti e quasi lo stesso per impostare un nuovo programma per un treno passeggeri; non ci sono messaggi nelle chat ....

    sinceramente: che frantumìo di sfere

    it takes time to see what goods a city wants; it takes time to see the time of a farm; it takes time to see the train list and to change a program, to access at the station or to do anything else. Today even the clock of competitions has gone crazy, the videos of the stations are blocked and then ... the continuous reboots.---- Endurance is coming to the limits; really

    edit: and now the clock that regulates the expiration of the workers has also been busted; .. what a balls

    Il server Master è pessimo anche quando non è down, è ingiocabile, perché tarato male e perché anche solo per vedere quali merci chiede una città o per vedere i tempi di una farm, si deve faticare parecchio e qualche volta non si riesce anche dopo tentativi; a volte succede lo stesso anche tentando di accedere alla stazione o alla lista dei treni o se si tenta di buttare giù un programma di un treno

    è evidente che non sono in grado di gestire tanti giocatori, ma siccome credo i gold acquistati sono stati e saranno tanti, sti problemi saranno messi in secondo piano