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    Hi, further to my last post, after a total shutdown (overnight) and on cold start this morning I found that my in game forum message edits were posting properly but not all visible to me. My edit was showing the last line plus the timestamp was cut off from my view totally (ie it was not showing after 3 attempts).

    Yet when I started system today all my messages including my edit were intact and made me feel a little foolish at the multiple postings and the odd rant I had about the message cache not working properly.

    My edit was posting properly but not screen printing fully to me ????

    We have an ingame forum thread. When you do all the Landmark percentage stats for each fellow association under our association you cannot copy and paste previous for a proper edit with out the old cache reappearing, this is intermittent but happens quite frequently.

    This is absolutely broken in respect to insert after edit, Old caches paste when trying to edit and repaste previous message intermittently, this makes it very hard to show stats in fairly rotating our Presidents LM bonus among the 5 associations.

    Just recently I tried to do a short url paste which was one character over the line and the last character would not appear on the 2nd line for a insert, when I force typed the last character and tried to copy and insert with that last character the insert would not work.

    This needs to be looked at promptly as we are not getting our ingame forum messages across properly.

    Thanks, Pete aka Hosebag

    The HTML5 Opening page shows a high speed train covered in bug guts (c'mon guys did we really need that) But getting back to the sleepers it shows Heavy Rail sitting on what appears to be hand hewn timber sleepers of an extremely low profile, in real life they would snap like matchsticks. You guys need some real rail workers comments when doing your art work.

    A 'Gunzel' (Official word for Train Spotter) would cringe in Horror and never take a photo of a pristine high speed train as dirty as this. Come on guys as soon as this train arrives take it out of service and send it to the Wash. :D

    Hi Jo,

    I use Google Chrome (Yes acceleration is switched on and Browser Cache cleared) Game runs as good as a wet Hen in a blizzard.

    To date I have cleared my whole DNS stack, Reset Winsock, Cold Started Modem cleaned all my temp directories.

    I cannot use my Bonus Engine at all,

    Train Manager links die after one use, links to industries dont work at all, got into station once after 3 refreshes and have not been able to get in again. got into Research once after yet another 3 refreshes and have not been able to get in again. I have forgotten more problems than I have stated.

    I am going to ask you a question. Do you think I have a problem? :D

    Took 8 resets to program one train, freezes if i try to use bonus engine, Train manager only works for one go then won't come up again and freezes game, so far game has frozen 8 times to build one tracck and set schedule for one train. :(

    All trains and supervisers have ATW"s (audible track warning devices) common word is detonaters. the nearest train is over 140 kilometres away, if the superviser had 50 minutes walking time assuming the nearest train was doing 160kph the answer is yes he would have enough time, even to pause and place one ATW at 1200 metres one ATW at 2400 metres and 3 ATW's 10 metres apart at 3600 metres. this alone would be sufficient to stop any Train in the required distance before the switch. MY ANSWER IS YES HE WOULD MAKE IT IN TIME the superviser would have time for a cup of tea too

    Personally I would just rather have seperate checkboxes in the Train Mannager header for either Pax or Freight moves regardless of the suggested lock in double clicking along the side bar checkboxes.

    I mean The lock in is a very good idea but I think differs from what Toots original suggestion was to check and list either Pax or freight seperately.

    ie - If I have to park freight only or If I have to Park Pax only it can segregated with one click for a quick move, I would definitely like this in an end game. Or if I want Pax only or Freight only listed, Ditto, for checking one checkbox up they come separately as required in the Train Manager.

    Hi Guys, If you recently have been viewing a Google Chrome conduit message stating "Flash Player will be no longer supported after december 2020. TURN OFF"

    well dont get caught like I and others in my association thinking this turns off the Conduit message.

    The active "Turn off" button does NOT turn off the conduit message, it turns off the permission for Chrome to enable Flash. When you Login to RN no flash.

    To fix it go to and click on the 3 vertical dots Top right Chrome browser. then Settings/Advanced Settings/Privacy and Security/Site Settings. when you get to here scroll down to Flash, click on same then you will see a switch "Ask First" (this slide switch is what you turned off from the Conduit message.) Turn the switch back on.

    Then close Google Chrome Browser and reopen, away you go problem solved. :D

    That would definitely make it a Train manager. About 10 minutes ago I did a city comp at another city to trick up my prestige a little. First I had to check everything, then painstakingly go through and uncheck what I didn't want to go. Also splitting Pax hauling individually across the 2 cities as well

    Because I am helping another local association on Cotton and Pax I would have to refine my selections more.

    At the end of it all then I would have to reload my original schedules when the comp is over.

    All though Toots suggestion would not help much splitting across 2 cities at least it would make life a lot easier when sorting freight for moves and keeping pax out of it and vice versa.

    I always seem to run out of slots to save my different schedules when helping other local associations, I definitely would love to have the suggested option by Toots because it would save me a lot of time and give me more room to move as well lower my full listings of saved scheduled sets.

    Finally as Toots example shows, if you only want freight to park and leave pax running or maybe pax only to park and leave freight running. This would be very handy for end game. :)

    I am now on my 4th game SOE and am yet to do a City Comp.

    I Have noticed there is reference in prior posts to well oiled organisations happy with the City Comps. I know this is a very competitive game, but what of the associations that struggle a bit with numbers that simply can't afford the LM resource loss in favour of the City to LM hauling.

    Again I think Hear Me Roar has come up with a brilliant idea and it would be nice if it could be adopted.

    Which support moderator? This is like reading a page of my life the first and last time I will ever play a second server.

    I advise you to accept this as collateral damage because support will do nothing. Unfortunately in my instance they actually condoned the bullying by one high profile player and came back with "the nature of this game is competetive" after several days of stating our case support was clearly not going to act.

    The group I was with had a president that was suffering a serious disease. Our bully was with another association, He was an absolute maverick. he started arguing with his own team of which I originally started with. the whole 21 players including myself left over a period of time and moved to the adjacent association.

    This bully then formed another team under a new banner, he never got them past 5 players and they all left too'

    This still did not stop him everbody was wrong except him. He then worked Naples by himself (this guy by the way was a level 28 player).

    This created extreme stress on all because we knew we had to level Naples and proceeded to do so while he just sat on Naples City and placed extremely large investment at times to $20,000,000 on the LM RG's we were hauling too, the remaining 3 Era's was absolute hell.

    The president and I would chat on the game forum and this guy would contuinally bully us with his rants. to cut a very long story shorter, we reached end game after 3 weeks of extreme duress. and every goods we were on he would put massive investment into and made sure he pushed our WT's to a point they sucked, and yes he destroyed the end game not only for himself but to make sure we could not get a leg in for a chance of a win either.

    for just over 3 weeks we suffered spite, nasty rants and his bullying ways while we spent our money and played for nothing. Support were happy for one player to totally ruin the South East on an endgame and totally condoned his bullying.

    My advice to you is not to waste your time with support, take it on the chin, find a server next game where you have associations that stick together and haul good for continuing games. We were getting near as much stress from support and their negativity to this type of game bullying and spite over many days before I ended the tickets.

    I was that incensed I would not close the ticket and kept on trying to reason with the support moderator to no avail. I feel for you and having been there know exactly what you are talking about. Good Luck with this issue.

    I now have a good home and continue to play with a group of associations that stick and work in together. I would also add that I have only told part of the story (far too long) and I have also posted this statement with honesty and no disrespect or prejudice.

    Definitely better to do LandMark comp than City comp, It doesn't make sense to watch your hauled goods to the "CITY" comp getting gobbled up every 14 minutes and then later you have to level up and all those goods are eaten. On the otherhand for a Competition on LM instead of City would be 100% more beneficial for all than a City Comp. It would be easy to, ie :- Set 4 goods to the LM to be greenlined for the comp. The Authors need to keep in mind that most people do NOT play the City Comps because it detracts from normal city level ups in relation to the Landmark hauling forLevel Ups, this will also help the elected Association Reps to get people hauling to The LM's and off the Cities when needed. Understanding that more goods will need be hauled to the LM, the competition rules or rewards for a Landmark can be changed, The definitive positive for a LM comp that you dont lose the green line til the whole LM is levelled and those greenlines for a LM comp will remain till the other LM commodities are levelled, not gobbled up every 14 minutes like in the city. The only prob I can see to be worked out is when the LM greenlines before a comp, but surely this can be workrd out :thumbsup:

    I am with you Toots, exactly as you explain it consistantly happens to me also, I am sick of it and have resigned my fate to just watching the 3 videos on my page, I wasting to much time on consistant reloads, cancel and reload sometimes to be bothered anymore. this is costing us all on bonuses and about time the problem is fixed. :cursing:

    Upgrade and getting RID of Adobe Flash would be a good start. :thumbsup:

    Hi Samisu, while I extremely respect your reply, I think you really need to start listening to people in respect to to support problems that have been coming exactly the same way as I explained, not only my association but many people across many associations, not just me, with due respect it is about time we have some improvements in the problems that many people are describing to support instead of the GENERIC answers. While I love this game and appreciate your attention, wouldn't it be better If your CEO's paid more attention to peoples generic complaints for a small part of their profits to make things better. Who knows, this small suggestion miight improve their investment !!!!

    Hi guys It is interesting the different tech probs we have, my worst is the train manager probs. Trains disappearing, sometimes remaining disappeared after 2 to 3 reboots. There was nothing worse in endgame the Train manager probs that were causing me to remain in cities when being called off, sigh, another reboot to fix and going past recalc. I have been stuck parked in cities or only some trains would come out and then another reboot. In the end I was manually moving things in and out. I feel the Train Manager is causing most of my probs. While reading this you might think I am in a world of horrors, but it is very intermittent. It just Pee's me off it always seems to happen when you are in a critical stage of play. (Murphy's law) I would like more attention from RN Tech heads on a Train manager that works properly more for the reason that Plus Paks are paid for.

    I like a lot of others in my association use Google Chrome as a Browser, as advised I consistantly clear chrome's cache, update and clean flash memory, and have tried different browsers (seems to me a generic reply from support what ever goes wrong). After doing all this I like most others I still get these Train manager problems some times causing total hangs.

    While I do not wish to detract from my above Grizzle, I like the new headquater/worker manager, even though a little small it did not take long to get used to and operates a lot quicker specially when wanting to make a quick bid on a worker.

    Cheers HoseBag, Lochness Server