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    It was totally unfair how was it treated on COMM41. According to my local support I was the first person who asked if we play end game according to the new rules about which we knew that exist. The anwser to my question was send back to all CM but it wasn't bad. The worst was that one of them wrote about this on their nation RN forum and on the city forum her nations played the most and only there! So only ONE city was informed(officialy!!) and me from my CM and accordingly my coalition.

    Is it fair then?

    About the new system - finally something which will allow not having on the server only two finals and when your opposition is riding in 10+ associations, you will still have possibility to win in a smaller nb of people! :D:love:

    I can not believe that it is taking three day of solving this issue!

    On the top of that someone from your company have replied on my complainments on Google store than I always can play on my computer, seriously?! What a nonsense...

    I am really wondering how will you compensate not beeing able to ride a final stage, lost a lot of presige points and $$ not only at one server for so many players.

    Guys, common.

    Why do we have to download each time more than 100mb when we want to play via app on our Phones? It is impossible to do it without WiFi connection on the long term. I hope you will do sth with this as for now it is impossible to play :| Doing Such moves in a Day of final stage at Origin...