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    Thank you very much for reply.

    I know you can't check anything, I haven't open this topic for complain. I am sorry if It seems like complain. Most of the Turkish players don't know English so I guess they haven't report these mistakes, I just want to inform you about that.

    If it's ok to report translation issues here, I want to add one new error.

    On the info page,
    You will only be able to collect this bonus in the coming days translated wrongly in Turkish, it translated as Bu ikramiye lokomotifi sadece önümüzdeki günlerde alabilirsiniz. But lokomotif is mean Engine. So it means You will only be able to collect this "BONUS ENGINE" in the coming days. So it should be Bu ikramiyeyi sadece önümüzdeki günlerde alabilirsiniz.

    Also I want to specify that most of the game developers don't care about forums much, and if you try to contact them it takes 10-15 days or more to answer, so It's nice to see every messages answered here by developers and fixed things quickly. I want to thank you for this.

    Have a nice day.

    Thank you for reply.

    I haven't noticed filter section on rank preview :) I always use prestige page to see rank of specific category. Thank you for information.

    For idling videos I took a small video which shows what I mean.

    if you watch the video you can see when I use the button to watch video first, There is a picture flashing and after that it takes 5-6 seconds until refresh, and if you count it you can see it takes 11 seconds to open video. I can tell 11 seconds not much time but this is my faster computer so I have no problem with this but on my slowest computer this can take 2x time to load it. Also sometimes I see 6-7 or more numbers changed until it find valid video and this cause 4-5 or more seconds delay of course.

    I agree that is not big problem for game but I just want to tell while I opened that topic. But it's not that much important.

    I can open ticket for free lottery, I haven't open any topic about it because I thought someone already report it but if it's necessary I can create ticket for it.

    As a translation I told on my ticket before if they can send me tranlation file, I can fix the translation issues while playing and send back to them but they told me that I inform them with issues but still haven't fixed mistakes as I reported. And after I see in the changelog they fixed the French translation issues, I want to inform again. But as I said before these are not the only problems for example I remember now, on the free ticket button on the page which open while we collecting our association friends train stations, there is a button which open lottery page, the button translated as Ücretsiz Biletini Bozdur, but Bozdur isn't there because the sentence is too long for button so it can be translated as Bilet Bozdur so it can fit on button clearly.

    That's why I wanted the translation file to fix issues because translation a word and meaning is totally different like as I said on "News" translation issues on my first message.

    Thank you again for reply.
    Have a nice day.

    Before I started to typing I want to inform you every spoiler contains images so if you have limit on the internet please don't open the spoilers.

    I didn't want to open thread for each and checked rules but haven't seen any rule about it so I got all of them together in one topic.

    Prestige Overview
    Before the update when I use the numbers on the prestige overview window it directly shows the rank of specific category, like train station, achievements, others, etc. But at the moment it directly redirect me to rank page. To explain better I got that picture;

    When I click the number which I marked on the picture, it should show me the rank of train station but it directly show me the global rank page. Like the picture below;

    Before update there was no problem on that.

    Free Lottery Bug
    I selected TR-1 but this bugs happens every server I played. This is a very minor bug but I want to inform you. When you earn lottery sale on videos you can directly redirect to lottery page and you can play it but when you earn free and use the To the lottery button, lottery page isn't opened and you seems like in your train station but you seem like visitor on your train station so the button of lottery still be disabled and you can't use it without switching world or research page and back to train station.

    Idling on Videos
    Some videos isn't opened and game try to refresh frame as soon as it find a working link. This is a good system but in some servers that cause too high waiting time, like sometimes you should wait 30 seconds to open video to watch and this is boring. I don't know how to fix that but if you put the working sites on the first choose, I mean if the game try to open best site first this can block that for a while. Because some video sites has inoperative videos and you can see the picture of video but you can't play it so you should wait until it refresh frame for a new video. (This takes 5-10 seconds for my fastest computer but it takes 10-15 on my slowest computer)

    Turkish Translation Issue
    I can't send the image of that because nearly all of the translation has errors. I will send the mistakes I remember, and try to explain where it is and how it should be.

    Note that: The true translations shown as bold.

    News translated as a Haberler. Normally News directly means haber(ler) but in this case it should be translate as a Mesajlar which means Messages because News section is only for private message. Haber is totally different meaning in Turkish.

    Tamamlanacağı Süre:
    On competition section Completed On: translated as Tamamlanacağı Süre: but Tamamlanacağı süre is future tense in Turkish. So it means Will be completed on <time>. But this text show the completing time of competition. So it should be Tamamlandığı Süre:

    Status on the medals page translated as Konum. (!?) Status is Durum in Turkish and Konum means Location, Place which is totally irrelevant.

    Her $... dakikada 90 üretir
    Generates $... every 90 minutes on the restaurant info translated as Her $... dakikada 90 üretir. Which means Generates 90 in $... minutes. So there is variable error on this. This should be Her 90 dakikada $... üretir. Same error occurs on Shopping Center.

    Herhangi bir zamanda ... ürün ruhsatına sahip olabilirsiniz
    You can own ... goods licences at any one time translated as Herhangi bir zamanda ... ürün ruhsatına sahip olabilirsiniz. Any one time is mean Herhangi bir zamanda, but in this case it means Aynı zamanda (aynı anda) so translate should be Aynı anda ... ürün ruhsatına sahip olabilirsiniz.

    Variable Error
    I can't explain these one by one because there is so many. In Turkish percentages shown like %90. As you see percentage symbol (%) shown above the number. But in the most coding % use for variable like flash so every percentage sections on the game totally broken on Turkish translate.

    I can give some examples, for example on the Multi-Repair page on the top of the page there is a text box for percentage and in Turkish translate there is "p" shown.

    The workers totally f*cked because we can't see how much advantages they give us. I can show that with that picture;

    As you see percentage of the bonus translated as 5 here. So we don't know what is the bonus until we get it.

    There is too many errors on percentages. If you change every translation which starts with % it can solve these.

    There could be many other errors I don't remember at the moment but the most errors is because of percentage symbol (%) so if you solve it most of the translation issues solved in Turkish.

    Have a nice day.

    Bug appeared on the TR-1 Buhar Kazanı server today on Titles. This happens first time, I haven't seen any bug like this before but I will try to explain as best as I can.

    Today at 00:00 like everytime server reset titles, but this time server gives wrong titles or give no title for some people. For example I was 2nd on Meat and 3rd on Cattle, I haven't transport any Cotton yesterday but I get Cotton Rank 2 title. I thought it was a display mistake and I cleaned my cookies, refresh my game etc but it doesn't change anything.

    Here is images that explain the problem better:

    Meat Title Screen:

    You can see the image 1, Glazier is first of the Meat but get Leather Title, Mr Reese who is third get no title. Also you can see my nickname is 2nd on meat.

    Cattle Title Screen:

    Cotton Title Screen:

    As you can see my nickname isn't here. Because as I said before I haven't transport any cotton yesterday. But there is 3 people transported it, 1st and 3rd haven't got any title, but 2nd has Rank 3 Cotton title.