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    OK So I upgraded my career engine to 21 wagons a few minutes ago after the new changes went into effect.

    I am playing 3 servers at the moment.

    • COM 203 - Tower Bridge
      • Worked great
    • COM01 Steam Boiler
      • Never registered the change
    • COM02 Firebox
      • Crashed
      • All trains disappeared except Career
      • Career only has 1 wagon

    I have 2 ideas for scenarios.

    1. North America / USA+

    • This would be similar to the SoE but without Ports
      • Include Landmarks
    • Regional instead of East vs West
      • Could be 10 Regions of 5 cities or 5 regions of 10 cities
      • New England, East, South East, MidWest, South West,
        PAC North West, etc
    • EG qualifier - same as SoE
      • if 5 regions, then top 2 cities per region qualify
    • Add Government features
    • For the North America concept
      • Add cities/regions in Canada and Mexico
      • 5 regions in US, 4 in Canada, 1 in Mexico

    2. South America

    • Not all continents are represented, South America is missing
    • This would be similar to the Australian concept with less cities.
    • SoE style with Ports
    • Could easily get 30 cities with just the Capitals and a few major cities
    • Special routes across the Andes, simulating tunnels, and the Amazon area

    All things being equal, doesn't make sense for the Mega Bonus to be every 7 days on 2x server
    instead of every 14 days like it is now?
    The license durations were cut in half to 24 hours in 2x vs 48 hours in 1x

    So we have established that you "SHOULD" get your video engine update within
    the first 14 (28) videos.

    I assume that this is a random number generator that determines which # video you get the bonus in.

    Playing in Steam Boiler, currently Era 2 - day 2
    So we have had the opportunity to get 16 bonuses.
    Yet, I have never, ever, received the bonus before the 11th (22nd) video.

    Being a mathematician, this is virtually statistically impossible with a fair algorithm,
    assuming the algorithm is designed for a uniform distribution.

    Can the devs validated the algorithm for fairness/uniform distribution ?

    I think the distinction of whether you voluntarily left or were dismissed by the chair/deputy should be considered.
    I joined an association, and the association dismisses me.

    Why should I incur a penalty when I did nothing wrong?

    I would have stayed had it not been for the association's officers actions.
    Therefore if you are dismissed there should be no penalty.

    We have experienced that in the last 3 rounds on Tower Bridge.
    First time we were not able to register for a city
    only to find out after the round started that the city was vacant.

    And yes, we have also experienced some random player pre-registering for a city that was not optimal for the association and then logging off and never coming back.

    An interesting "bug"

    The video engine guarantees that you will receive an engine update within the first 14 videos. This appears to NOT be true.

    Today I got my bonus on the 27th video I watched.
    (It said I had 28 left, so maybe it was 28th video)

    Nevertheless, the algorithm is broken.

    It is still not fixed for me.

    And on the language front:
    Since we don't get the same support than the Germans maybe
    we should be paying less for gold. Just my 2 cents

    Here are a couple of suggestions

    1. Allow MULTIPLE RIVAL and FRIENDLY associations, 2 or 3 would be ideal
    You could even calibrate them
    1st gets 50%, 2nd gets 25% 3rd gets 10%

    2. Require that you must have at least 1 train visiting the facility before you are allowed to invest there. Yes you could remove the train after the investment, but it would make it more work for the investor.

    Same thing happens when trying to sit for someone.
    Go to sitter menu
    click on the person you want to sit
    when the confirmation dialog comes up
    you click OK
    and then it will sit there for hours if you let it

    The only solution is to reload, and start the "Sitter" process again
    with fingers crossed.