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    Here are the top 10 for tower bridge, with # players at end of EG

    OSL 44 143 0:00 251123
    ATH 44 125 0:30 234787
    RIG 44 130 1:00 239437
    IST 44 151 1:30 258052
    SAR 43 167 2:30 261688
    MOS 43 120 3:00 221828
    LYON 43 243 3:30 315666
    MIL 43 192 4:00 280592
    MAN 43 122 4:30 223669
    GDA 43 120 5:00 221828

    How would the endgame tonnage for the highest mega city in a region that is not in top 10.

    10 CityA Level 35 140 players

    11 CityB Level 32 90 players

    What would be the tonnage for these 2 ?
    I know CityA should have
    3 x 50,000 x ( 140 / 100 ) ^ 5
    or approximately 177,000

    What would be the tonnage for CityB ?

    Elsewhere here in the forum there was a lot of discussion about the final and as a result the first changes are now live on some servers,

    Therefore, I would like to give a brief overview of how the delivery quantities are calculated in the ES on the Fast-Forward servers and the newly starting HTML5 servers (according to the current status).

    I hope that not so many players are wondering what to expect. ^^

    In the future, the delivery quantity in the endgame will be calculated in two stages:

    Level 1 - basic (so far only level)

    The camp size of the city (end of epoch 6 / beginning of the endgame) is multiplied by the factor that is appropriate for the server.

    Standard & Express servers: warehouse size * 3

    Fast-Forward-Server: warehouse size * 2

    You can find an overview of all city levels and the corresponding warehouse sizes here.

    I had promised to provide a table with the bearing sizes in connection with the level. Here she is:


    The tens are in the row header and the ones in the column header. To determine the size of the warehouse for level 46, go to the line where the 40 is and look where it intersects the column with the number 6. There you will find 75,000 t.

    Level 2 - Number of active players (new)

    The delivery quantity is adjusted to the number of active players (online in the last 3 days) who have connected the metropolis. The factor for adjusting the number of players is:

    Standard & Express servers: (number of active players / 100) ^ 0.5

    Fast Forward Server: (number of active players / 100) ^ 0.7

    After each finished block of 12 goods, the delivery quantity is adjusted to the current number of players.

    Example table

    Some examples are shown in the table below. According to the old calculation, 225,000t would be at all places.

    City with Level 46

    Standard & Express

    Fast Forward

    10 players

    71.151t (-153.849t)


    50 players

    159.099t (-65.901t)


    100 players

    225,000t (+/- 0t)


    200 players

    318.198t (+ 93.198t)


    400 players

    450,000t (+ 225,000t)


    I hope that no mistakes have been made so far and I don't create too much confusion ^^

    My biggest complaint:

    The number of players used for calculation should be ONLY those players who
    have set that city as their hometown. Visitors, prestige hunters and paxers from
    other cities do not count. After all, they won't credit for the win anyway.


    Time online is not a good measure of a hot sear account.
    I keep the game open 24x7 on my desktop, it may go to sleep occasionally, and while I am sleeping,
    but it is on my screen all the time, even when I am working on my work computer sitting next to it.
    How do you envision to separate those cases?

    Currently you can get prestige by:

    • Delivering the required goods (and passengers) to the city
    • Investing in facilities

    So you collect prestige from facilities that you invest when they grow,
    but they need supply to grow.

    Why not award prestige for delivering supplies to the facilities,

    maybe the same amount you would get for investment (or maybe 1/2)
    This would be for all the needed supplies.

    For example:

    You could get prestige for delivering Coal to the Steel facility.

    I think the better approach is to use the number of citizens, rather than the number of people connected.

    By citizens would be, those call that city home.

    This will avoid any intentional or intentional messing around with other team connecting to a city
    just to increase their EG hauling. It is very unlikely that someone would call a city home while
    they are hauling for another city, and it should be easy to calculate with the current system
    as you already use that to determine who gets credited with a win.

    After Rapid Rail was not restarted, I joined Fast Track,

    However my Gold + Plus Account are not appearing in my account to upload

    What gives ? I thought this was possible as they are both in the COM domain.

    Did someone introduce a new bug ?

    Everyone interested in playing this again, we have a huge problem.

    I do not think it will be much fun.

    RN have said they will not reconsider having an English only server.

    The international server will be packed to bursting imo.

    Over 2 billion of the world's population are Native English speakers.

    The world population is less then 8 Billion.

    Ergo more than one quarter of potential players of this game have English as a first language and the vast majority are not fluant in other server languages.

    Yet this 25% are going to have to share their server with the other 75% of the world population.

    Sorry, but, this is a joke, surely.

    So, I do not think I am prepared to play x4 again, much as I like the pace.

    What are your thoughts?

    I guess we can transfer gold from Rapid Rail to the Multi Lingual version Fast Track.
    Will we be able to transfer gold from Fast Track back to other servers,

    I am getting tired of leaving gold in servers that I will never play again.

    I guess it is a way of making money.

    What are the rules from getting gold out of each of the 4x servers
    as that would influence my decision of whether to play again or not and where.