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    Incorrect, the upgrade is from the 1st video.

    The upgrade is guaranteed within the first 14 of the first videos.

    If you also get the bonus video and watch it, you may need to watch 27 videos (14+13) to get the upgrade.

    There is a known problem then. Because I also noticed that I almost never get it in the first 14 videos

    Question about the USA scenario. How are points based on levels calculated? Here's what I understood:

    • If you control a city, its value is controlled by you. The value is calculated as: level*10. EX. city level 7, value=70
    • When you level up a city that's under your control, you gain some points, which you will never lose, calculated as such: my city levels up from 7 to 8(7->8), my region gains 7 points

    Am I right or am I wrong?

    My problem is that investments can get super expensive over time and bring 0 to little improvement, because as you said, what matters are the clicks, not the amount of money spent

    I think there is a small speed boost already on these long tracks on SoE?

    I have recently played this region with big success in 3 rounds in a row, so it should not be a problem to play there.

    Europe map in general is very close to be the "perfect" map as to being fair to all cities, but there is a few places where there is a problem, and that is where the cities are too close to each other. Rome/Naples and Porto/Lisbon are some examples.

    Why being too close is a problem? Is it because of balance? Or because of too many shared industries? But since being succesfull in East is doable, I'll maybe choose it in the next round :)

    I rarely choose east(Russia) becuase their cities are extremely far and that means that my trains will take a long time to get there. I think it can be a pretty big disadvantage if there are active players who want to support other regional cities, but their trains, especially in era 1 and 2, take 15 or more minutes(haven't calculated it) just to get there.

    So I suggest a small buff to train speed in especially long tracks, so the time is similar to a normal length track. I'm not talking about the tracks project that connect regions, just to be clear.

    What do you think?

    Did the players who have a higher waittime join the asso by an invitation or application while they were in another asso? If that's the case they are not counted as asso member by industry investments, it's a known bug. There is one solution to get it right and that is kicking these members out of the asso and let them rejoin again.

    OMG! I didn't know. Is it for all servers? I just recently joined an asso for invitation while being in another asso, do they need to expell me and then rejoin by applying to the asso?