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    NOT real money!!! Your money in the game. I don't like the people who put in their own money to buy gold and hence prosper either, its an unfair competition against those of us poor beggers who play for free.

    Just a thought for the future:-

    I have members in my association that cant progress as well as they would like as they haven't got sufficient money to purchase waggons.

    What if there was a facility to borrow money say perhaps from other members in their association at a % interest rate, and they couldn't move associations until it was paid back, and / or it was deducted back from their account when it reached a certain level. Obviously there would have to be a limit to borrowing of a % of their income or their engine value or something, otherwise people would borrow millions and place tracks and engines everywhere.

    Any views on th subject?

    I feel that I am being penalised for being successful in this round. My bank is at its maximum with a $30k limit. Before I retire at night I spend everything on investments, buildings waggons etc, yet when I get up I have gone over my limit and lost money. I appreciate I could double this to $60k if I spent real money and bought a package, but I am playing this as an excellent free game.

    Is this something you would look at improving?