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    This i have seen has been a problem for years. The underhanded tactics of bidding for workers. How can an association bid and win 6 worker auctions in 1 24 hour period. I am not talking bidding for the same worker for extended time. The only way this can be done is if a high position association places such a high price that others can't compete with just so they can win it and dismiss it and cheat other associations out of the worker. I know this has been going on for years but this round on the server i am playing there are 3 high profile associations with obviously very deep pockets putting hundreds of millions on workers and winning 6 in a row all different workers. So they are obviously dismissing workers as soon as they have won them and bidding and winning the next.

    So my solution to stop this is to put a restriction on how they can dismiss workers. For example if you bid and win a worker you can't dismiss this worker for 20 hours. This in my opinion will stop all the underhanded and devious associations from stopping smaller associations from getting the good workers.

    I was thinking about your idea of coupons but wondering how that would work.

    Would it be possible to win coupons in lottery to be able to add days to your sitter allowance but make it so they are only be able to be won in era 5. So if someone is trying to misuse accounts etc you have your 15 days which would only allow someone to sit until end of era 2. Genuine players would find a way for the 15 days to last them 4 weeks before they can win a couple to extend. This also would have to have a limit of say 10 max coupons per account.

    Or could someone collecting your bonuses win a coupon allowing them access to a function similar to a sitter one. For example If your balance is in the red on the widget and no one is allowed to collect a bonus then they can click on it watch a video and gain say 10 mins sitter access to enable them to service trains and sort your bank out and allocate your rp .


    One of the main problems for anyone is the bank hitting its limit and the RP points being full. These can fill even before the 12 hours are up that a sitter can help.

    Maybe introduce a function where if your bank hits its limit you don't lose the cash and its put into a reserve until you can come online and can then upgrade your bank and collected your funds from the reserve.

    Could there be an option that allows an associations members to press a button when they see your are in the red with your balance so it transfers it to the reserve.

    Oh this could actually be a use for an association bank like safety deposit boxes if that makes sense. The member could deposit your excess funds in the association bank but no one else can touch it only you are able to withdraw it.

    I was really disappointed with the new changes made to sitters. The introduction of a 15 day limit per round on express server and 30 day limit on normal servers.

    The reason i am told is to limit account misuse of someone creating an avatar and leaving the game and the sitter could then control the account through to end game. Now i understand this completely but this is limiting loyal players who have been playing since the start of the game and penalising them for having the audacity to work 12 hour shifts. tut

    Now i also think that the new changes is encouraging account login sharing and will not stop cheaters. For example you could just get a friend to sign up who doesnt want to play and he gives you his login details and you take control of the account for the rest of the game thus bypassing the 15 limit anyway.

    So my suggestion is to create a way to place something on the account that counts how many times you login in a week. You have to actually login with your account at least 4 times a week otherwise the account is locked and even sitters won't be able to sit until you have logged in and unlocked it. This will weed out any abandoned accounts and stop anyone misusing the sitter function.

    Or another suggestion similar to the first would be to have the sitter function with password. When you set your sitter you set a password for that sitter to use. This password has to be changed at least once a week. If after a week the account holder hasn't logged in to set a new password for the sitter then the sitter function is disabled until the account holder logs in and if after 3 weeks still no login then the account is locked until next round unless the account holder contacts RN to unlock it.

    This will in my opinion still help genuine players get the help that is needed and also stop misuse of abandoned accounts.

    I'm sure others will have the same problems and have other suggestions so lets see if a solution can be found.:thumbsup: