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    I have suggested about an association bank on several occasions over the years but nothing was ever implemented. I do have one thing i would like to suggest its a shame when members hit red with their banks full. What about an option for a Chair or Deputy to activate a emergency reserve so if they see a member with a full bank they could press their bank to activate it for say 3 hours or maybe a little bit more. If after that time the member still hasn't been online then the money earned until that moment is safe but anything else after that time will be lost.

    Some members miscalculate as they check how long until their bank is full but that doesn't take into account any bonuses that are collected by other members in that time and also if the association wins a worker that will generate extra cash while they are not here. Just so its a sort of safety net. You could also have a limit placed like it can only be applied to the account twice per week similar to how the sitter function has a limited number of days for the round this emergency reserve could have the same thing.

    I don't think it would be a good idea for people to see who your sitter is. For the simple reason what if the sitter wasn't carrying out their duties properly.If the chair or deputy see's that the sitter is online they can call them out this may put people off from becoming a sitter. Maybe sometimes the sitter only has a limited time themselves to sort their own trains and no time to sort the person they are supposed to be sitting for. Then when that person comes online and the chair or deputy says well this person was online and didn't sort your trains.

    The one thing i would suggest is sometimes it can be confusing if you see a person come online and you start to talk to them but they dont reply and you think they are ignoring you. For it to turn out later that it was someone sitting their account. Maybe it would be useful to have something to show that the account is currently being maintained by a sitter to save confusion. For example when when you get the popup that someone is online it would have an 'S' next to someones name in red or an S in the green circle or something else just to show the account is current being sat for.

    Hi i seem to have caused a bit of an argument here. Sorry not my intention i wasn't saying that those who enter who already have the train are doing it hostile or anything. All i was suggesting was a way for it to be a bit more fair for others entering the comp if the winner already has the train. The reason as to why the person has entered if they already have the train is irrelevant really.

    I like your idea Samisu about maybe donating the train to a fellow member of your association. Maybe a member can't be online for the comp but another member is then they could enter to win the train and donate it. This also could cause other problems. What about if you pick a member to donate to and someone else wanted it and it causes an argument as to why you chose one member over another lol

    Maybe as another suggestion if you win the comp and you already have the train maybe you could receive a voucher in return that either you can use to purchase another bonus train that you haven't got or you could give the voucher to someone else. Or that it gives a voucher for a bonus engine upgrade. So whatever the reason for the person entering the comp whether they already have the train or not they will still receive something that they can either use themselves or give to someone else. There are so many solutions that could be implemented. Maybe others have other suggestions that would work for everyone.