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    Samisu, all due respect, but this is nonsense. Google might be delaying the fix upload, but would never bug the app and make it download additional content.

    Good job to you personally trying to handle the tension, but the developers and QA teams will upset Lars for sure.

    No, the bug you're talking about is on us, and has been already fixed, we were just unable to publish the fixed version because of the issue Samisu described.
    I hope that clears it up.

    Hi guys,

    thanks for the report! However we're aware of the mentioned bug and it's listed in our system. The reason why this hasn't been fixed yet is simply that we haven't found a way to reproduce it yet and therefore have no clue about it's cause. Sometimes we try to fix stuff hit or miss, but alas, it doesn't always work. We're sorry that this causes problems for you.

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    Hi nancy carol ,

    if nothing of the above works, please feel free to hit me up again and I'll check it out for you?
    Either way this shouldn't be happening, but there's currently no specific bug I know of that would be causing this issue.

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    Unfortunately, the problem is more serious. Such a message appears on the application, despite the fact that on the PC version, movies are available for viewing. I'm sorry, but I'm using a translator

    No problem I understand you just fine. :)

    That is due to the reason that there are seperated "video pools" for browser and mobile.

    Hi Poshandboots ,

    thanks for your report! Unfortunately there's not much to do about this. If the app tells you there are no videos left to watch that's because there are no videos left to watch meaning there's only a certain share of videos and once that's "used up" (meaning if a lot of people watch videos) it takes some time until there are more videos available AKA all you can do is wait and try again later.

    I'm sorry I don't have a better reply to your question.

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    I have an outstanding Invitation to the Assocation that I'm already in. Can I safely hit the check mark? I've let it go to this point in case it causes me to leave my current association.

    Could you tell me which server?
    And just to be safe, no, don't hit the check mark! We're currently investigating a bug concerning this matter.

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    Aw, no! It's rarely ever just you guys! There's just certain bugs/problems that are difficult to reproduce, because they can have very specific causes that we just don't know of, but I am always determined to find out!

    On a side issue, did you see my conversation message Samisu?

    What do you mean? I think Samisu can help you as well (if not better) as I can. :)

    Good Morning Sniffa ,

    thank you for the report.

    That looks like the tooltip is not updating correctly, meaning the button should show the right amount of money.

    Could you tell me what you did before that issue occured (e.g. sitting a player, connecting a city etc.), because so far I wasn't able to reproduce this. I will keep an eye on it either way.

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    Yeah, I figured. :)

    You already answered all my questions in the chat, don't worry.

    Concerning your problems with the mobile application -- unless you got any error messages it'll be difficult to figure out what's wrong. I'm still thinking about what it could be, though, so if I ever come up with something I'll definitly hit you up.

    In the video you send us, could you translate what each of the windows that popped up said? Maybe that would help us in the progress. (But please let's move to the actual thread for further discussions regarding this.)

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