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    I can just imagine the Marketing Dept's phone calls to prospective corporate clients now...
    RN: Hello, if you advertise with us we can guarantee you at least 1000 views of your advert every day!" :)
    Company: "Really? Well we have advertised with you before and we were guarnateed at least 100,000 views per day. What has changed? Are you ripping us off?" :(
    RN: "No, we just changed the game rules to be stingy to players..!" :)
    Company: " We don't care about players - just adverts for our company. We'll go elsewhere so we can get more value for our money, thanks... !"
    RN: :(

    Only a fool would consider the loss of revenue just to annoy its already-playing and paying customers. lol
    Message to RN: If I were you I would consider sacking whomever came up with this silly idea. (Or was it really unintentional and someone is trying to 'pretend' it was intentional?)

    Please Rail-Nation I am trying to view the videos and left the game before because I was unable to pull up the videos. I have removed Adblocker I have have cleared my cache, I am using Chrome to play the game. Tell me what else it could be as I dont want to leave a'Nothing' is the answer to your question.

    'Nothing, is the answer to your question. You can do precisely 'nothing' about it. RN don't care about you or your video problem. Hundreds of us have the same problem as you and we have all got the same answer. 'Nothing'. They simply don't care.

    Sorry, I know you didn't want to see this kind of reply. Me neither, but it is what it is. :(

    Are you guys kidding? Travian Games videos are the only ones that work first time. The others all need to have a 10 second wait before a 10 second countdown before you can even hit the reload button to have another 30 second video load up and play. After being forced to do this multiple times every day to play a game I pay gold for I wish all my vids were Travian games vids I can tell you! They are boring as heck but at least they work and you can grind past them!

    And anyway - Everyone knows they don't care so it's a mute point anyway. And it is not just us playing customers they don't care about - I just wonder if all or any of these 'commercial clients' that pay Travian to even play their ads even realise that they are being ripped off by buying/paying Travian Games for a broken product that doesn't work properly. If I see a product on my travels that advertise on RN I make it a point NOT to buy said product just out of spite. Well... except for MacDonalds but hey ho...

    Does anyone bother watching these videos any more? I have stopped bothering now as they hardly ever work right anyway. Who at RN is responsible for uploading and checking these things? Surely it should be so simple a child could do it? Or maybe a trained chimp? Well, whoever it is should probably seek a new job as this one is too difficult for him/her.