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    Investing in special routes on Europe scenario is kind of wild, people having few millions investments, do auction each other by 10k or 20k like many times, time after time again just to be ahead.

    In industries there are specific amounts of money, which get higher after every click. It's less wild way needing less of attention and often refreshing and checking the investments there. More comfortable, less time consuming and less sever capacity consuming.

    Why don't we do same with special routes? The one who invested sooner, same amount is higher and investment amount are set automaticly as in industries?

    That would save time for players to check special routes so often and would save some server overload a bit too.

    If you play on multiple game worlds, only the one with your best result will count and the amount of career points.

    That's not a good news :P I counted on all as I deserved points on every of five servers. If I knew it before I would pay so much time and attention to it :/

    So far I got career points from one of five servers, where I played during Winter Event.

    Hope will get from other too and there's no bug about it but just some more of waiting needed :)

    In Europe scenario bonus Prestige Points for regions range from 10.000 to 100.000, in USA scenario its just 10.000 PP.

    That does not motivate players much, as best can earn this just in around 1-2 days of playing.

    To put more emphasis and motivation on playing on region it would be good to benefit 10.000 PP on end of every era for best one from Red/Blue sides and on the end of End Game too, so it would be possible to earn from 0 - 70.000 PP, with motivation every era to be the best ones. And that would make real difference in game.

    Same time to not make in more unbalanced, there should be mechanism of max 1% difference in number of active players (without black dot), so You could not register to more numbered side if they have more than 1% of active players.

    Who is up to agree for such changes? :)

    Lets make the duel competition in USA more fun :thumbsup:

    In game, often the left column's "X" to close the window is as standard unseen and unclickable. Sometimes it doesn't matter much, but in this case I just dont see part of the map at all and cannot do nothing about this.

    My proposition #1 is to make the map actually bigger and possible to zoom in/out and move. It should be quite easy to do

    My proposition #2 is to enable in visualise options to move the top bar, as an additional option to use individually for example, options to use: 150 pixels to left, 100 pixels to left, 50 pixels to left, center, 50 pixels to right, 100 pixels to right, 150 pixels to right.

    So if a player have the problem with top toolbar to hover ofter "X", then he might adjust best option for him/her individually.

    My resolution is 1280x1024, monitor Dell 1905FP, if it helps somehow to test changes. Chrome browser.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one to have this problem, as people use different monitors and resolutions.

    In this case I simply don't see the West Coast and part of East Coast too.

    Option #3 would be to be able to minimalize top toolbar and right toolbar, so other stuff don't hide under it. But then I also would not see Boston :P so map need still then a bit on enlarging, by putting oceans on both sides of USA so it's movable left <-> right at least.

    On top of picture You can see already end of the window, as there is internet address and on bottom as well, starts Windows top down toolbar. Same on right and left. That's simply all I see.


    Sacroima, cause lat joiners more often spoil the game. They dont care about region so they haul for prestige/money/whetever else and they do not teamplay.

    If You builded up Region ranking for 6 era, You probably wont spoil for example watiting times during End Game. If You joined just 3 days before EG, You dont care and You might disturbn during EG, by hauling, what is not Called, for example.

    I find it a way of cheating to get much of prestige easily to join late in Europe scenario. And not only me as more people liked the suggestion. I would prefer rankings to be more fair. Abusing regional prestige system, makes rankings less fair.

    Now, the finished goods, shown as green, are not shown according to time of being finished. I dont know what causes the Sand to be first and Coal second actually. But it would be much more useful if first finished, would be shown first and last finished would be shown last. So as on the picture it would mean that Sand was finished first and Leather was last.


    Cause when I haul to Landmark and I log in after some time, I could easier check if one of goods I haul, got finished during my absence. Now it takes more time to check it.

    If it would be done as I propose, I would need just check if I did haul, last finished goods.

    Thing is more complicated if there is more goods to haul and if You did haul all of them, not just part of them as I did, on the photo.


    From hauling more, every player gets more money and more prestige. So those who work hard, gets the prize for it already, for every ton hauled.

    Prestige awarded for being member of region is over-used, as its easiest to get.

    Just join Europe map in last days of era 6, choose the region which is most full, but You still can join it and You get free prestige. Do it with 30 servers and You get lots of prestige points for doing almost nothing.

    I think it should be cut off.

    No one will check how much player did for region, but rule of 'joined later -> less prestige' can be easily implemented

    Often, if I join server in late phase or just play it all along, its kind of obvious who have to chance to fight for #1 position, who will be around #2 and #3, and who does not stand chances at all. Even if there were like 50 cities on the beginning. Often it's kind of 'done' long before era 6, era 5 or even era 4. And not that much of fun anymore, cause of it.

    Putting more of equality, between cities/region, will make it better. Not like 2 cities hauling and fighting to win and all the rest of 48 cities, just to get a bit of prestige or to kill the life boredom, no bigger emotions involved.

    It's kind of this way if in soccer/football You let one team have 16 player, while others have 9. Not much of fun for both as the result is known...

    Game is more fun, when cities, like on classic map, or regions, like on Europe map, are closer to each other with power/strenght.

    The easiest to make those distances smaller, is to put limits of players lower.

    I don't know what are they now, but I guess it would be better, when they are lower. I mean that You cannot join so easily most grown cities/region, grown in number of players.

    Firstly other cities and regions would have to fill up more in players, before more of them can join top cities and regions. And counting it in active players (logged in and transported something during last 3 days).

    Its not much fun, when You have so big difference, that You just dont have any chances to win as region or win the End Game. Many players just quit then the rivalization.

    Making it more equal, more equal chances is better and more fair. Like in sport, teams are with same number of players.

    Lets put more of equality in RN competition! To make it more emotional, more fun! :) And longer fun.

    If people misunderstand automatic translation for exact professional translation, then its problem of their lack of knowledge how it works. It could be option to use for those who want, just after clicking on something. I would use it just to understand partially what somebody else have said. I still use it sometimes to understand messages and putting it into RN would just make it easier for me :)

    It would be useful to be able to click 'translate' button on forum.

    Then the game would use for example google translate engine to detect languange and translate the message to the default languagle of the player.

    If we play on some national server, I do sometimes, on Dutch, French or Russian, but I don't know those languages, it would be much useful to be able to click it and see the message translated, like there is such option on facebook.

    It would be faster and easier than to coppy message, open another browser page, go into translator and paste it in.

    I dont know how hard it is to implement or if it would use much of server's capacity, but maybe its not that complicated to do. Idea is good I think :)

    Or other solution, which is already implemented, is just counting down some seconds, till You can refresh info again.

    Its used in End Game city widget, that You can refresh once per 30 seconds.

    It could be even once per 60 seconds and it would be still useful for refreshing industry estimated waiting time for next hour. I would use it, even if it would cost like 20 000$. As a way of income for RN it could cost some in-game money or 1 gold per refresh (one of those two to use by player).