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    As developers I would check which kind of clothing are most popular to use, except those got by everobody on start and try to implement something which might be interesting for players, cause its kind of same style of whats most popular. Plus getting things which are different styles, not yet available in game.

    Awkward sets of clothes are one of fun things in game :)

    In game when checking industries rankings, we have 4 columns: level, investment, growth and time (waiting time). Additional 5th column of time till level up would be very useful for investing :)

    I know its kind of making it easier to invest and that number of investments would probably grow then, but still... why not to add it? Let the investments competition grow.

    I can understand that RN is trying to minimise the use of double accounts. But setting a limit of sitter days, the loyal and fair playing people and not to forget paying players are really disadvantaged. Sometimes a good an loyal player needs more than 30 days a sitter can take care of his or hers account.

    Then he can start game at the start of era2 for example, instead of playing since beginning of server. Or just build up Laboratory and Bank to maximum early and skip few more days of playing during early phase of server, without that much of lose.

    1/3 of sever round is a lot, in my opinion.

    My point is to:

    - not punish better in rank cities, for being better in rank, by higher tonnage

    - keep competition during all eras, so it would not pay of to have slow-down-waiting-strategy, just to keep as low level as possible but still being in top10

    Let there be competition all the time, let the race be open. Let not punish those who hard work for 6 eras, with much bigger tonnage to haul.

    The logo of Rail Nation look like it was made in 1990's... so actually when I first saw it, I was confused if the game is that old or if it has so ugly old graphics... but actually it's newer and doesn't look like 1990's in-game.

    Old players probably got used to old style ugly logo, but I didnt so much and I know that for wanna-be-new-players, this first look may be important.

    There are so much better graphics inside game, why not to use them to upgrade the logo? Just putting there three better looking locos with some newer style fonts?

    A single player with a single account can be countered by an organized team of active players every time.

    If You met just 1 single troll during a round, You might be one of most lucky guys around :D

    In real life, normal humans, if some evil guy is around, they make laws, they make ways to stop him, set up police, whatever... Your proposition is to do nothing with lack of empathy, actually helping evil to flourish. I dont agree to You and to Your approach.

    Differences between servers doesnt matter here.

    Making End Game longer doesnt matter too.

    Differences in tonnage to haul during End Game matters, cause it punish most hardworking cities, giving too much of privilege to bottom of top10 cities.

    Why city #10 or #9 should have it easier than city #1 during End Game?

    Triarius, You generally mentioned different approaches but seems that You dont believe that overinvestment trolls exist... yes they do. They just overinvest trying to piss off others. And they dont care about prestige, strategies and so on, they just want to piss off others. Yes, they do exist. And yes, there is no solution for them, than just fight investment war. But if they attack in the middle of the night, when most normal players sleep... You can not do much about it until You log in.

    There are even players to set up multi-accounts in other cities/regions, play normally full 6 eras there with You, just to hit in sabotage during end game, just to spoil Your tries for a good result. This is totally defendless situation and development team didnt give any tool for it.

    They might just sell all waggons trains and spend few hundred millions into Your industries, just to make it hardest possible to have good result by Your team/city/region.

    And You do nothing about it... developers do nothing about it...

    And then they refuse to make even a poll :D

    ... so lose more players until You learn that some justice and troll defenses in game are needed if You want to keep players playing. Some will of cource, but some will just leave, cause of trolls, which You have no solution against.

    Or just make it, that all cities in End Game, haul the number of tonnes, adecuate to city with lowest level during end game :)

    So if last city has level 37, lets say, ant #1 city has level 45, then all cities haul number of tonnes as for city with level 37, and then advantage of starting earlier the end game race is nice to have, worth being first and worth racing with levelling the city till end. Additional bonus is possibility to level up more industries.

    Less tonnage to haul during end game is crucial, I guess. Differences between few level cities can be very big, for every of 48 goods. Top cities rarely win end game cause of this.

    I'm not sure if game was intented to look that way, so top cities have lower chances to win game... but it works this way.

    Now during EG, city have to haul tonnage 3x last level tonnage.

    Chainging it into

    3x last level tonnage -20 000 for #1 city, per good,

    3x last level tonnage -18 000 for #2 city, per good,

    3x last level tonnage -16 000 #3 city, per good,


    3x last level tonnage - 2 000 for #10 city, per good,

    3x last level tonnage - 0 for #11 city, per good,

    3x last level tonnage + 2 000 for #12 city, per good,

    3x last level tonnage + 4 000 for #13 city, per good,


    would make it more just for cities/teams working hard for last 6 eras.

    Now best cities has lowest chances in End Game, not counting some earlier start, which is much lower bonus, than disadvantage from more tonnes to haul.

    I guess working for 6 eras should pay off during end game, not being a disadvantage. And lazy cities not making into top10 should have some kind of slightly punishment for it, hauling more tonnes, than their city level shows.

    When I see faces of trainspotters an idea that those are game developers, informatics arise. I see them on and on, at every log in almost.

    It's kind of funny idea, but I would like to have option to choose different set of trainspotters "nice girls" ;) or maybe "nice guys" for female players as an option too.

    They it would be more enjoyable to collect trainspotters :D ;)

    :love: :S ;)

    Yes, it might be automated so only council/cabinet members or deputies, could write there, or thread where You choose who can participate.

    Main use would be to have clear channel for communication of 'orders', what to haul, what is strategy, what we do, for example during End Game.

    Often happens that we do set up thread of information of what to haul ON/OFF (online/offline) and some people jump in with discussions, making offtopics and making goal of thread hard to keep, communication gets disturbed and bad emotions happens.

    Chosen mayor/president/council/deputies/cabinet, could inform rest of the plans, strategies and so on, without anyone else interrupting them. Making communication clearer and easier :) easier to teamwork then, with clearer communication.

    If You just want to go to sleep and put some new tracks to be builded before that, what will be finished in like 25 minutes, having 25 cargo trains... You need to wait 25 minutes and then click several times for every 25 engines... that makes game not ergonomical and less enjoyful, more of administrative clicking. Less fun more stress, as its working this way now.

    Better to make sure automatic route updater works as it should :) changing routes for shortest ones between destinations

    Browser version has bug/functionality of opening thread by itself. If I go to forum, it just opens some thread. But it shouldn't work this way.

    In mobile app there's no this bug, as there when I click messages/forums it does not open thread, I can by myself choose which thread to open. This is one issue.


    Second issue with messages is a bug in mobile app. When I click on thread, it sometimes happen to close immidiately, like a 1/4 of a second or something, just pop-up and closes in a part of a second. This issue happens only in mobile app. This is second, separate bug.