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    For weeks i'm playing the game on my touchscreen tablet in the chrome browser (edge from Microsoft will not work). There where no issue other then sometimes need to restart browser.

    For a couple of days if you enter the game world, it shows you hometown. Your still able to click transpotters, city and menu functions BUT you can scroll over the map. The only thing that works open the game full screen, then it works. Enter your station and come back to the map and your in window size mode again.

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    Hold your finger on the screen and go to the right, you go back one page, so the lobby.

    It's like the screen is frozen in the first opening screen. Everytime to open full screen is just a crime to do. Because to get to the lower menu buttons you need to hide the taskbar, what means no more screen keyboard to get.

    Any idea's where to look?

    tryed Edge, Firefox, Opera, Opera touch and chrome. The last was the best to play with.

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