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    This is mainly for the Devs but this text is placed in the wrong spot where the line is overlapping it. Maybe you guys can place the text above it somewhere?

    That is not possible, if the President chooses to ignore his account removed or its function, the function word or automatically transferred to someone else from the asso. or the President must transfer its function. But apparently has tech support here also no answer to how it can be that there is an asso without President is

    I will put two usernames on here, maybe they can help you:



    (Hopefully they will answer...)

    I once saw someone join our assoc with no name.....

    Edit: it's no glitch. He logged in with the same usernames. There's no username checker thing so you can make as many copies of the same username as you want.

    Samisu Maybe there could be 2 runs of the event, one that coincides with the western Easter date (for those servers that are running during that time) and another which coincides with the Orthodox Easter date (for those servers that weren't open during the first run). Something like that should allow for all servers to experience the event, due to the timing between the two dates... and it keeps the event itself from being run outside of "Easter" parameters. Just a thought :)

    Just as an aside here, I think this year's eggs were amazingly easy to see, so kudos to the design team on that one. I've never had an issue with finding them, but these stood out noticeably even when zoomed out as far as I could go (on Classic), so it made collecting them go that much more smoothly.

    I couldn't find the last one on Broadway US 101. I looked everywhere lol

    I only wish they can increase the chance of winning it in the lottery. Otherwise it's going to be slowly become a pay to play game. Nobody likes that....