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    A lot of information was shared over the years by Saphirus or one of the developers when questions were answered. Like competition groups or how the associations are divided into 4 groups for worker auctions. I linked some of it when answering questions here in the english part already like in this thread. It's spread over the threads and we have to search for it there ourselfs though. I saved links to some threads with usefull information for quick access. For example this: Karrierebutton Farben und Federn

    In Anleitungen & Tutorials are many FAQs and tutorials that should be translated.

    I will work on it and make a forum topic when i'm done.

    Edit: Don't we need @Amalis_DE permission first? or is he/she not active anymore?

    Edit2: It's just Amalis asking about the career level stars. It has nothing to do with a guide.

    You say you're a team player ;) (Not trying to be mean...)

    The competitions are actually broken up by prestige and the division is your Lottery Center level. You will only compete against other people with the same Lottery level as you and lottery level is dictated by how much prestige you have. As there arent many levels to the Lottery, the prestige gap can be fairly wide.

    That makes more sense. Thanks :)

    But you are correct that the products you have to carry for the tournament and awards will change depending how many points you have.

    Witch doesn't make sense because I've seen players with either a lot more prestige than me or less and they still play the same competitions as I do.

    why shouldnt we have to. I have played RN since the early days of the game. Pre PAX, Mobile APP, Steam Over Europe, USA, etc. and the fact remains that the developers have addressed this issue. Originally, pretty much everything was English only so they made tons of servers in various languages to give people from those countries a chance to play without the need for translator programs and such. I agree that an in game translator would be fantastic and I think if they manage to accomplish this, it will ultimately change the game since it will do away with language barriers but until that happens, either use a third party translator (like many did in the beginning) or play on the English only servers, there are several for each scenario to choose from.

    Indeed there is :)

    That sucks. how much prestige did you have? I've heard that's also a requirement for some events for cities....

    as for the chat being in Russian, that wont change, I know that I moderate on multiple "English Servers" and it is a hard fast rule that you only speak English in the chat, however, you are free to start a forum thread in game that is English speaking. I have seen several servers where groups felt somewhat alienated so reached out to the whole server via Gameworld Forum threads.

    Makes sense. But we shouldn't have to. It goes back to the in-game chat translation service that we talked about earlier.

    I was once connected to 3 cities and never saw an bonus engine competition...

    thank you for testing it for me, as for an in-game translator, I think that would be a great idea, I have seen several games and websites with this feature built in so its not completely out of the question but I wouldnt expect it any time soon.

    Your welcome :) It's a hard ask for that service right now. With the devs converting this game to HTML5. Maybe sometime after?....

    Not according to him:

    Yes you can. They happen rarely but if you are connected to at least 5 citys you will see several bonus engine competitions a week.

    Maybe Samisu can straighten this out....