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    I have an idea to post here spotted gold achived issues that spoiling the game. First eg: Server classic era 5 begining. 450 pts after 40 min of new era commneced. Guy is driving the tallos engines which requires 450 pts. How is it possible? We all know. How does it affect the game balance? The player is passangers title owner everyday since first city reached level 5. What is the point of the title when you can buy one? So how much prestige did he buy? Easy to calculate. It is nothing about strategy any more.

    I see a change, more and more become free haulers and less city haulers. Especially at smaller servers. There is an invasion of prestige hunting asso's. These players are not strong enough at their bigger national servers so they come with a lot of (sponsored) money to smaller servers. They are very disresprectful and take and break over the entire map. In cases it are just a few players with an entire asso build with multi accounts.

    Isn't this what game is about? Strategy. Different server different strategies. Such is life: adapt, adpot, improve...:)

    Price of the sausage? 25€

    Price of the hamburger? 20€

    Price of the flour? 10€

    Price of the cooking pot? 15€

    Price of the bread? 5€

    Package offer of the last row? 55€

    Package offer of the last column? 55€

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