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  • Rhoswen

    Replied to the thread RN Two games or One?.
    (Quote from Dοc Hοlliday)

    Only one tiny problem with this one suggestion: What about those who actually do not own and have never owned a cellphone? And conversely those who own more than one cellphone. (I am housebound and have no use for a cellphone…
  • Rhoswen

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    (Quote from Hear Me Roar)

    On the classic scenario, actually it's the income of freehauling passengers that causes the problem. I believe it is difficult to change the income formulas to more fair ones, so it would be easier to :

    1) Create an…
  • Rhoswen

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    simple: RN needs to pick a direction.
    Team game?
    or Individual Game?

    Team Game:
    Eliminate or reduce Prestige from factory investments (Cash) to less than 5% of what it is now.
    Increase Prestige gained from deliveries of RGs (City or LandMark)
  • MrPonzu

    Le me know if this makes any sense or has happened to anyone.

    I have been playing for 2 weeks two SoE games: one on Tour Eiffel and the other on Big Ben. Before that, I finished a game of Classic on Crankshaft. I have been playing on, and switching…
  • Steve Mencik

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    Also playing at Stoomketel.
    Day 1 new shop: 100 Gold (megabonus)
    Day 2: 1 free ticket
    Day 3: 1 free ticket
    Day 4: 1 free ticket
    Day 5: 1 trainvoucher
    Day 6: 10 Gold
    Day 7: 1 free ticket
    Day 8: 1 free ticket
    Dag 9: 1 free ticket
    Day 10: 1 free ticket
  • Dear Alexander,

    What a wonderful trip you have planned. I hear the passenger trains travelling this route are amazing! Remember to take a face covering with you - many countries require that if you are travelling by train these days. If you wish to…
  • Berliner U Bahn

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    Auf DE09 Regulator fahre ich Maschinen nach Groß Mühlum, tauche aber in der Transportrangliste nicht auf und bekomme daher auch keine Prestigepunkte.

    Wo liegt das Problem, und welche Lösung gibt es?
  • Richelie

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    T-shirt toady at home :) thx :)
  • Brian Birkett

    Posted the thread Storm over the City.
    Hi, storm over westhill not shown up in HTML 5 in Microsoft Edge and Chrome on US01 Crankshaft, I've already sent a ticket

  • Zarážka

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    Dobrý den, v příspěvku "Nový obchod - Nové výhody ! Aktuální stav" píšete: "Poukazy již nejsou viditelné v obchodě, ale lze je stále koupit ve hře." To však není vůbec pravda! Ve hře lze koupit jen on-line daný benefit (zrychlení,…
  • zegbert

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    habe ein Problem bei Dampfkessel :(
    es wird dauernd in meinem acc. herumgeklickt, Gold ausgegeben und Loks gekauft usw.
    Ich habe aber keine Vertretung ernannt :(
    könnt ihr das kontrollieren, und den ungewollten Sitter für meinen Acc. sperren ?
  • Bigfoot

    Liked Thetdoc™’s post in the thread RN Bias.
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    I would echo this sentiment. I too have been a chat moderator in the past & it is a privilege giving back to the game that I have enjoyed for so many years. I wanted to be there to make the game experience better for everyone but why should I not play…
  • Bigfoot

    Liked Vivacia’s post in the thread RN Bias.
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    (Quote from Calamity Jane)

    Chat Moderators and Support team members are volunteers, not paid employees. They are giving of their own time to help out with a game they enjoy playing, and continuing to play while "working" not only makes it worth their…
  • Bigfoot

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    (Quote from Samisu)

    I guess they won't have equal chances then :(
  • Johanna_BF

    Replied to the thread COM-101 USA Batch commands virtually unusable.
    Hey b9man,

    it can happen that the loading times take a bit longer after an update. Could you let us know if the performance is still bad for you in the next days?

    Kind regards
  • b9man

    Posted the thread COM-101 USA Batch commands virtually unusable.
    I'm playing the browser version.
    Since the last two updates the batch commands to park engines or load a saved list doesn't work well.
    #1 The command hangs for 1-2 minutes.
    #2 It may or may not complete. Often I have to reload
    #3 If it completes it may…
  • yomus

    Replied to the thread 🚅 New Shop.
    why cant you buy gold with mobile payment anymore?
  • XIII™

    Replied to the thread 🚅 New Shop.
    this dosnt work on USA brodway express :( place with offers shows only gold packages
  • Saphirus

    Replied to the thread 🚅 New Shop.
    The shop on COM101 switched on the 22nd, it was our second live switch server.
    But yeah, the box is displayed incorrectly, it should not yet have been the one for the mega bonus. We will investigate this further, also in regards to the achievement.
  • COM05 Cylinder Head - Tvaika
    It's impossible - you should remove Oslo or Vienna to do this