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  • The problem here /Mihai is that there is no rule against breaking majorities - it is a deliberate feature of the game. Players can compete in an arguably aggressive manner by taking majorities & investing for prestige benefits and this is an accepted…
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    Didn't we see that RN posted and said the number of reports against an individual do not play into their judgment and that breaking a majority is not unsportsmanlike conduct?
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    Hey webwigble, not sure if you were asking me but since the post came after mine I will assume that to be the case.

    The player in question was playing our endgame city. However, he didn't like Russians that much and when the…
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    Your last point is spot on. To add to it, no matter what rules are put in place, people will find ways around the rules. Human nature is... human nature.
  • I think the comment that raised the concept of gamesmanship & sportsmanship as different concepts is the critical one & I agree with the post that suggested that the risk of mutual destruction is what stops it happening - the principle I believe which…
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    Replied to the thread Redeeming codes through app.
    I found that to be annoying as well. Luckily I was able to come in to my computer and add it there but you would think you could add a bonus code into the app. Oh, another thing that would be nice is finding a new required good to lay track to on the…
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    Replied to the thread Four workers NOW!!.
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    You do have fair competition. You have the same ability to purchase a worker that a top corporation has. You just don't want to pony up the money and want things given to you instead. You also have a reading problem as I…
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    Replied to the thread Platform X - All your questions!.
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    People who do not use Facebook or have accounts there should still be able to view our posts.
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    Replied to the thread Masters 2021.
    I too am enjoying Masters. Yes, if you don't purchase a lot of gold you will not win, so don't try to win! Rail Nation posted that there are individual goals for this year. These are goals that were able to be met without spending a penny on gold. …
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    Liked mgc49’s post in the thread Masters 2021.
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    I am very much enjoying the Masters game. Last year I was in Rising Star and I enjoyed that too. It was fun playing without the more bossy high flyers.;) Playing Masters this time. I look around the area in which I play and all the cities are engaged…
  • Raidon

    Posted the thread Redeeming codes through app.
    I use the RN app to play but I have lost out on the black Friday event gifts because I rarely use my laptop. Shouldn't some functionality be made available for app users as well? :(
  • Ive hadabsolutely no response from the mentoring system.
  • Some people derive perverse pleasure from sabotaging cities. The problem though is where to draw the line. It is perfectly fair for opposing factions to take control of cities during the rounds in the USA scenario but is it acceptable to destroy waiting…
  • Baron Mikel 50

    Posted the thread Christmas Train/games?.
    Is this going to be back?
    I haven't seen any thing about it.
  • En Voiture 13

    Wrote a comment on CM Scyllo’s wall.
    Wall Comment
    Bonjour Scyllo ,
    Ne sachant pas ou posté mon message, je passe par toi pour faire le nécessaire merci d'avance :)
    J’ais une petite histoire du serveur fr201 a conté et faire partagé ... dont voici le TOME 1
    Les Acteurs de cette Histoire :
    Pops75020 :…
  • I personally have had the opposite - I have repeatedly been assigned newbies to mentor & nobody has responded to me. On one occasion a newbie was very inappropriate to me & I had to report them.
    So at the moment I have turned off mentoring
    However if…
  • I've had zero luck with this.

    I message them and never get a response, then a new one pops up and same.
    So I bowed out of this program
  • Richelie

    Replied to the thread Platform X - All your questions!.
    (Quote from Hear Me Roar)

    We do not understand each other. You replied to me that both conditions must be met at the same time, to Mihai you replied that it was enough not to deliver the goods in a given period of time for the player to become inactive.…
  • Rhoswen

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    The game has conditions for "active player" in a city!
    "Inactive player" - any player who does not meet the conditions for an "active player"

    Conditions for "active player" in a city
    Normal Game: Online within the last 72 hours and has delivered goods…