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  • They are not smarter than us putting 10-12 associations into one city, that they did not even build up. We could go the last 5 teams over there and then there would be no endgame whatsoever. It is not always about the "win" which in this case no one can claim realy. It is also about keeping the integrity of playing the game with strategy and technique. When 3 strong associations can compete against 10 full associations, that says something. Wouldn't it have been more interesting for the 10-12 to split into 3-4 and have all of us play against each other and see who the really strongest teams and players are? I have seen other servers close - Cylinder Head is next. We have announced that if they do the same next round there is a good chance all other towns and associations will park and let them play alone. By the way 5 of the people that played with our associations were in the top 10. that says something about the fact that we know what we are doing and refuse to go and play in a mob.

    • Hey Calamity Jan

      First of all no i don't know the server and therefore U should see my comment as a general comment, so if that is the case U should move a find a new server, because i don't think that kind of player U describe will change at all - all about winning no matter the cost.

      Have a nice weekende

      Cheers Rype

    • If Railnation wants to keep customers, they will consider some suggestions from eperienced players. See Doc Holliday's comments posted today. We will not change servers. We expect RN to fix an obvious problem and provide a level playing field if they expect to keep customers.

  • The WE has started on COM2, Grand Central. Do you know of a forum thread dedicated to coordinating buying/selling on GC?

    • Hey

      No, not seen any thread yet, but from our first observation, it looks like RN has changed they way it works a lot, so until now no big movements - not working like last time, so maybe more of using the coins and complete the different task, but of course still early days lets see in a day or two