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  • J'arrête RN à cause des russes et je suis déjà parti sur FOE, plus calme et tout aussi interessant.

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  • Hello sacroima, Congratulations for you, the winner of Master Of Knowledge! :)

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  • Oh boy, what a Sysiphos task to be president of a region full of soloists and Newbies...

    Your spreadsheet would be of great help.
    Even... GREAT HELP :)


  • Hi

    Is it possible to have the link to your LM spreadsheet?


    • Hey, sadly it is not up to date anymore. (I haven't done the updates needed with all the balance changes to the engines).

      I might do that soon though (will need it for my next SoE game in 3 weeks time), and will sure send it to you once it is done. ;)

    • Thanks. Every round we have people who don't understand the concept of parallel levelling, so there is at least one city in the region where the LM is ignored

  • in regards to the post, "Player Harassment", don't worry about it. Desi is clearly taking this game too seriously. I'm keeping the Community Managers updated on the situation. Thanks for trying to defuse the situation.

  • Hi Sacroima I read of your spreadsheet and would like to receive a copy when you send it out. Merci beaucoup! :-)

  • I am very interested in that spreadsheets.
    Tnx in advance

  • Merci pour ta reponse sur Olympes