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  • don;t know if in right place,but i played the game before this upgrgrade an really enjoyed,but now i can't seem fofigure out is how to do upgreades to my engines then how to set mew schedule for a train can you help or send mr to right place to go
    • Hi RCB :)

      The new interface, yeah it can take a little while to get used to. First I would suggest you do the tasks given by Lucy, as these tasks will guide you to all the right places with arrows. You can also ask questions in the game chat from other players.
  • Hey Samisu,I want to help, Let me know if you would like some? I love this game.
    • Hi HammerHound \o/

      Rail Nation is an amazing game and I'm happy to her you feel the same way! Let me send you a private message ;)
  • Hello, I just finished US102 Grand Central. When is the next US grand central to start?
    • Hi Goeste, next round starts on 8th of November if my memory serves me. I'll prepare an announcement in the coming days.

      By the way, if you have good tips for a Rail Nation or Railway related videos and trivia I could attach to the restart announcement, I'd be happy to check it out!
  • Hey Samisu

    Any changelog for upcoming service 25/10 ?
  • The country is Spain.
  • Hello. I started playing on the original map and the switched to the US Map. I want to now switch back to one of the new maps that includes Passenger trains. Is Smoke Chamber such a server?
    • Hi Jay :)

      You can find that each server has their own scenario marked in game world details. Either Classic, Europe or USA scenario.

      Classic and Europe scenarios have passenger engines, and Smoke Chamber is Classic.

      Nice to have you join Rail Nation!
  • Hi! Did just read your post regarding HTML5 and Adobe Flash player...
    New version of FIrefox and Microsoft Edge now after last update, also block Adobe Flashplayer.

    When starting the different servers, we allways end up in "download Adobe flash player" ... but that page should also include "allow adobe flash player" :)
    Dont want to down load it every time i will play the game ;)
    • What a coincidence, I just added a tip there you can use with Chrome. I hope the other servers have something similar as well!


      One of our devs found a way to disable Chrome from asking for flash permission in every session.

      1. open chrome
      2. paste this into the address bar and press enter afterwards: chrome://flags/#enable-ephemeral-flash-permission
      3. set the option "Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions" to disabled
      4. restart browser
    • Edge - click always allow. This setting should be saved.
  • Can i play multiple game worlds on the same account i.e 2 new restarts are coming Firebox COM-2 and Tower Bridge COM-203. can i play on both the game worlds from my account?
    • I guess you already got the answer :D
      But for anyone else asking - yes you can have as many game worlds open as you want :)
  • Dear Samisu,
    With the Train Spotters list I had completed, I won a big Suprise present from 168 hours Plus Acount. The only problem is that it didn't plus my account with 21 days extra. Could you please be kind to solve this problem and (increase) raise my Plus Account days; I have not added any train spotters to the new list till this problem is solved.
    Thank youvery much in advance and Kind regards,
    • Hi there Shailinder :)

      It's an easy thing to check where the Plus account went, and game support is the correct place to contact in these situations. You can contact support by clicking on the headphone button in the game (easiest option), or by using this link:

      If your game world is not listed in the link I gave you, just pick any game world and write in your message where you are playing + the trainspotter issue written here.

      You can continue collecting trainspotters and reach for the next prize while your plus account is being looked at.

      Have a great and sunny day!
  • I cant see the image on the movie quiz.... has it been uploaded yet?
    • Can you see it now? It should show in the original announcement but I added the image as a comment if it helps?
    • :D :D :D

      Children of the dude
      Where's my private Ryan
      Full Jacket Man
      Ed Rare - The Story
      Slumdog By Me
    • And the Oscar goes to...
  • only complicates things everything was working do not know why try to fix whats not broken
  • when is the german server actually going to start
    • Hi :) You can see all running German servers from the lobby > new game world > Deutschland. And if you change the flag at the top right corner into German flag, you will see all rounds that are about to start. This info should also be available at German part of this forum :)
    • Ahh i see it came up as a new game world yet it doesnt come out till to tommorow
  • I am right again do you sit around a table and try to find away to make this game worse to play more childish
  • when things are working good why keep up dating that fouls things up most time 4 yrs ago it was a good game it gets worse with each up date train spotters for 1 thing get 200 of 1 never the last to win plus account to much gold needed make the game so player will enjoy not be ticked off with every change I know this will make no difference just the way I feel about it
    • Hey jacore, thank you for the feedback. I'm sorry to hear your experience with the updates has not been the best possible. Trainspotters are just a bonus element, and the next update will make it easier to collect them all. Have you already checked what changes the latest update brings?…angelog-for-update-4-8-0/
  • What happens with this contest ? "Your time travelling with William". Do you canceled it? I can not find it anymore.
  • Your irrelavent, useless postcas It keeps popping up every 3 secondsd msg is keeping me from playing Railnation. It keeps popping up every 3 secon ds, blocking out part of the map, & not letting me chat with 1 of my members which I have been trying to do since 2050. GET RID OF THIS USEDLESS INTERRUPTING PIECE OF TRASH>
    • Hi gyrene. We are so sorry if the pop-up issue wasn't fixed on your account yet. There is a solution on its way and the constant pop-up messages will be fixed.
  • "The Southern Pacific Class GS-4 will soon race on the tracks in the second era (190-225 km/h) and can be considered a very reliable engine at 70-90%."
    Very nice. And how many passengers?
    • More details and numbers on how these new engines work in the game will be revealed some day later ;)
  • Hello,
    I have a problem, can I tell you so you help me direct it in the right direction?
    • Hi trainian!

      If you have issues with the game, I suggest you contact game support from inside the game, or from this link:

      If there's something else, you can always send me a private message here on forum, and I can guide you forward.
  • Dear Samisu,
    Unfortunately I am not agreed with the outcome (result 60 ???)
    of the Game: Goal in One.
    My outcome was 24 : (2*5) = 2,4
    In Elementaryschool we learned that:
    1. First to multiply
    2. Second to parts / sharing sum
    3. Third addition and subtraction
    Could you please check with math teacher!

    Thanks in advance for your eply and outacome.
    Kind Regards,
    • Hi Chellindo ^^
      I'm afraid my elementary math teacher is riding the soul train already, but this is how order of operations work:

      1. Parentheses and Brackets
      2. Exponents
      3. Multiplication and Division (from left to right in the given order)
      4. Addition and Subtraction

      As the last row in the puzzle had no brackets, just multiplication and division, we are going to follow the icons from left to right. 24 : 2 = 12, 12 * 5 = 60

      And this is how we do the hustle \o/
    • Hi Samisu,
      Thank you very much for the clarification.
      I can agree in this.
      Kind regards,
  • It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new week, and I'm feelin' good! Hope you are too!
  • This is sooooo exciting!!! Rail Nation team versus player community just started on new USA Express server DE107!

    There you go ^^
    Redeem the bonus code above to receive lottery tickets and other goodies. And remember to use all CAPS and write the code as it is without spaces. Better yet, copy paste it.
  • Cant lok in com05 ??????? Maintenance shut end long time ago
    • Seems to be working, I hope it works in your end as well?
  • Just as a reminder ^^
    Bans and similar account related decisions are to be kept out from forum.…o-be-kept-out-from-forum/
    Code available only on 4th of May.
    • Can you only use the code on one server? :(
    • Yup, just one server. Make it count ;)
  • Hey Samisu, just a quick question. The "Chose your Idea" thing is still avaiable even if the ETA was 22/04?
    Sorry for bothering.
    • Hi! The ideas have been collected and sent forward from that event, but devs would still love to hear more ideas and wishes in any shape they come.
    • And thank you for reminding me, I just closed the thread ^^
    • Glad to be helpful, sometimes.
  • Hi Samisu, I read your post about "Bye Bye Beta" and was so happy .... but now looks like it's gone ... did you delete it? What was wrong about it?
    • Ah right! My comment was about the old interface with big BETA stamp next to the logo, and the new UI doesn't carry the BETA stamp in USA or SoE scenarios. There could be something more to it that I wasn't aware of, and so the comment was hidden for the time being ^^
    • Yes, there IS something more to this. German laws tell, that Beta means less rights for the customers (no warranties, no payback if not working etc.) while each product not declared as Beta gives a lot of rights to a customer. So I guess, a yes or no is urgently needed.
      And about the editing ... changing BETA to BETA stamp would have done the job ... better than deleting posts (yours and mine)
      Thanks for the quick answer.
    • Better to be clear about the BETA then, so that we leave no room for misunderstandings.
  • Hi Samisu! I voted for the Passenger Train, but I don't see my name on the list. I would dearly love an engine part to be named after my avatar name if possible! :)
    • 'As promised, we will name their upgrades according to those users, whose suggestions have made it into each of the closer selection of eras. Here you can see a list of the winners.'

      Voting was anonymous and I wish my name was there too ^^
  • I confirm that you can use my name Augustus-O
    • Great, thank you and big congratulations!
  • hi Samisu. I am liking looking for the Trainspotters. It is like looking for Easter eggs all over the map 24/7. There is a problem though, they are not showing as collected towards the trainspotter achievement to upgrade the career engine.
    • Hellou CD,
      I'd advise you to contact your local game support team and send a message from the game world where you pick the trainspotters :)
    • Update \o/ the achievement part was broken I hear, and now that it's fixed - only new transpotters are counted in achievements.