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  • καλησπερα. βιντεο δεν μου επιτρεπει να δω . στο τσατ δεν μου επιτρεπει να γραψω. και καθε 5 λεπτα με υποχρεωνη να κανω επανεκινιση. ολα αυτα απο το κινιτο και το ταμπλετ. μονο στο pc δεν μου το κανει. ελεος γιατη ?
    • Hi :)

      Please contact the game support of your domain, thank you.
  • hi com203 been finish few days....i can find went it will restart?
  • hello,

    in the secret code the numbers can repet in two or more button ?
    • Hi :)

      All the instructions are in the contest.
  • my answers #1-C #2-C #3-A
    #4-B #5-C
    yours truly RailsOfGold
    • Hi there, these must be answers to some old contest that is over already? The events in the 'Archive' section are closed and over, but new contests and events will keep coming ^^
  • cant logon adobe flash not working any ideas
    • Can you see a small icon with red x at the right side of the address bar? Click there, and then select "ask to approve flash"

      This did it for me in Chrome.
  • I'm playing the endgame on the COMM301 server and I don't receive any prestige point for my deliveries for the city of Kassel, my avatar name doesn't appear on the delivery list of my association for that city. Longhaul told me to write you directly after I wrote a ticket to the support and ask you nicely to take care of my pb
    • Hi helltoeden, good to hear you already contacted support. They will get back to you as soon as they have answers :)
  • Hello,

    When COMM361 Black lorest ends can I transfer the gold for any server ? like PT fornalha ?
    • Hi bertobraga!

      If you should decide to quit OJ while it's running and delete your avatar, you can transfer your gold/plus account like this:

      RU --> RU
      DE --> DE
      COM/EE (Eastern Europe) --> COM

      If you play until the end, your leftovers will be automatically uploaded and can be accessed like this:

      DE --> DE
      RU --> RU
      COM/EE --> Everywhere
  • Hello,

    when you will put the gold (500) of the "Do you want to be a Conductor?"
    • Hi there,

      the Gold was sent to your account on 22nd of July. I just checked and everything looks good ^^
    • ok...thanks
  • I have to get the holes in the game while Lake Locomotives can't
    • Hi Mr Director, I'm not sure what you meant by 'holes in the game'?
  • puzzle site for collage "" is not that easy to use.
    • Yup, I noticed as well that it has its limitations. Have you tried the 24-piece file yet? Should be easier to use.
    • Well, I used the fewer pieces and finished. Borders everywhere though.
    • Yay! Borders are fine. To some, removing the borders might help but you can still create the same image with the borders.
  • Hi Samisu.
    That should finally be it for the Toolbox we've developed

    Regards Jack
    • Hii :)

      I noticed! You've all done an amazing job and I'm sure players will find these useful. I think I'll have to promote them a little on the different servers (chats) ^^

      Thank you so much for the effort, and for helping the whole player community!
    • You're free to copy the descriptions I wrote to other servers
  • Grand Central
    • off topic but both PTR 1 and 2 just relaunched and neither work for me ! blank screen nuance music plays no action otherwise
    • Hi SweetBicard, here's a link to PTR forum:

      People there will be able to help you for sure!
  • getting error code 108 when making multple train schedules
    • Hi SweetBicard, please contact game support and they will help you if you still get the error code.
  • Hi Samisu, any idea when the next round for Com5 will be starting?
    • Hi em, COM-5 Cylinder Head starts on 23.05.2019. I will prepare a server start announcement soon :)
    • Great, thank you!
  • Hi for the track that I have won please send to Golden Gate -IT
  • Hi Samisu... what's up withthe game loading? tried all the - .com etc.. haven't had access for hours.. except for .fr... but that doesn't see my games - but I can get the forum here...
    • Hi G.W. Sorry to hear your game is not loading. For me, everything seems to be working with Chrome at least so hard to say what could be the issue. If the issue has not been solved yet, please contact game support after clearing cache and cookies and testing a different browser. Or if it is the app version, share that info as well with support so they can help you faster :)
  • Hi Samisu!
    I saw the One-Time Germanic Event advertised in my email, but I can't find which world it is in, could you help me find it please? :)
    Thanking you kindly!
    • Hey LongHaul o/

      You must mean the new special scenario. You can find all the info from the thread below:…il-nation-origin-journey/

      Origin Journey scenario comm301 Black Forest
      Starting on Thursday 16.05.2019, at 12:00 UTC
    • Hi Samisu
      Thanks for the link.
      I am currently playing the Origin Journey, however have not received the 150 Gold offered to me in the email that was sent to me.
      Do you know why that happened, and is there a way I can still be credited with the 150 Gold?
      Looking forward to your reply.
    • PS How do you win track vouchers?
    • Howdy hi! I'm not sure what you mean by winning track vouchers but for the Gold, game support can help you there ^^

      Just contact game support and tell them you did not receive Gold (as a starting bonus from an email I guess?).
  • Hi Samisu,
    I won five track vouchers: Week 3 - Rail Nation Origin Journey
    Thekal - COM201 Big Ben
    Thank you very much.
    • Hi Thekal, congrats! I already had your game world info so I was able to send you the 5 rail coupons already ^^

      Good luck with the next round!
  • Hi Samisu,
    I won 5 track vouchers from week 3 of the Origins game.
    Please add them to game world COM202 Loch Ness.
    Thank you very much for all your work managing the game. It makes me want to go visit all those places in real life.
    • Heyy, happy to hear and I hope to see you in Rail Nation - Origin Journey!

      Filling the one-liners next to the landmarks made me feel like I was working in a traveling agency :D

      The rail coupons have been sent and good luck for the next round!
  • hello,
    I am winner of first tour.

    My game world is PL05 Wał Korbowy

    • Congrats, the rail coupons have been sent!
  • Nelis1986
    NL2-coal cabinet (Kolenkast)

    Thank you very much
    • Just a question, are you also participating in the NL forum? You can only participate in one domain and win prizes on one domain.
    • Oke, Yes I also border posts in the topic post by Ashwin

      Thank you for your reaction

      greetings Nelis1986
    • Where will you continue from now on? You probably already got the reward(s) from other domains?
    • I don't personally mind sending the same people rewards, but it's more fun for the rest of the participants to know they have a better chance :D - Plus it's in the rules of the event.
    • I understand and my apologies 😊 i choose for Ashwin his topic and continued from now over there

      I apologize for my bad English😫
      I hope you understand

      Greetings Nelis1986
  • airbrakes, COM02 Firebox
    • 5 rail coupons sent! Congrats!
  • Thanks again. Waiting for the next batch of landmarks and the next prize ;)
  • Hi there. For the Competition prize - pleas send to US01 Crankshaft. Thank you.
  • Smok z - PL201 (Wawel)
    • Are you participating in the PL forum as well? Players can only participate in one domain / prize can only be sent once per 10 landmarks. If you are, please pick one domain you will continue to participate in, COM or PL?
  • Hi - orkette - crankshaft server
    • Rail coupons sent, congrats!
    • Another set of rail coupons sent :)
  • hi Sanisu
  • Hi Samisu, i didn't get an award for this contest:…TJkPWY-S5xKaqEqdEjh1t-Rz0
  • Samisu

    I don't know what was going through my mind, when I replied to the contest asking where the Great Wheel is (since it is the Landmark where I am currently playing) - and I managed to write
    "Apr 17th 2019 #12
    Alastric - Tower Bridge
    Cologne Cathedral - Vienna"

    I have no idea where I thought it could have any relevance to type "Cologne Cathedral" as part of the answer to a question about my current home Landmark !

    Anyway - I apologise for that - and I am curious if my answer was accepted as correct because I *did* give the city correctly is Vienna ?

    Thanks, in advance ...

    Alasdair aka Alastric (in server Tower Bridge)
    • Hi Alastric, yes your answer was counted as correct ;)
  • Wow! Thanks for the prize on Origin, week one.
    I always play on COM-101 Rocky Mountains.
    Too bad that it is over in a couple of hours :)

    COM-101 Rocky Mountains
    • Well, in that case, how about we wait for it to restart and add the coupons then :). Perhaps you will win even more coupons before the start.

      Edit: Now you have 10 rail coupons already waiting for round start ^^

      COM-101 restarting on Tuesday 02.05.2019, at 12:00 UTC
    • That would be great. Thanks.
    • Double win! I just sent you 10 rail coupons :)
    • Thanks.
      Double win?
      Not triple win?
    • Oh look at that, you won 3 times already! Well congrats, let me send you 5 more coupons!