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  • Hello Samisu,

    A month passed. Today I was again at the post office.
    Unfortunately, I did not come the Adam's office set.
    What I do to get well-deserved prize?

    Have a nice day!


    PS: I was unable to contact Giulia on facebook Rail Nation ...
    • Hi, Giulia will know more about your package and when it was sent. If you already were in contact, then we just need to wait for the package to arrive...
    • Please write me RN email of Giulia, because I could not contact here on facebook ... Thank you.
    • Unfortunately, we can't share the direct work mails - but I heard the package was ready to be sent just before the Corona lockdown, and then the office was closed. We will send your package as soon as it is safe to return back there and the package is waiting to be delivered to you.
    • Thank you very much. Good night, Samisu!
    • Good night to you as well! And if you feel like it, come post a song or two here:

      I'd love to hear what gets Lacidd going!
  • No idea where to write this. In city forum 1 guy call me idiot. I made report. (edited by CM)
    • I did write only i**t call people i**t. with ***
    • Hi there. Using stars* to hide letters in a message does not change the original meaning. You can find the rules (Netiquette especially) here:
  • Hi Samisu

    Last year I was one of the winners of the Adams Diary competition. At the time I sent you all my details by PM. To date I have not received the prize. I note that Lacidd23 also did not receive the prize. Is there a problem?


    • Hi, sorry to hear. Let's find out where your package could be hiding and get you the goods!
    • Would you like to give me additional address details in a private message? There was something missing ;)
    • Message sent
  • что, делать? в игру зайти не могу
  • Hello Samisu,

    Today I was again at the post office in the village where I live, but still not arrived my package from Rail Nation with prize (an Adam's Office Set) that I won in November 2019 on Facebook contest named: ADAM'S OFFICE CONTEST SET.

    Please ask your colleagues to send me by mail the prize won, on my address which I sent you in a personally message in November 30th, 2019. If need, I send you again my exact name and address in a personal message.

    If my prize has already been mailed, then please write to me the accompanying number of package, so I can inquire at the post office: where the parcel in question.

    Please send me a concrete answer. Thank you so much for your help.

    Have a nice day!

    Lacidd23 :)
    • Hi, sorry to hear you haven't yet received the package. I will forward your message to the right people right away!
  • Hi, Any further information about getting rid of the advert problem I discussed yesterday?
    • Yup, there should now be links for different browsers on how to allow 3rd party cookies for the ads. The links show when you tap 'continue to site'.

      You can also find the links in the advertisements thread post #23:…&postID=240647#post240647

      Players can make the choice themself if they allow cookies or not. Without cookies, the ads will not play.
  • The Option to purchase more GOLD is not is not opening, not providing me option to purchase GOLD. The program appears to be working to OPEN....but never opens. It just shows the device TRYING to load but never loads.
    • Hi there. Have you tired on another browser to make the purchase if this helps? Please be in contact with game support if switching the browser did not help.
      (copied my answer from the thread where you posted this question)
  • Hi Samisu,

    Just one question about Deleting avatar:
    Let's say at gameworld XYZ I have 500 bought Gold, 4000 won Gold and 10 days of Plus, and I am going to delete my avatar from that gameworld.
    It's clear that the 500 bought Gold and 10 days of Plus will be uploaded, but I would like to know what will happen with the 4000 won Gold? Will it vanish, or will it still be available at Gameworld XYZ when (e.g. one year later) I decide to play that gameworld again?

    Thanks in advance!
    • The non-purchased gold will be deleted if your avatar is deleted. I suggest you purchase Plus-account with all the excess Gold (Plus can be transferred). Or wait until you visit the same server later and the Gold will wait for you there.
    • And hi, «DSnepke™»
    • Thanks for your answer Samisu.

      Too bad that the excess Gold will be deleted :(
      I've decided not to transfer my Gold and Plus (yet), because I would like to still have some when I will return at this server. And if I won't return I will still be able to transfer it ;)

  • Your information on html5 is good for most but doesn't apply to individuals who are using a chrome os My chrome book will no longer support this game and there is no way to use a different browser is there something we can do
  • I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I wondered if the bonus question's answer could be published for the mastermind puzzle, as I was curious if the correct answer was the in game train, or a real world train!
  • Hi man, on server Big Ben we have a small BIG problem .... one assoc. copy our logo and 99% of name making a lot of confusion between players .... what we can do ?
    • That does sound weird gotta agree, especially if the other association is doing this on purpose to confuse others. Rules speak of harassing behavior which might be the case here, so you can report the leader of the other association to game support. The rules aren't against using similar names or logos though, but still, worth double-checking with game support.
    • Thank you , sure the rule's aren't against but this 2 guys try to make our life hell ... it's more than harassment. You have to be clear, to make a rule who don't allow this kind of problem, especially with LOGO , you don't know which it's your factory or theirs .... make the choice to see the logo companies with high investment useful
    • The logos and colors aren't protected in any way or locked so only one association could use the same combination. What if we had premium icons, colors and backgrounds that could only be purchased using Gold, and those logos are then locked for the Association for that server, hmm. Someone might be interested...

      Can't really comment if what your association is experiencing is harassing, since there needs to be clear proof and sole purpose of player(s) causing harm to other players. I don't even know who had the logo or name first so this is all very general from my side :) Game support will help with further details, but generally, it is not against the rules to copy logo or name.
  • Hello, the code "RN-MERRY-XMAS" has not add me gold instead it has reduced my gold amount. I do not remember exactly how much I had but it probably took down even more than 100. Would it be possible to check on it somehow please?
    • Hi there, and yes we are happy to check it out. Please contact game support from the game world where you redeemed the code and tell support you did not receive anything from the merry xmas voucher, and that somehow 100 or more gold has vanished. Support will then go through the events on your account, and will manually add what is missing.

      Happy holidays!
  • i redeemed the bonus code but have still not got my 10 lottery tickets
    • Please try again, we just fixed the bonus code so it should work now.
  • Hi Samisu, thank for th Christ,as gift? I entered the code and hit except but got an error message up telling me to try again. I did this but then got a message gift all collected.
  • I redeemed this code RN-MERRY-XMAS it gave me a error message. now as I try to redeem the code it tells me it is already redeemed
  • serveur lent et hop rien ni ticket, ni point , ni or rien de rien
  • le code n'a pas fonctionné sur golden gate 4
  • I have not received my prize for the winter event
    • Hi, should be delivered :)
  • Good evening dear Samisu,

    I won on the contest ADAM'S OFFICE CONTEST SET on facebook an Adam's Office Set. We were asked to send the name and exact address to Rail Nation in personal message, but did not specify where exactly.

    Please let us know where, who to send our personal information, to receive the reward. Thank you.

    Have a nice evening!

    Lacidd23 :)

    PS: I know you best here, so I asked you personally... :)
  • buongiorno Samisu , vorrei sapere la data d inizio del server camino italia grazie
    • Buongiorno! Unfortunately, I don't speak Italian. You should find info on starting servers from the Italian part of the forum or from
  • Lack of information over the past 2 days regarding Com 1 Steamboiler is beyond aggravating!
    HAVE MORE COURTESY for the people paying your wages!!!
    WHY POST 2 DAYS AFTER THE FACT you are having issue's?????
    UPDATE THE WEBSITE TO SHOW YOUR SERVERS ARE DOWN, Make it easier for players, NOT MORE complicated!!

    Owed plus packages, among other compensation for your lack of communication, and the extra week server delay!!!
    • Hi there, here is the latest news:…arting-servers-postponed/

      Originally the starting date for COM-1 was moved by 1 day, and the date change was mentioned on the forum, serverstarts section. Now the date had to be moved even further.

      I will forward your feedback about the website so it would show all the latest information. Our aim is to always share information with players asap. Sometimes we need to work with extremely tight schedules and share updates as we go.

      Apologies once more.
  • I am waiting for the restart on Class Express server for which I am pre-registered. It was scheduled to start at 1 pm GMT/ 12 noon UTC. It has not become available yet. 1:25 pm GMT.
    • Hello there,

      The following server starts have been postponed until next week. We don't have the exact time and date yet, unfortunately.

      DE-5, RU-8, RU-105, COM-1, RO-1, FR-3, IT-3
  • How do you make a complaint about a Moderator?
    • Hi Player, you can write to me in private by tapping the two speech bubbles icon (create conversation) and I can guide you forward depending on the domain where you play :). Remember to mention the name of the server where you play plus information on what happened.
  • Problem is still the same, no login possibel !
    • In that case, you could try opening the game in another browser or in incognito mode to test if it has anything to do with cache & cookies. If this doesn't help, please contact game support and mention in your message that the issue appears on all browsers so it is not cookies/cache.
  • I still cannot login all PTRs, login box shows only upper half, no passwort visible !
    • Hi, please try again. I hear PTR is running just fine now :)
  • you said Clash! ends Oct. 4. It is Oct. 3, 5:49 pm CST in the US. I have played 3 games of the mini-game today and was trying to play my last two for the day. But the icon for Clash is gone. Do I get any credit for being unable to get in during the last day? Or can this be fixed in the next hour, so I can get my last two games in?
  • HI there!
    I have a problem or issue with engines. I moved 4 engines to museum (for a start), then tried to buy new ones. I couldn¨t, it just wasn´t possible. Just regular engines, no multi-slot or passengers. Then i moved old trains back to track, and paid few tickets for that… Before that i moved era 1 engines to museum, bought new ones, worked fine then.

    I had to play with Firefox cause with chrome did not work, with rail nation. Now on edge, and my computer don´t scream anymore like crazy, weird…

    But what to do with engines?

    (btw, are U the same Samisu at Nordic server, that just ended? Noin niin kuin suomeksi)
    • Suomi mainittu!

      Please send a message to game support if you found a bug, and if this doesn't explain it:

      There's a fixed number of engine slots for engines you can use, and for engines you can own. Same goes for both passenger engines and normal engines. Tap Engine House, and you will see how many slots you have for regular engines (You can own x engines/You can use x engines). Tap Station Concourse to see the same information for passenger engines.
    • Kokeilen supporttia, ennenkin bugannut, ja nyt ihan uusia ulottuvuuksia ;)

      Thanks, I´ll write to support, and they will answer me, about the obies bug. Waiting for HTML5 to come, sick of this flash bs.
  • Hi Samisu
    I bought a super starter pack
    but I had to take a break from playing
    after returning to the game I do not have a super starter pack.
     why ??

    I spent 399 gold and lost gold because there is no package ??
    • Hi, the super starter package can be purchased only during the endgame, and it will activate when the next round of that same server starts again. This is mentioned when you get offered to purchase the package. Did you by any chance miss this information?
    • no
      I know when you can buy a package

      at the end of the server I bought a package.
      I had to take a break from the game, I started the server yesterday and I do not have this package
    • The super starter package is meant for those who will start the next game round. It is not possible to hold on to the package until later, it will activate automatically when the next round starts. This is mentioned in the game, and I'm sorry to hear you missed that part. :-/
    • but what I forgot

      I bought a super starter pack during the 2017 finals, I paid 399 gold (I have confirmation of purchase)

      I had a break from playing

      after activation the server should be a package and I do not have it
    • Super starter package will not carry over indefinitely - it will activate on the next round start of that same server where you purchased it. Usually, it takes 1 to 2 weeks before a server restarts. If you had a break of 2 years from the game, then the Super starter package is long gone and the bonuses that came with it have already been used.
  • How do I contact DE domain ?
  • καλησπερα. βιντεο δεν μου επιτρεπει να δω . στο τσατ δεν μου επιτρεπει να γραψω. και καθε 5 λεπτα με υποχρεωνη να κανω επανεκινιση. ολα αυτα απο το κινιτο και το ταμπλετ. μονο στο pc δεν μου το κανει. ελεος γιατη ?
    • Hi :)

      Please contact the game support of your domain, thank you.