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  • Wie kann ich einen neuen Bewerber in unsere GS aufnehmen. Ein Neulingsplatz ist noch frei Bewerber bringt 500 Prestige mit.
  • Hi samisu im preregister in ALLSTARS M23, can i change to m21 where mi old friens play, please help me ??? and sorry my bad english too.
    • Hi, we can delete your avatar from Allstars M23. All you need to do is contact game support and ask for the deletion. After this, you can join the other server. Here's a link to support:
  • hello where i can sign up to the master game
    • Hi, the Masters 3 round start on the 28th of August, and registration opens on the day before in the Lobby. I hope you will have lots of fun competing!
  • My team description was removed on the ‘smoke chamber’ server, the team is ‘’Jerkwater RR’’

    No explanation given, no reasoning no guideline quoted, nothing, zip zero, nada.

    I ant that description back, I used that very description on the Crankshaft’ server 7 consecutive rounds, now here day 7 it’s taken away, what’s my explanation, recourse, appeal?
  • How do I report a cheater?
    • Hi there, you can report other players to the game support and our team will look into it. Remember to add a good reason why you suspect someone is cheating in the game, thank you.
    • Happy Friendship Day to you too!
  • Hello Samisu :)

    Could you please take a look at…lating-city-transport-pp/
    and see if you have some inputs or questions about the topic?
    The timezone advantage/disadvantage exists at every server and currently for the "disadvantageous timezone"
    player (East Europeans/Asians) there are no any alternative server they can choose from.

    This puts the games very unfair for these players, for players that want to seriously play this game as a top player, it even outweighs luck in lottery and real money spent I would say.

    If only there are a few servers -- no matter existing ones or new ones can reset at a different time, this would really really help.

    Best Regards,
    • Hello you :)

      I've forwarded the wish and topic if it would be possible to consider other reset times for the in-game days. I don't have an answer yet but should someday. Thank you for starting an interesting discussion thread, and I wish more players would join there to share their opinions.
    • Thank you very much for the quick response :) looking forward to get a positive feedback from the devs :)
  • I admire you Samisu :)
    • Hi Sam, what a nice thing to say :) ~~~~~~energy boost!
  • Your post on Gold Flash Sale...
    There are two offers in Euros, for 39.99 and for 49.99, both for the same amount of gold.... Surely one is incorrect
    • Hi, which server is this? I can see 19.99 and 49.99 packages but no 39.99€
  • Hello, on May 24, 2020, I sent the required information from the email address (edited) after the winners of the Adam's Business Journey competition. No reaction and reward has arrived to this day :) should I still wait?
    • Hi, if you have sent your address information already, then we will have to wait patiently. The health situation in the world slows down some processes, so it can take a while before the T-shirts are delivered. If you wish, you can always re-send the email just to be sure it reached us.

      Please send an email to with the following details:

      First name
      Address line 1: Street + house number
      Address line 2: additional comments
      Zip code
      Your preferred T-shirt size (as far as available)
    • T-shirt toady at home :) thx :)
  • TAKE-CARE bonus code is valid until the 30th of June, 2020.

    AMERICAN-DREAM is valid until the 30th of June 2020, but it can be redeemed only in the American Dream scenarios.
  • You posted on the Server Starts page that COM-201 Big Ben starts on Friday June 10. June 10 is a Wednesday??
    • Wednesday it is, nicely spotted! Typo is fixed.
  • Ich hatte mich im letzten Spiel auf DE 105 Grand Canyen vorangemeldet mit meinen Leuten in einer
    Startstadt. Wenn man sich dann wenn das Spiel neu startet anmeldet startet man automatisch wieder bei seinen Leuten.
    Jetzt will ich mich dort einloggen und soll mir aber jedes mal eine Stadt aussuchen. Leider hatte ich mir nicht aufgeschrieben wo wir starten. Warum geht das jetzt nicht mehr?
  • Was reading the forum on Videos and wanted to let you know that I watch on average about 500 videos a day sometimes more because being disabled and on limited income I cannot spend money on the game. The rewards from the videos is what makes me able to be a competitive player and if restricted to amounts I can watch it would also effect my game play abilities.
  • really is that how low you can stoop .. shame on you and your company
  • Hi, for the last 16 hours or so the videos play but does not give the rewards after second video
    • Hi there! Sorry to hear you are one of the many players who aren't able to get a reward from the second video. This is a known new bug, and we are working on it - and will get it fixed asap.
  • OK thanks for your prompt reply
  • Hi Samisu

    Regarding your post 15 hours ago about the " Easter flash sale"....I think it is incumbent on you to also alert people that the boosts are pointless at this time as if you use one the timings and income are incorrect and also the plus account does not give guaranteed 2nd video....The sale is totally wrong unless you let your players know these facts....I purchased 900 boosts in my game which cannot really be used


    • Hi Silva, thank you very much for pointing this out. I'm not sure how many players are affected by these bugs, but it is still a good idea to let players know there are bugs in two premium features.
    • please be in contact with game support and let them know that you purchased 900 Engine boosts, and yet you cannot use them.
  • würden sie mir bitte über forum per PN antworten oder irgendwie das ich es mitbekomme. ich kenn mich nicht so gut aus. bin froh das hier gefunden zu haben
  • schönen guten abend auf überhospur ist ja die hölle los ur beleidigungen und nicht jugendfrei sprüche.da hat amalis einen thread aufgemacht jugendschutz und etwas gepstet mit dabei "nur lesen" ein gewisser topsales hat dort dann eien dumme spruch gemacht . ich habe ihn per PN darauf aufmerksam gemacht das da steht nur lesen. dann macht er mich per Pn blöd an und da hbe ich dann zu ihm gesagt halt die fresse. darauh hin von ihm ich werde dich melden und dafür sorgen das ich gesperrt werde. ich möchte sie bitte das ganze nicht nur die PN´s anzusehen sondern auch den forum nachzulesen. denn dort habe ich oft versucht frieden reinzubringen. aber das man irgendwann nicht mehr kann ist glaube ich menschlich
  • when i save my password then display my game but no any where what can i do ?
  • when i login i saw a new game y ? what is a main problem?

    This code is not working for me Samisu :(

    What am I missing please.
  • PS Samisu, is it possible to play PTR on a mobile phone? If so, there seeems to be no tab to click on in the lobby on a mobile phone. Please advise what I can do.
    Thanks! :)
    • I'm not familiar with the tech details of PTR at all. You should ask this on the PTR forum, or in the game chats - what is possible and what is not.
  • Hi Samisu!
    Managed to figure it out finally, rather complicated, but it's working now! :)

    Tell me, when is the next Masters Series, as I'd like to take part in it?
    Let me know as soon as you are able!

    Thanks Samisu! :)
    • Heya hey,
      No date yet to share, but you are right - there will be Masters 3!
      And the Orient Express which I'm super excited about!
      And even more cool stuff I can't share yet \o/
    • That sounds great Samisu! :)
      Look forward to it all!
  • 🚂 USA (2x) scenario US-103 Grand Central

    Starting on Friday 17th of April, at 14:00 UTC

    Welcome to the fascinating world of Rail Nation!

    sorry to bother you.

    Shouldn't it be BROADWAY ???

    • Well spotted, thanks! Fixed.
  • Hi Samisu!
    This is LongHaul, have just finished playing the Rapid Express Server and it is just down my ally! I like it better than the other long drawn out options.
    Thank you to you and the team for making this scenario possible! Well Done!
    BTW, is it possible for me to have my name displayed instead of just Player xxxxxxx?
    Let me know, thanks Samisu!
    PS I'm busy playing the PTR1 Server finding out how HTML 5 is working!
    • Hi there! I'm very happy to hear you liked the 4x server, I'll let the team know ^^

      Your name:
      1. Start a new game world (any, so you can get the 100 gold start bonus)
      2. Go to settings -> account settings
      3. Change your name back to LongHaul
      4. Remove your avatar (if you wish)

      It may also be a cache thing, hard to say what might've happened with your name but this should fix it. If it ever happens again, please contact game support to report this.
    • When I visited your forum profile, it says this account is a new one and has been just created? The old account is linked below, and only one of "you" can have the same name:
    • Understood, however, in order to play on the PTR server, they told me I have to start with a new account, so I did... what am I not understanding? Puzzled...
    • BTW..what email is the link you provided linked to? You can email me with your answer :)
      Thanks Samisu!
    • For PTR - they have their own forum, and you need a new account to play on PTR servers.

      You should still have access to your regular account, lobby, in-game and here on the forum.

      Now you are using your new PTR account to comment on the regular forum, which explains why your account is so fresh and why the name is already taken.
  • Hello Samisu,

    A month passed. Today I was again at the post office.
    Unfortunately, I did not come the Adam's office set.
    What I do to get well-deserved prize?

    Have a nice day!


    PS: I was unable to contact Giulia on facebook Rail Nation ...
    • Hi, Giulia will know more about your package and when it was sent. If you already were in contact, then we just need to wait for the package to arrive...
    • Please write me RN email of Giulia, because I could not contact here on facebook ... Thank you.
    • Unfortunately, we can't share the direct work mails - but I heard the package was ready to be sent just before the Corona lockdown, and then the office was closed. We will send your package as soon as it is safe to return back there and the package is waiting to be delivered to you.
    • Thank you very much. Good night, Samisu!
    • Good night to you as well! And if you feel like it, come post a song or two here:

      I'd love to hear what gets Lacidd going!
  • No idea where to write this. In city forum 1 guy call me idiot. I made report. (edited by CM)
    • I did write only i**t call people i**t. with ***
    • Hi there. Using stars* to hide letters in a message does not change the original meaning. You can find the rules (Netiquette especially) here:
  • Hi Samisu

    Last year I was one of the winners of the Adams Diary competition. At the time I sent you all my details by PM. To date I have not received the prize. I note that Lacidd23 also did not receive the prize. Is there a problem?


    • Hi, sorry to hear. Let's find out where your package could be hiding and get you the goods!
    • Would you like to give me additional address details in a private message? There was something missing ;)
    • Message sent