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  • Yo, I think I have been unfairly Banned on Smoke Chamber.
    I didn't break any rules. No Slander, name calling etc.
    My Majo's were broke and I retaliated after posting a public warning that I would if it continued.

    I would like this investigated because I think I'm being targeted unfairly because the Issue Is with Emz allies.
  • hello, could you please advise me where I can transport the stainless steel?
    • Hi. Click on the different industries you see on the map and you can see what goods those require from you to produce new goods. There is a button you might find useful: Show/hide overview map. This button is right next to the zoom in/out buttons, and you can use it to filter different industries on the map.
  • Can you tell me when the new Take care bonus code expires?
    • 30.06.2021 is the last day to use the code, so there's plenty of time :)
    • Thanks Samisu
  • Hi
  • Hi Samisu. I start new game at PTR1. I get 3500points in 3 days, I also filled out the survey, but but so far I have not received any gold or any news.
  • Hi Samisu
    An update on my previous message.
    Looking at the answers, I should have scored 10/10
    Is it possible to review my answers please?
    • Hi, you seem to have 10/10 correct answers, let me add you to the list of winners and send you the 200 Gold. Thank you for contacting me and congrats on the win.
  • When will the Platform X competition results be posted in English.
    I am confused about the answer to question 6. This is given as D 14m. I disagree.
    Each person has travelled 7m so together they have travelled 14m. However each has created a Pythagorean triangle so the hypoteneuse will be 5m. Adding both of these lines makes a direct distance of 10m and that would be the distance between their positions, not the distance travelled. This might explain why so many winning players only got 9/10.
  • Hi,

    It seems i won a price in the plateform_X contest. How can i get it ?

    ty ;)
    • Hi, and congrats. Your prize of 200 Gold was sent to the Rosen server earlier today.
    • I don't see it :/
      Do i have something to do ?
    • Still no gold received :(
    • Ok, now. Ty.
  • Hallo!!! Leider ist mein server nicht zu erreichen, lädt bis 50% dann ists vorbei, kann Dir aber leider nicht den Server nennen. Spielername Lokkolomo.
  • Buenas tardes Samisu , tengo muchos inconvenientes con jugadores de ES02 Caja de Fuego , falta de respeto , agresiones . la consulta es donde se puede pedir cambio de moderador , ya que el que esta es conocido de uno de ellos .
    hay capturas con los comentarios pero no se donde enviarlos.
    • Hello there! I have sent you a private message.
  • Hi Samisu!

    The Masters 2/3 Quailification has ended today, but there is talk of the Final. There is not much information about this and I doubt whether there are many who understand that there is another part to this event, just like I didn't.

    When will the Final start?

    Is it soon?

    Or in a few days time?

    Hoping you can assist at your earliest convenience.

    Kind regards

  • If we could have a final answer to…t-turns-into-a-mega-city/

    It would be very nice, thanks in advance
  • Hi, can you please check that I created topic in the right place (maybe in russian part of the forum or something like it). Looks like almost nobody can see it.
    Thanks in advance, topic:…responding-achievement-s/
    • Hi, it's in the international suggestions area, so players who are interested in it will read it - since you wrote it in English. You could translate it into Russian and post the same suggestion on the Russian forum.

      From 'how to set my language' button, you will see how to switch to RU forum:
    • Thanks, actually I was afraid that I created english topic in russian part of the forum.
  • thanks Samisu, I can't get to game support because it wont show me the games on my computer. And the link you gave below says doesn't exist. So I played with what your address is, and got to to submit a case. Thanks
    • Ah, I forgot the wrong language was set there for you - fixed the link now. Good to hear you found the correct link.
  • Hi, not seeing anybody else having connection problems after the big updates. I figured I should clear my cache, but now RN won't restart. After the login screen, it freezes on a picture of trains, (will attach if possible). Have cleared cache several times and always the same. Any suggestions. I have tried Edge & IE. Can only get connected on my phone, but have frequent fails. Any suggested would be much appreciated! Grampy
    • Hi there, sorry to hear the game doesn't start for you. If the issue hasn't solved yet by itself, then please contact our game support:

      The game should not freeze like that. Remember to mention in your ticket when you contact support that you cleared cache&cookies + tried different browsers, and we can help you faster. Thank you.
  • Wie kann ich einen neuen Bewerber in unsere GS aufnehmen. Ein Neulingsplatz ist noch frei Bewerber bringt 500 Prestige mit.
  • Hi samisu im preregister in ALLSTARS M23, can i change to m21 where mi old friens play, please help me ??? and sorry my bad english too.
    • Hi, we can delete your avatar from Allstars M23. All you need to do is contact game support and ask for the deletion. After this, you can join the other server. Here's a link to support:
  • hello where i can sign up to the master game
    • Hi, the Masters 3 round start on the 28th of August, and registration opens on the day before in the Lobby. I hope you will have lots of fun competing!
  • My team description was removed on the ‘smoke chamber’ server, the team is ‘’Jerkwater RR’’

    No explanation given, no reasoning no guideline quoted, nothing, zip zero, nada.

    I ant that description back, I used that very description on the Crankshaft’ server 7 consecutive rounds, now here day 7 it’s taken away, what’s my explanation, recourse, appeal?
  • How do I report a cheater?
    • Hi there, you can report other players to the game support and our team will look into it. Remember to add a good reason why you suspect someone is cheating in the game, thank you.
    • Happy Friendship Day to you too!
  • Hello Samisu :)

    Could you please take a look at…lating-city-transport-pp/
    and see if you have some inputs or questions about the topic?
    The timezone advantage/disadvantage exists at every server and currently for the "disadvantageous timezone"
    player (East Europeans/Asians) there are no any alternative server they can choose from.

    This puts the games very unfair for these players, for players that want to seriously play this game as a top player, it even outweighs luck in lottery and real money spent I would say.

    If only there are a few servers -- no matter existing ones or new ones can reset at a different time, this would really really help.

    Best Regards,
    • Hello you :)

      I've forwarded the wish and topic if it would be possible to consider other reset times for the in-game days. I don't have an answer yet but should someday. Thank you for starting an interesting discussion thread, and I wish more players would join there to share their opinions.
    • Thank you very much for the quick response :) looking forward to get a positive feedback from the devs :)
  • I admire you Samisu :)
    • Hi Sam, what a nice thing to say :) ~~~~~~energy boost!
  • Your post on Gold Flash Sale...
    There are two offers in Euros, for 39.99 and for 49.99, both for the same amount of gold.... Surely one is incorrect
    • Hi, which server is this? I can see 19.99 and 49.99 packages but no 39.99€
  • Hello, on May 24, 2020, I sent the required information from the email address (edited) after the winners of the Adam's Business Journey competition. No reaction and reward has arrived to this day :) should I still wait?
    • Hi, if you have sent your address information already, then we will have to wait patiently. The health situation in the world slows down some processes, so it can take a while before the T-shirts are delivered. If you wish, you can always re-send the email just to be sure it reached us.

      Please send an email to with the following details:

      First name
      Address line 1: Street + house number
      Address line 2: additional comments
      Zip code
      Your preferred T-shirt size (as far as available)
    • T-shirt toady at home :) thx :)
  • TAKE-CARE bonus code is valid until the 30th of June, 2020.

    AMERICAN-DREAM is valid until the 30th of June 2020, but it can be redeemed only in the American Dream scenarios.
  • You posted on the Server Starts page that COM-201 Big Ben starts on Friday June 10. June 10 is a Wednesday??
    • Wednesday it is, nicely spotted! Typo is fixed.
  • Ich hatte mich im letzten Spiel auf DE 105 Grand Canyen vorangemeldet mit meinen Leuten in einer
    Startstadt. Wenn man sich dann wenn das Spiel neu startet anmeldet startet man automatisch wieder bei seinen Leuten.
    Jetzt will ich mich dort einloggen und soll mir aber jedes mal eine Stadt aussuchen. Leider hatte ich mir nicht aufgeschrieben wo wir starten. Warum geht das jetzt nicht mehr?
  • Was reading the forum on Videos and wanted to let you know that I watch on average about 500 videos a day sometimes more because being disabled and on limited income I cannot spend money on the game. The rewards from the videos is what makes me able to be a competitive player and if restricted to amounts I can watch it would also effect my game play abilities.
  • really is that how low you can stoop .. shame on you and your company