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  • Hi, I'm a big fan of Kaiowas, but I was wondering why the translations are still lacking. You can just use translation keys from railnation itself
    I've made a google spreadsheet that imports different translations (which i use for the fandom wiki), you can find it here:
    Railnation Translation keys - Google Spreadsheets

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    • I updated the spreadsheet with more languages

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  • Code
    Hola soy nueva, no sé cuál es el código para activarlo, lo lleno con el código que me enviaron y no funciona. Si puedes ayudarme te lo agradecería mucho. Un saludo
  • I know your on the forum a lot. Probably more than RN team is. Could you answer this question for me please? I can't seem to find a solid answer in the logical places so I'll ask you. Is COM101 gold transferable to US102? It sure would be nice if info like that would be included on the join new world screen.

    • Unfortunately NO! Because they are from different domains. Can only US to US. And COM to COM.

    • Thank you for answering. I think the 101 and 102 was confusing me a bit. Happy railing!

  • For EndGame in SoE, cities ranked less than 10th, (11,12,13 etc), do they haul less tons?

    Or do they haul the same as rank 10?

    What is the truth?

  • Hi, fast question. Origin Journey is the Classic Engine, or Platform X?

  • I apologise for referring to you as male in my post - I had not realised my error until I came on here & saw Lacidd23's post

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    • There is more than one person behind this profile ...
      whatever you think is true :)

  • Hi, apologies for the intrusion. Could you help me finding out when Einstein or its successor will restart?

  • Hello, Hear Me Roar! You are a wonderful woman! Thank you for standing up for the truth of the players and for undertaking to scold You for this. Thank you on behalf of all the players. I wish you a magical day! Yours sincerely, Lacidd23 :) <3: saint:

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  • This is my main account lol sorry for the confusion

  • Hello Hear Me Roar! How are you? Thanks for your message on COMM401 Rosen server. If you want to play the next round on live Platform-X server, then please, pre-register you now on Oakhill. I'll tell Schwanii, the Orient Express association chair about you, because I do not want to play on Platform-X anymore. It is to hard scenario for me. I am not interested anymore in this. Have fun and success! :) PS: You are so beautiful ... :)

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  • Привіт. Користуюсь Rail Nation Goods by GizmoXomziG & Hear Me Roar ver 3.43 (under development). Велике прохання виправити назви товарів українською мовою: НЕ зерно, а Пшениця правильно українською мовою. І далі: Не обладнання, а Інструмент. Випічка - Хліб; Пакування - Упаковка; Ліхтарі - Лампи; Неіржавна сталь - Нержавіюча сталь; Двигун - Машини; Балки - Сталеві балки. За потреби допоможу з українською мовою. Заздалегідь щиро вдячний.

  • Hi, have u seen my idea? Add "First city" field in player's profile and corresponding achievement's.
    Sorry for bothering you, but usually you are very active on the forum and I thought that something wrong with the place where I posted this idea.

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  • Hello Hear Me Roar, How are you? No more the "Songs that never leave you" post on the Rail Nation Forum? Why? Here some good music:

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    Have fun and success! Respectfully, Lacidd23 :)

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  • ahoj

  • Hello Master of Engines 2020 :>
    Long time no see :)

    • I'm very glad to see you again, MASTER! :)

    • On which servers are you playing? Are you in qualifications for the Masters³?

    • M1

    • I'm on M3, but not seriously - just to check how they are handling the new HTML5 version of the game :)

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  • Hello, i want to help in portuguese translation

  • Machst du die Grafiken selber?

  • Thanks for telling me about the new Display option! I saw it in there but had not tried it yet.

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  • Hello

  • Hi und guten Abend... gibt es auch eine Liste wie der aktuelle Verkaufspreis ist von den Loks?

  • Hello Hear Me Roar, Please tell me where I can play or from where I can download Sail Nation and Truck Nation games. At first glance seem to be good games... Thanks in advance. Have a wonderful day! Regards, Lacidd23 :)

    • From nowhere!
      Sail Nation is just a fictional idea!
      And Truck Nation is a failed project that was closed quickly.
      To our regret.

  • Привет!Ты русский!?

  • Hi HMR. If you need more translation-assistance (English, German, Swedish), and maybe some graphical input - I'm glad to help...

  • Thanks for the bot tip! ^^

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  • Cool new profile picture!

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  • Hello Hear Me Roar, Please tell me where I find workers of Origin Journey. Thank you in advance! Have a nice day! :)

    • I'm sorry. I have no idea :(

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  • zoltan.77

  • hi hear me roar you want to be friends

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  • Hello Hear Me Roar,

    You are a very good illustrator!

    Have a nice day!

    Lacidd23 :)