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  • Hello Hear Me Roar,

    You are a very good illustrator!

    Have a nice day!

    Lacidd23 :)
  • Please contact me
  • Hello Hear Me Roar,

    I find writing somewhere leisurely how (officially) Rail Nation is playing? Rules, tricks, tips, recommendations? Which is always updated. As much as possible in English or Romanian. In addition to those written on the main page of the Game Menu.

    In the Support Menu, in the upper right corner on the game`s Map, there has been a long time ago the Frequently Asked Questions Menu (FAQ), but it has changed for a while, and I can not handle the search anymore.

    I have already played 28 rounds on different servers and different scenarios, but I still have to learn ...

    Anticipated thanks for your answer.

    Have fun and success! Have a nice day!

    Lacidd23 :)
  • I have a question for you sir, on your Rail Nation Engine compare website, is it possible to calculate how much money you'll make if you have an engineer on it? Just curious
  • Congrats on the Tour prize :)
  • Dutch Nederlands

    Online Online
    Offline Offline
    Park Parkeren
    Park please Parkeren svp
    Direct, Direct route Direct, Directe route
    Integrated, In chain Geïntegreerd, Met integratie
    Wait for recalc Wachten op herberekening
    Please park till recalc Parkeren tot herberekening svp, Svp parkeren tot herberekening

    Direction Richting
    East, E Oost, O
    West, W West, W
    North, N Noord, N
    South, S Zuid, Z
    North-East, NE Noordoost, NO
    North-West, NW Noordwest, NW
    South-East, SE Zuidoost, ZO
    South-West, SW Zuidwest, ZW

    Era Tijdperk
    End game, EG Eindspel, ES

    Track, Tracks Spoor
    Track length Spoorlengte
    Tracks count Aantal sporen

    Good Goed
    Goods Goederen
    Haul, Transport Rijden, Transporteren
    Stop hauling goods Stop transporteren goederen
    Requires, Demand Gevraagd
    Supply Levering
    Delivery Leveren, Afleveren
    Waggons, Railcars Wagon, Wagons
    Tones, Tones/h Ton, Tonnen
    Passengers, Passengers/h Passagiers, Passagiers

    Price Prijs
    Base price Basisprijs
    Sale Verkoop
    Buy Koop
    Sell Verkoop
    Revenue, Revenue per ton Opbrengst, Opbrengst per ton
    Profit, Profit/h Winst, Winst/uur
    Net profit Nettowinst

    Start time, Starting time Starttijd
    Finsh time Eindtijd
    Hour, Hours, h, hr Uur, Uren, u
    Minute, Minutes, min Minuut, Minuten, min
    Second, Seconds, s, sec Seconde, Seconden, sec
    Day, Days Dag, Dagen
    Week, Weeks Week, Weken
    Month, Months Maand, Maanden

    meter, meters, m meter, meters, m
    kilometre, kilometres, km kilometer, kilometers, km
    km/h km/u

    {good} please .. aub, svp, alsjeblieft
    {good} all industries .. alle indusriën
    {good} to {city} .. naar de stad
    {good} to {city} please naar de stad svp
    Finish {good} Stop ..
    Please finish {good} Aub stop met ..
    Remove all trains from {good} Haal alle treinen van ..
    Remove all trains from {good} please Haal alle treinen van .. svp
  • kannst Du mir bitte erklären was mit Spurlänge in gemeint ist? Can you please explain to me what is meant by track length in Може ли да ми обясни какво означава дължината на следата в
    • 1 Track length (PRO)

      About Line(1 Track) Length ...

      The map is divided into hexagons
      Typically, on a Europe map one line is 6 hexagons (But there are many different lengths)
      The US and Classic are often more

      the length of 1 line is recorded in the game
      meterPerTile properties.json
      "ID": "meterPerTile",
      "value": "126"

  • Rail Nation engine compare by GizmoXomziG & Hear Me Roar

    Do you want to know which train is best for you? The answer is ... (comparison of locomotives) EN
    (Best Train, New vs Old, Useful Links)

    Möchten Sie wissen, welcher Zug für Sie am besten geeignet ist? Die Antwort ist: ..... (Vergleich von Lokomotiven) DE
    (Bester Zug, Neu vs. Alt, Nützliche Links)

    Вы хотите узнать, какой поезд лучше для Вас? Ответ в... (сравнение локомотивов) RU
    (Лучший Поезд, Новые vs Старые, Полезные Ссылки)
    • Hi,
      City in italian are Città
    • Household Goods is frequently called Pots as a shorthand because it's quicker to type ;)
      In Romanian they use the shorter version Oale=Pots too, Bunuri de Uz Casnic is like Household there...