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  • i went to sit for my friend and all i got was a blank black screen ....i am on com05 cylinder head express what am i doing wrong
  • tem duas locomotivas de bonus mas pede para criar um avatar ja tenho como fazer
  • hi i have a qstion whould be possible to make a compleet singleplayer version seperatly
    like remove the gold stuff but except the trains and what normaly whould have bin unlocked by gold/premium account whould be still in the single player form and for the scientist who gives a extra 25%boost speed on top off the normal research speed you can find 4 off them in the city randomly each give a 25% extra speed boost
    and for every factory you have opendthe way 2 you can have up two 10trains becausse its solo.
    you have to atleast be able to collect every thing though the city is the deciding factor for era change not time.
    each er has so many lvl's right when you reach the max city lvl for era1 you have bring all the goods to it be able to go 2 the next era and whould be cool iff it whould be able to run over steam launcher.
    and the career engi should still be in the single player game as whell and whay more points to be earnd
    so you can unlock a bit more features

    greetz Locomotor1979@live.nl
    • and for the different looks off every engine/locomotief just like the Scientist random per city what you get you can be lucky at the start when you connect your start city two 3 or more city's and gain automatic
      all scientist and for the modellooks is depending era
      or you it decided by research when have research compleetly every thing
      and the someupgrades whould slightly better
      but it still has to balanced becausse the looks and scientist are per city randomly loaded up whit every new start you do you can even find engineers for autorepair which do alll trains is findeble like researchers and train looks
      so no gold what so ever needed
  • game wont load again all i get is this