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  • бот поставил нереальную задачу, к необходимому продукту нужно проложить почти 20 дорогущих путей
  • как достичь 2 уровень?
  • i am sorry but i hope you can help friennd made me a ''sitter'' and now he has been offline for 12 hrs ...i go to sit for him and all i get is a blank black screen i doing something wrong ??
    • also i am on com05 cylider head express if that helps
    • sometimes helps it when you clean up your coockies and cache.
  • Frage, wie wird mit mitspielern umgegangen, die ständig der meinung sind, den stadtaufstieg zu boykottieren, in dem sie falsche waren fahren? dieser spieler/in ist in einer anderen gesellschaft. sein/ihr verhalten scheint sich auch bei anderen "gesellschafts"mitgliedern durch zu setzen.
    was könnt ihr raten, wie kann geholfen werden?
    • i hope that i have translated it well, but when a player from an other association is taken over factories or something like that the best you can do is ask the chair of your association to contact the chair of the assoc of the player that is working against you. For your association it's important not to go with the behaviour of the player that has a negative influence of the city. Stay always polite and friendly, so that he can't complain at support that you're insulting him or so. See if you can talk it over and try to find out why he's doing this. good luck
    • thank you