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  • Trying to buy gold, for some reason the purchase dosen't connect to PayPal.

    • Hello Stilt. I am really sorry I hadn't seen this message.

      When there is issues in relation to payment, you will need to contact Game Support. They are the only people that are able to help resolve these issues.

      I hope that you managed to buy Gold!

      Good luck with your round.


  • Du wurdest aus dem Nachrichtensystem ausgeschlossen.

    Begründung: Aufgrund von Spam im Stadtforum wurdest du für 12 Stunden aus den Foren ausgeschlossen. Bitte achte in Zukunft auf unsere Spielregeln um keine weitere Sperre zu riskieren.

    Ende der Sperre: 16.05.2020 19:32:38

    Habe diese Nachricht erhalten. ich habe doch garnichts gemacht.

    • Hello Sam! :-)

      I'm afraid that I can only speak English, so I apologize if I've misread your message however I have used Google Translate.

      As per Rule 3.2. In the event of rule violations, your only contact is the Support team for your game world. Players can send their appeal, explaining their circumstances, using the contact form provided (https://support.rail-nation.com/). Should the player have good reason to question the decision of Support, please ask the ticket to be escalated to a higher level. The case will then be reviewed, you will need to contact Support and they are the only people that will be able to help you resolve this, or to understand why it has happened.


  • Hi, I am Khan. I have problem with my team mates. a Couple is Ban just before the Starting Of EG. In COM-5 Cylinder Head. Not only they two were banned, there are also A family From Ankara Of four accounts. and another Couple...
    I want help to bring them back, we know them very well from many years.....

    • Hello! Our Player Privacy Policy means that we are unable to discuss another Player with you. The Players would need to contact Game Support themselves.

  • on euromast

  • Hello , my account since is blocked since yesterday , i don't know why , can you help me ? , account Wolvinneke

    Edited by Moderator to remove e-mail address.

    • Hello Wolvinneke! You would need to contact Game support, but I would also suggest removing your comment, or editing your e-mail out as anyone visiting my profile will see it.

      Hope you get your issue sorted! :)

  • when is com3 going to start

    • Panda it started on Friday. Come on to there, I have your space still.


    • Start in the normal place :)

  • do dupy ta aktualizacja - ma w chuj opóznień !!!!

  • sorry to bug u .this there away to transfer gold from the game i just finished ? to a new one ?

    • Where are you wanting to transfer it from, and too? :)

  • Well done in Smoke Chamber Emziie. You and your band of pirates is one of the cutest things I have EVER seen =S=

  • You are a strict moderator... I respect that.

  • I saw you in an auction for Leather today... that was so cool... It just so happened that I was looking at your profile right before that... and when you popped up in that auction it was freaky. So I had to send you a message and say Hi Emziie :)

  • I like your name. Cool spelling. I bet it's pretty unique too.

  • when i finished rail nation classic i had s33 gold 21 trains 23 days left to up grade my staion etc,when i went to log on to play again i lost everything,i started at starling and i had an association with eightsprings macrow how do i reload that era again otherwise everything i earned is gone can you help,cheers mark

    • Hello marcus! :) I am afraid I cannot help directly, but please send a ticket to Rail Nation Support. They will be able to help you there, its possible it is on a different Server to the Server you have now joined.

      If you need anything else - please let me know. :)