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  • You are a strict moderator... I respect that.
  • I saw you in an auction for Leather today... that was so cool... It just so happened that I was looking at your profile right before that... and when you popped up in that auction it was freaky. So I had to send you a message and say Hi Emziie :)
  • I like your name. Cool spelling. I bet it's pretty unique too.
  • when i finished rail nation classic i had s33 gold 21 trains 23 days left to up grade my staion etc,when i went to log on to play again i lost everything,i started at starling and i had an association with eightsprings macrow how do i reload that era again otherwise everything i earned is gone can you help,cheers mark
    • Hello marcus! :) I am afraid I cannot help directly, but please send a ticket to Rail Nation Support. They will be able to help you there, its possible it is on a different Server to the Server you have now joined.

      If you need anything else - please let me know. :)