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  • I think it is a big shame that you have ignored me..... the ban is over so is the endgame I worked so hard on.... and still do not know why I had the ban.... big shame, shame on you!

    • Hey there.
      Given that bans are account related, info about that can not be openly shared. That includes myself. If you don't feel like you support ticket was treated correctly, ask the support to escalate the ticket to their superiors.

    • Dear Salix,

      thanks for the reply? But I do not understand? I did not issued a ticket for receiving the ban it was just there without any notification or what so ever? Do you advise me now to issue a ticket and ask for the reason I received the ban? If that is the case well........ I did, several times...... but I only got the feedback that the ban was legitimate eg misconduct article 4.1. and that support does not share the specific reason why I received the ban? If Support is refusing to tell me the specific reason regarding the ban and where I committed a misconduct according to article 4.1. how can I know if the ban was legitimate or not? Its like receiving a speeding ticket but on the ticket it is not mentioned where I drove to fast, what time and how fast I was driving, just the friendly question to pay the amount of the fine..... but than without knowing what for and without any proof and without the possibility to defend myself against the fine! I do not think that is the idea of bans...... one, like me, should at least know why the ban to learn form it and to not do it again in the future!



  • PLEASE PLEASE - DO NOT IGNORE ME!! please Let me know why I have been banned!! GAMES Support will not tell me!


  • Hi Salix,

    if you are not the right person to answer my questions, please let me know who is?? Come on, I got a 3 days ban for something I dont know what-fore. How can one learn from their mistakes when one does not know why he got punished! Or do I have a tag on my name, don't answer this guy because he is a pain in the...... so better ignore him and he will stop bothering us in the future.... as this is the idea I have at this moment??



  • Dear Salix,

    I recently received a ban for three days because of apparently misconduct according to regulation 4.1. At this moment I have however absolutely no clue why I have been banned and what the misconduct was I have committed. Moreover I just got the ban without any warning whatsoever or explaining to me why I have been banned? I have asked game support, Ashwin, what the reason for the ban was, to receive only that one of his colleagues had given me the ban because of misconduct according to regulation 4.1. but could not share with me what this was exactly. So I am completely left in the dark not knowing at all what I have done wrong? This would mean that from now on, if I do not want to have another ban, I rather not write anything anymore on whatever fora in the game, risking a ban? I can not improve myself on my behavior if I do not know why I received a ban? This would me that one of the most important features of this game, communicating with the rest of a server, has been cut of for my part? I do not think that this is the intention of Travion, silencing players?

    I think that I have the right to know for exactly what I received a ban because I lost three days of my plus account as well, something I have payed for and has been taken away from me without knowing the reason why?



    • Dear Salix,

      I have been informed by Dutch game support, Ashwin, that the ban has been given by a non-dutch-support team member. I am pretty sure about the one who reported me to support. This one is a nuisance to my association for about 4 servers now, following us everywhere just to annoy us. This is his pay-back as we have this persons association on hostile status. I am almost sure that the colleague of you who banned me is not aware of the situation my team and I are in, that because of this person we dont feel the joy playing Railnation as we would have without him. I am really, really offended now how RailNation handles complaints and giving honest and real RailNation loving players banns without a warning without knowing the background!

      Please let me know what you think about this situation? Do you agree that at least I should have a warning before I got banned for a total of 3 days, just 1 week before the endgame, which really wasted my complete server and 11 weeks of hard work on my account! Next to that I really thought that either Ashwin or Perdita has banned me being the dutch game support but it is apparantly some complete other person?



    • Dear Salix,

      So I understood from game support Ashwin, that you will not share any measurements taken against players, like a ban, on a public forum? But If I make a ticket asking about why I received a ban, this would not be a public forum but something exclusively between support and myself informing why I received a ban, but still he refuses to inform me why I received a ban for three days. Furthermore I learned that warnings are only given on this forum but not in-game? So basically what is mentioned in the topic "Bans and similar account related decisions to be kept out from forum" on this same forum only apply to this forum but not in game and therefore it is not needed to give a warning before one gets a ban for three days?

      I really do not understand anything eg. your messages are very confusing and contradictory? Why is it mentioned on this forum that one gets warnings before a ban applies but apparently only for the messages on the forum and not for messages in-game even though this is not mentioned in the mentioned topic specifically.



  • will the associations for the second round be saved on the Platform Х Server? will there be a pre-registration for the second round?

    • Yes, pre-registration will be possible. Awesome avatar picture btw ;)

  • DE.07 ist nicht erreichbar, Danke dafür, in 1 h beginnt der SWB, Bravo ihr könnt was.

  • Warum funktoniert der Gold einkauf über Mobil nicht ,obwohl ein Pin gesendet wird und bei der eingabe eine Fehlermeldung kommt ihr Zahlung fand nicht staat

  • Good evening. I haven't received the game activation code, what can I do? I have requested the code several times but it does not reach me. Can you help me please? Thanks so much

  • Hallo Salix! Ich kann seit einiger Zeit über die App auf meinem iPhone RailNation nicht mehr erreichen. Vor dem Einloggen kommt die Eisenbahn. Mehr tut sich nicht. Ich habe die App zig mal ausgelagert und gelöscht und dann neu geladen. Es hilft alles nichts. Kannst du mir helfen? Gregor

    • Hi. Wende dich am besten an unseren Support.

  • ich möchte meinen Account löschen. Wie geht das?

    • Bitte wende dich diesbezüglich an den Support, die können dir den genauen Ablauf erklären :)

  • ok Toll find nix Fam RN
    PN senden wie jeder depp kann das nur RN benutzer ok. geb mich geschlagen! Alle welt soll wissen ICH BIN SCHulLD und die Ersteller diese Seite leben in dem 19.

    • Ich bin nicht ganz sicher, was genau du mir sagen willst und was für eine Taube du suchst :/

    • äh "Post-Tauben"!? --- (weil die Nachrichtenübertragung im game der Geschwindigkeit von Post-Tauben entspricht, und nicht der Geschwindigkeit einer e-Mail. :-)

  • Wo ist die taube?

  • Désolé de m'adresser à vous ainsi, mais je voudrais bien entrer en jeu dans RN FR03 qui débute, et je ne puis y enter! Merci de m'aider
    PS : Je me suis inscrit sur les tests en pensant que je pourrais décrocher au début de FR03, mais apparemment ce n'est pas le cas!
    Si vous pouviez faire quelque chose, mes potos m'attendent à St Trélo. Merci
    SVP Ayez la egntillesse de me répondre Merci encore

  • Hallo Salix , Danke für Antwort. Würde es gerne haben wie bis jetzt wahren es Umfragen in RN Textform weitere Kommentare hinzuzufügen. Wenn möglich ist wahr es besser und genaue überschicht.

  • Hey i will post this Complain both here and as a PM direct to U Salix, I will publish my complain here because i guess neither RN or U got something to hide in this case, and here in public all users can follow it and see your deciscion - much better that all those secrets.

    Official Complaint of Event (Mobile update) 9 / 8--12 / 8-2019 about Compensation

    I hereby appeal the decision on compensation for the above on the following grounds:

    1) The decision has been secret until today, where it has partially gone public why?

    2) On what basis is the decision made? (are users who use all the tools RN makes themselves less worth ?)

    3) Are we who have the choice to plan our games according to the possibilities that RN gives us (Mobile, Tablet and PC) not entitled to compensation when one or more RN tools do not work - my game is largely based on that I can use the mobile version during the day (where I work).

    4) Where can we as players and customers see if our rights have been complied in relation to RN's internal guidelines.

    5) What protection do we have as players for the game to work when we pay for it? and where can we read about our protection?

    6) Does RN have an official customer complaint policy - how long should it take? - should RN even sign out? or does the RN only come back even when players complain?

    7) What is the compensation and how is it calculated? (for future events it is important to know how it is calculated)

    8) In this case, RN claims that it is the third party (Google) who is responsible for the delay, but is it not that Google has issued fairly clear guidelines that RN has not been able to read? and Why are we players paying for it?

    9) What are the rules when RN claim 3 part for the issue and don’t want to compensate it’s customer ?

    Cheers Rype

  • Oh. Ok. Sorry :(

  • are you able to tell if my bug is being worked on?

    • I'm not really the best person for that, since bugs are not really my area. But if you are not sure, just report it on the forum. Better to have something reported that we are already working on than not having it reported at all.

  • You guys do a great job trying to keep everyone happy. Keep up the good work :)

    • Thank you, that means a lot me!

    • Your welcome! I'm glad to make you happy! :)

  • I just want to say hi. I'm just trying to get to know as many Community Communications Managers as possible if that's alright with you. :)