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  • ​Hey i will post this Complain both here and as a PM direct to U Salix, I will publish my complain here because i guess neither ​RN or U got something to hide in this case, and here in public all users can follow it and see your deciscion - much better that all those secrets.

    Official Complaint of Event (Mobile update) 9 / 8--12 / 8-2019 about Compensation

    I hereby appeal the decision on compensation for the above on the following grounds:

    1) The decision has been secret until today, where it has partially gone public why?

    2) On what basis is the decision made? (are users who use all the tools RN makes themselves less worth ?)

    3) Are we who have the choice to plan our games according to the possibilities that RN gives us (Mobile, Tablet and PC) not entitled to compensation when one or more RN tools do not work - my game is largely based on that I can use the mobile version during the day (where I work).

    4) Where can we as players and customers see if our rights have been complied in relation to RN's internal guidelines.

    5) What protection do we have as players for the game to work when we pay for it? and where can we read about our protection?

    6) Does RN have an official customer complaint policy - how long should it take? - should RN even sign out? or does the RN only come back even when players complain?

    7) What is the compensation and how is it calculated? (for future events it is important to know how it is calculated)

    8) In this case, RN claims that it is the third party (Google) who is responsible for the delay, but is it not that Google has issued fairly clear guidelines that RN has not been able to read? and Why are we players paying for it?

    9) What are the rules when RN claim 3 part for the issue and don’t want to compensate it’s customer ?

    Cheers Rype
  • Oh. Ok. Sorry :(
  • are you able to tell if my bug is being worked on?
    • I'm not really the best person for that, since bugs are not really my area. But if you are not sure, just report it on the forum. Better to have something reported that we are already working on than not having it reported at all.
  • You guys do a great job trying to keep everyone happy. Keep up the good work :)
    • Thank you, that means a lot me!
    • Your welcome! I'm glad to make you happy! :)
  • I just want to say hi. I'm just trying to get to know as many Community Communications Managers as possible if that's alright with you. :)